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Puzzle of the Day

What is this object, used by many? Make two parts of a cross and a circle complete; Let two semicircles on a perpendicular meet; Then add a triangle that stands on two feet; Two semicircles and a circle complete. Answer

Last 7 Days

    Emblem of majesty am I, which "shows force of temporal power," but twist me about and I become a thing which makes even monarchs cower. Answer

    Complete, I am an ill-placed zephyr; behead me, and I am floating logs; behead me again, and I am part of a ship. Answer

    Let (BLANK) (BLANK) lie. Answer

    What did one hurricane say to the other hurricane? Answer

    Can a leopard change his spots? Answer

    Where the lamb trots about by a creature whose name read backward or forward is always the same. Answer

    Form a single word from: city life. Answer

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