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Puzzle of the Day

How many hard-boiled eggs can a man eat on an empty stomach? Answer

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    What is it that goes when a wagon goes, stops when a wagon stops, is of no use to the wagon, and yet the wagon cannot go without it? Answer

    What letter turns an animal into a covering? Answer

    What is the geometrical form of an escaped parrot? Answer

    My first, if you do, you won't hit it; my next, if you do, you won't leave it; my whole, if you do, you won't guess it. Answer

    She was quite beautiful and showed much (Blank) (Blank). (The two 6-letter words to fill the blanks share the same letters.) Answer

    A man goes into a bank and asks the teller to cash his check for $63, and specifies NO ones and NO change. The teller hands him six bills and says "Thank You". What are the bills? Answer

    When is a clock guilty of a misdemeanor? Answer

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