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Puzzle of the Day

Form a single word from: city life. Answer

Last 7 Days

    Why didn't the dog want to go into the ark? Answer

    In music I'm an instrument, Of sweet and solemn tone, But if I be transposed aright, I then become a moan. Answer

    The Centennial State. Answer

    How much dirt is there in a hole five feet deep, six feet long, and three feet wide? Answer

    My first is a verb; add to me one letter, and I become an insect; add another, and I become a kind of vegetable; add two more letters, and I become the name of another insect. Answer

    What is the beginning of all eternities, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end, and the end of every race? Answer

    My first 'tis safe to say is never out; my second and my third go out in doubt; my whole some people get put out about. Answer

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