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Calendar for October 14th, 2014

Born 1644: William Penn (Quaker; founder of Pennsylvania, named in honor of his father)

Born 1734: Francis Lightfoot Lee (American Revolutionary leader)

Born 1873: Ray Ewry (track and field star)

Born 1890: Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th U.S. president)

Born 1894: e. e. cummings (poet)

Born 1905: Eugene Fodor (travel writer)

1912: While campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, former president Theodore Roosevelt was shot by William Schrank

Born 1916: Charles Everett Koop (U.S. Surgeon General)

1926: A. A. Milne's classic, Winnie-the-Pooh, was published

Born 1927: Roger Moore (actor)

1930: Girl Crazy by George Gershwin opened at the Alvin Theatre in New York

Born 1939: Ralph Lauren (designer)

1942: German U-boat sank passenger ferry S.S. Caribou in Cabot Strait

1947: Charles Yeager, piloting a Bell X-1 jet, became the first person to break the sound barrier, reaching Mach 1.06

Born 1950: Sheila Young (speed skater, cyclist)

Born 1952: Harry Anderson (actor)

Died 1977: Bing Crosby (singer)

1977: Queen Elizabeth II began Canadian tour

Born 1978: Usher (singer)

Born 1981: Jordan Brower (actor)

1987: Eighteen-month old Jessica McClure ("Baby Jessica") fell down an abandoned well in Midland, Texas

Died 1998: Cleveland Amory (critic and animal rights activist)

2004: A Ghanaian-registered Boeing 747 cargo jet crashed and burned on take off from Halifax airport in eastern Canada

2004: The Illinois Natural Resources Department confirmed that a 17-inch fish caught in Chicago's Burnham Harbor in Lake Michigan was an invasive snakehead, a feared Frankenfish known to eat native fish and compete with them for food

2006: The United States Air Force Memorial was dedicated, Arlington, Virginia

Died 2009: Lou Albano (American professional wrestler, manager and actor)

2010: Khagendra Thapa Magar, from Pokhara, Nepal, turned 18 years old and was certified by Guinness World Records as the world's shortest living man, at 26.4 inches tall.

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