Perigean Tide

A monthly tide of increased range that occurs when the Moon is at perigee (closest to Earth).

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The lateral movement of a ship to the leeward of her course; drift.

Sun Fast/Slow

When a sundial reading is behind (slow) or ahead of (fast) clock time.

Plough Monday

The first Monday after Epiphany and Plough Sunday was so called because it was the day that men returned to their plough, or daily work, at the end of the Christmas holiday. It was customary for farm laborers to draw a plough through the village, soliciting money for a "plough-light," which was kept burning in the parish church all year. In some areas, the custom of blessing the plough is maintained.

Midsummer Day

June 24. Although it occurs near the summer solstice, to the farmer this day is the midpoint of the growing season, halfway between planting and harvest and an occasion for festivity. The English church considered it a "Quarter Day," one of the four major divisions of the liturgical year. It also marks the feast day of St. John the Baptist.


Pieces of old cable or old cordage, used for making gaskets, mats, swabs, etc., and when picked to pieces, forming oakum for filling the seams of ships.


Fear of wind


Fear of floods

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