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Thanks for your comments,

By Janice Stillman

Thanks for your comments, folks.
Ryderman, re the oil spill and hurricanes: There seem to be a lot of opinions and predictions of how a hurricane might effect the spill (and how the spill might effect a hurricane), but—it appears from numerous sources—nothing specific/exacting to base them on, as a situation such as exists in the Gulf has never occurred.
I am sure you, too, have your sources, but that is a statement from National Public Radio (; link to follow); note that the key word is "could": "If a hurricane encounters the oil slick now covering parts of the Gulf of Mexico, the result could be devastating, scientists say. Not only could any hurricane increase the damage that oil does to coastal wetlands, but the presence of oil could lead to a more powerful hurricane, they say. Nobody knows for sure, though, because there's no record of a hurricane ever crossing paths with a large oil spill." That's here:
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has created a response to questions about how a hurricane might effect the spill; see here:
That link above is actually from this page (link below), which shows the temp of Gulf and Caribbean waters in vivid orange:
So, we'll see.
Cory613, we do forecast hurricanes in our weather predictions. In the General Weather Forecast (page 81 in the 2010 edition), we make this statement: "Although the hurricane season will not have a high number of storms, there may be major hits in Florida [Region 5; see page 210 or the region on this Web site near Labor Day and in the Deep South [Region 8, ditto the Web site] in late September."
It remains to be seen if indeed the U.S. experiences a high count of hurricanes this season, as many sources are predicting.
All I can say again is "we'll see." We're all in it together. Thanks again for your comments. Have a great day!


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