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New to this forum.I live in Houston Suburb.I grow mostly flowers and herbs,as my backyard is completely shaded, and no good place for a vegetable plot. I do grow some leeks and onions among the flower beds, and strawberries in pots.Once I grew a tomato (and I do mean A tomato. Lovely big plant, and one fruit the size of a golf-ball--it was very tasty, though). I don't use pesticides except for fire ant (beasts from hell!) bait, as they are a terrible problem in Texas.If a plant doesn't do well for some reason, I just let it go, and try something else. I do have plenty of snails but a short trip under the broiler and a dish of garlic-butter takes care of them nicely. I love the little buggers!Good spring here, cool and moist, unlike last year (what is that peculiar wet stuff falling from the sky? It seems vaquely familiar).Lots of butterflies this year, and the caterpillars are eating my parsley especially,and the basil some, but thats good, and the plants recover once the wormies move on to their winged life. Anyway, sharing dirty fingernails, a sunburned neck and sore muscles everywhere with fellow plant-petters, and lots of fun and satisfaction, I hope. Mark


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