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.....the lads got a couple of

.....the lads got a couple of bbq grills out in the open air just outside Shed 7.

"Hide that good booze, but keep out those bottles of Ipswich Summer Ale!" said Stuie, "No sense in spoiling those girls!"

Ï dunno," replied Blacksheep, "Maybe we can spare a few Arturo Fuente Opus X's, might mellow Mary, Queen of Socks down a bit, especially as payday is coming up again!"

"Good idea," replied Harold, "Besides, we'll have yet another truckload of bees' wings arriving tommorow and need to start production soon. Gotta get some orders filled if the Labs are gonna make some money!"

Stuie sprinkled some Instant Scotch crystals over the charcoal to get a good fire going for the steaks. "Bloody Nora, Harold, what will we do with all those pickles, peanut better and saurkraut that we have stored in the kitchen?".....

Posted by: Stuie B. (IP Logged)
Date: July 18, 2009 11:44PM


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