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An instrument to measure the speed of the wind.

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    A number from 1 to 30 that indicates the Moon’s age on January 1 at Greenwich, England; used for determining the date of Easter.


    Fear of worms


    The visible rising and setting of the Sun’s upper limb across the unobstructed horizon of an observer whose eyes are 15 feet above ground level.


    A verbal dispute; a wrangling argument.


    1 fathom=2 yards=6 feet

    Semidiurnal Tide

    A tide with one high water and one low water every half day. East Coast tides, for example, are semidiurnal, with two highs and two lows during a tidal day of approximately 24 hours.

    Altostratus cloud

    Grayish or bluish layer of clouds that can obscure the Sun.

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