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Celestial sphere

An imaginary sphere projected into space that represents the entire sky, with an observer on Earth at its center. All celestial bodies other than Earth are imagined as being on its inside surface.

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    A report (often malicious) about the behavior of other people.

    Right ascension

    The celestial longitude of an object in the sky, measured eastward along the celestial equator in hours of time from the vernal equinox; analogous to longitude on Earth.

    Nimbostratus cloud

    Dark, shapeless cloud layer containing rain, snow, and ice pellets.

    Stratocumulus cloud

    Rounded cloud mass that forms on top of a layer.


    An instrument that measures direct solar radiation.

    Mean temperature

    The average of the maximum and the minimum temperatures for a particular period; the mean equals the sum of the max and min divided by two.


    The eclipse of a star or planet by the Moon or another planet.


    A part of the ocean near the equator, abounding in calms, squalls, and light, baffling winds, which sometimes prevent all progress for weeks; -- so called by sailors. To be in the doldrums, to be in a state of listlessness ennui, or tedium.

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