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Puzzle of the Day

What small animal is turned into a large one by taking away part of its name? Answer

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    My whole is under my second and surrounds my first. Answer

    The best state in a flood. (Abbreviation of a U.S. state) Answer

    If you transpose a term for low, what horses have will plainly show. Transpose these letters yet once more, what's said in churches you'll explore Answer

    My first and second mean well; my second and third a decree; my first is the name of a man; my whole he is likely to be. Answer

    What did the owl do when he lost his voice? Answer

    I am a caller at every home where you may meet,For daily I perambulate along each street.Take one letter from me and still you will see.I'm the same as before, as I'll always be, Take two letters from me, or three or four. I'll still be the same as I was before. In fact, I can tell you that all my letters you may take, Yet of me nothing else can you make. Answer

    The Sunshine State. Answer

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