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Calendar for October 30th, 2014

Born 1735: John Adams (2nd U.S. president)

Born 1857: Gertrude Atherton (author)

Born 1885: Ezra Pound (poet)

Born 1893: Charles Atlas (bodybuilder)

Born 1896: Ruth Gordon (actress)

Died 1910: Henri Dunant (founder of the Red Cross)

1938: The broadcast of Orson Welles' radio drama, "War of the Worlds," caused a national panic

Born 1939: Grace Slick (singer)

Born 1943: Joanna Shimkus (actress)

Born 1945: Henry Winkler (actor, director)

Born 1946: Andrea Mitchell (newscaster)

1947: Toronto's first street vacuum debuted

1954: The 24-second shot clock made its NBA debut

1963: First Lamborghini car debuted

1968: The film The Lion in Winter debuted, starring Katharine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole

1972: Elton John appeared in a Royal Command Performance for the Queen of England

1974: Mohammad Ali knocked out George Foreman in 8 rounds for the World Heavyweight Boxing championship title

Born 1981: Ivanka Trump (model & businesswoman)

Died 2000: Steve Allen (comedian)

2003: Spectacular Northern Lights display was seen as far south as Florida

Died 2007: Robert Goulet (singer & actor)

2013: The Boston Red Sox won the World Series vs the St. Louis Cardinals. It marked the first time since 1918 that the Red Sox won a World Series on home turf at Fenway Park.

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