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Today in History

Born 1963: Jennifer Beals (actress)

Last 7 Days

    2005: Giant panda, Basi, celebrated her 25th birthday at China's Fuzhou Zoo. (She far surpassed the normal panda life expectancy of 12 years!)

    Died 2009: Jennifer Jones (actress)

    1977: The film Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta, premiered. This film is credited with accelerating the disco craze

    Born 1896: Betty Smith (novelist)

    Died 1799: George Washington (1st U.S. president)

    1915: The San Diego city council hired "moisture accelerator" Charles Hatfield to bring rain to the city's nearly empty reservoirs. He did his job so well that by the end of January, 28 inches of rain had fallen, causing major flooding. The council refused to pay him and he fled town with his secret formula.

    Born 1938: Connie Francis (singer)

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