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Calendar for October 3rd, 2014

Unity Day (Germany)

Died 1226: St. Francis of Assisi

1863: President Lincoln declared the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day

1868: Louisa May Alcott's Little Women first published

Born 1898: Leo McCarey (producer)

Born 1899: Gertrude Berg (actress)

Born 1900: Thomas Wolfe (author)

1914: First Canadian troops left for Britain to fight in World War I

Born 1916: James Herriot (author)

Born 1924: Harvey Kurtzman (founding editor of Mad magazine)

Born 1925: Gore Vidal (author)

Born 1938: Eddie Cochran (singer)

Born 1941: Chubby Checker (singer)

Born 1951: Dave Winfield (baseball player)

Born 1954: Al Sharpton (minister & politician)

1960: The Andy Griffith Show made its television debut

1961: The Dick Van Dyke Show debuted on television

Died 1967: Woody Guthrie (singer)

Born 1969: Gwen Stefani (singer)

Born 1976: Seann William Scott (actor)

Born 1984: Ashlee Simpson (singer)

Born 1987: Kaci (singer)

1990: At midnight, East and West Germany were reunited as one nation, the Federal Republic of Germany

Died 1998: Roddy McDowall (actor)

Died 2003: William Steig (illustrator for The New Yorker, known as the "King of Cartoons" for his award-winning, best-selling children's books including Shrek)

Died 2004: Janet Leigh (actress)

2010: The comic strip Cathy came to an end after 34 years

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