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Old gardener learning new tricks

Hi there,
I had a pretty nice garden with my mother through my teens in S.E. PA and a nice one on my own through my 20's, 30's & early 40's in South Central PA. It was your typical garden with tomatoes, peppers, cukes, zukes, melons etc. I'm in a wheelchair now at 52 and have had to cut back my garden not only for the obvious reasons but for the fact that I've been invaded by groundhogs! I should have said the groundhogs cut back on my garden by chewing everything to the ground! They even got to my sunflowers & snapdragons! I'd come out of the house to water them & there would be nothing but little nubs about 1/4" tall sticking out of the ground! It was a mother & her 5 babies wreaking all the havoc. And to think, one of the little blighters had the nerve to stick his head through the fence as I was inspecting the damage! So, my garden turned out to be a bust this year but I'm ready now---I have cages my furry little beasties. I'm going to trap you & you're going for a little ride. Not Sopranos style ;) husband works at an auction yard on 163+ acres so they should adapt quite well. Once the whistle pigs are a distant memory I can concentrate on the best way to wheelchair garden. For now though, I'll just compost the remains of the veggie garden & start cleaning up my flower beds in anticipation of planting saffron crocus for some instant, last minute gratification. Then, daffys & tulips for next spring. I'll be back to ask questions & get ideas on a wheelchair friendly vegetable garden. Bye for now!


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