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Calendar for October 29th, 2014

Born 1740: James Boswell (biographer)

Born 1815: Daniel Decatur Emmett (songwriter, musician)

Born 1884: Fred Lazarus, Jr. (merchandiser)

Born 1891: Fanny Brice (singer & comedienne)

Died 1911: Joseph Pulitzer (journalist)

1929: Black Tuesday at the NY Stock Exchange--Great Depression began

1940: The first peacetime draft in U.S. history went into effect

1945: The first ballpoint pens went on sale at Gimbel's Department store in N.Y.C. at $12.50 a piece

Born 1945: Melba Moore (singer)

Born 1947: Richard Dreyfuss (actor)

Born 1948: Kate Jackson (actress)

1958: Boris Pasternak refused the Nobel Prize for literature under pressure from Soviet authorities

Born 1959: Mike Gartner (hockey player)

1964: A spectacular gem robbery took place in New York's American Museum of Natural History. The greatest loss was the Star of India, the largest sapphire in the world

Born 1967: Joely Fisher (actress)

Born 1971: Winona Ryder (actress)

Born 1973: Gabrielle Union (actress)

Born 1980: Ben Foster (actor)

Born 1981: Amanda Beard (Olympic swimmer)

1998: John Glenn returned to space at age 77

Died 2002: Chang Lin-Tien (first Asian American to head a major U.S. university when he was named chancellor at the University of Berkeley)

2008: The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series

2008: A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck southwestern Pakistan

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