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The apparent annual path of the Sun around the celestial sphere. The plane of the ecliptic is tipped 231⁄2° from the celestial equator.

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    Empty talk; contemptible nonsense; trash; humbug.


    Originally, a gondola race in Venice; now, a rowing or sailing race, or a series of such races.


    Make a mess of, destroy or ruin.

    Moon’s place

    Astronomical: The actual position of the Moon within the constellations on the celestial sphere. Astrological: The astrological position of the Moon within the zodiac according to calculations made more than 2,000 years ago. Because of precession of the equinoxes and other factors, this is not the Moon’s actual position in the sky.


    1 chain=100 links=22 yards

    A summer's-day palindrome: It's "too hot to hoot."


    Work of little or no value done merely to look busy.

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