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Puzzle of the Day

The (Blank) was waiting on the (Blank). (The two 5-letter words to fill the blanks share the same letters.) Answer

Last 7 Days

    The best state in a flood. (Abbreviation of a U.S. state) Answer

    What is that which everyone likes to have but wants to get rid of as soon as possible after he gets it? Answer

    Rearrange this phrase into a single word meaning violent change or turnover: to love ruin. Answer

    What is that which is so easily broken that the mere mention of it breaks it? Answer

    There is a thing that nothing is, and yet it has a name; 'tis sometimes tall and sometimes short; It joins our walks, it joins our sport; and plays at every game. Answer

    My first is a kind of butter; my second is a kind of licker; my whole is a kind of charger. Answer

    Often we are covered with wisdom and wit, and oft with a cloth where the dinner guests sit; In beauty around you and over your head, we are countless, though numbered when bound to be read. Answer

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