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Horse latitudes

Either of two belts of latitudes located over the oceans at about 30° to 35° north and south, having high barometric pressure, calms, and light, changeable winds.

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    18 inches; derived from distance between elbow and tip of middle finger.

    Morning star

    A planet that is above the eastern horizon at sunrise and less than 180° west of the Sun in right ascension.


    Originally, a gondola race in Venice; now, a rowing or sailing race, or a series of such races.


    Named to honor Roman dictator Julius Caesar (100-44B.C.). In 46 B.C., Julius Caesar, with the help of Sosigenes, developed the Julian calendar, the precursor to the Gregorian calendar we use today.


    The study of natural periodic events in the life-cycle of plants (and animals).


    Droplets of water which have condensed on objects, such as plants, which have cooled below the dewpoint temperature of the air.


    Arranged in a manner befitting a ship; hence, trim; tidy; orderly.

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