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The time at which two or more celestial bodies appear closest in the sky. Inferior: Mercury or Venus is between the Sun and Earth. Superior: The Sun is between a planet and Earth.

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    The fear of snow


    Strong and tight; sound; firm; as, a stanch ship.


    Fear of vegetables


    Daily; refers to events which recur every 24 hours, such as a daily temperature cycle.

    Halcyon Days

    About 14 days of calm weather follows the blustery winds of autumn’s end. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed them to occur around the time of the winter solstice, when the halcyon, or kingfisher, was brooding. In a nest floating on the sea, the bird was said to have charmed the wind and waves so that the waters were especially calm during this period.


    A skysail of a triangular form. A name for the one of the fancy sails alleged to have been sometimes set above the skysail. Hence, anything usually large, high, or excessive.


    The name Florida comes from a Spanish phrase meaning "Feast of Flowers."

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