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Puzzle of the Day

When do 2 and 2 make more than 4? Answer

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    My number, definite and known, is ten times ten, told ten times o'er; Though half of me is one alone, and half exceeds all count and score. Answer

    Form a single word from: best in prayer. Answer

    Show the digits that, multiplied by seven, will give a result all ones. Answer

    The state for the untidy. (Abbreviation of a U.S. state) Answer

    Why was Pharaoh's daughter like a broker? Answer

    My first is found in an oyster; my second is possessed by the nobility; every house contains my third; my whole no one applies to himself. Answer

    At what time of day was Adam created? Answer

    When do 2 and 2 make more than 4? Answer

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