A recording barometer.

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The time at which two or more celestial bodies appear closest in the sky. Inferior: Mercury or Venus is between the Sun and Earth. Superior: The Sun is between a planet and Earth.


The name is from the Sioux word meaning "sky-tinted water" or "cloudy water."

Plough Monday

The first Monday after Epiphany and Plough Sunday was so called because it was the day that men returned to their plough, or daily work, at the end of the Christmas holiday. It was customary for farm laborers to draw a plough through the village, soliciting money for a "plough-light," which was kept burning in the parish church all year. In some areas, the custom of blessing the plough is maintained.


The point in a planet’s orbit that is closest to the Sun.


1 chain=100 links=22 yards


The Moon or a planet appears on the opposite side of the sky from the Sun (elongation 180°).

Cirrus cloud

Thin feather-like crystal cloud.

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