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Today in History

1884: Edition one of the "Oxford English Dictionary" was published

Last 7 Days

    Born 1947: Nolan Ryan (baseball player)

    1948: Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated

    Died 2005: Larry L. McGraw (founder of Home Orchard Society)

    1909: Jose Miguel Gomez was inaugurated as president of Cuba and the U.S. provisional government withdrew

    1982: U.S. army officer, James Dozier, was rescued from his Red Brigade captors in Padua, Italy

    1943: First U.S. air attack on Germany staged by the Eighth Air Force on the docks of Wilhelmshaven (WW II)

    Died 2012: Robert Hegyes (actor)

    1975: 44-pound 10-ounce cod caught at Five Fathom Bank near Delaware

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