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Mean temperature

The average of the maximum and the minimum temperatures for a particular period; the mean equals the sum of the max and min divided by two.

Dewpoint temperature

The temperature to which a given parcel of air must be cooled before it becomes saturated; the temperature of an object when dew first forms on it.

Diurnal Tide

A tide with one high water and one low water in a tidal day of approximately 24 hours.


A name used in calling a hen or chicken. An Irish serving woman or girl.


The study of natural periodic events in the life-cycle of plants (and animals).

Halcyon Days

About 14 days of calm weather follows the blustery winds of autumn’s end. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed them to occur around the time of the winter solstice, when the halcyon, or kingfisher, was brooding. In a nest floating on the sea, the bird was said to have charmed the wind and waves so that the waters were especially calm during this period.


A nautical word, from the old Dutchword loef, meaning to the windward.

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