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Calendar for September 20th, 2014

1519: Ferdinand Magellan's flotilla set sail

Born 1833: David Ross Locke (journalist)

Born 1849: George Bird Grinnell (naturalist)

1850: Slave trading abolished in Washington, D.C.

Died 1863: Jacob Grimm (folklorist)

Born 1878: Upton Sinclair (author)

Born 1884: Maxwell Perkins (editor)

Born 1885: Jellyroll Morton (musician)

Born 1917: Red Auerbach (basketball coach)

Born 1924: Anne Meara (actress)

Born 1928: Donald Hall (poet)

Born 1934: Sophia Loren (actress)

Born 1951: Guy Damien Lafleur (hockey player)

Born 1952: Ray Gozalez (poet)

Born 1956: Gary Cole (actor)

Born 1967: Kristen Johnston (actress)

1973: Billie King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match in Houston, Texas, billed as the Battle of the Sexes

Born 1991: Spencer Locke (actress)

Died 1994: Jule Styne (songwriter)

Died 1994: Benny Baker (comedian)

1998: Cal Ripken, Jr. took the day off for the first time in 16 years and ended baseball's "ironman" streak at 2,632 games

Died 2002: William Rosenberg (founded Dunkin Donuts chain)

Born 2010: Harley (giant anteater, Caldwell Zoo, Texas)

Died 2014: Polly Bergen (actress)

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