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NOAA said it was warmer last year 2010

By jerry.l.litton

I believe some of the cause and affect of this years weather and storms is the amount of warming NOAA stated they had measured around Earth last year, claiming a degree and half warming. Add the water and air chemistry introduction of the oil spill, and unknown compatibilities of disbursments may also be part of the cause. I never believed they capped the well but suspect it trickled out, is still trickling out and they shut down to operation. The camera on the sea bottom was a hoax, liquids don't mix like that where you can see through liquids of that viscosity, frictional releasing volume and pressure in a daark world even though lighted. It seems never losing sight of the well head is a little far fetched of a premise. I expect a lot of the last remaining volume of oil reserve in the Northern gulf of Mexico did indeed leak away, and I haven't heard of any estimates being stated. I suspect the surplus of lost oil material may have siponed off due to seafloor, temperture barriers or been carried by currents to the Sigsbee Deep a two-thousand foot deep valley just south of the oil leak sight. two thousands fathoms is about 2.3 miles deep so deeper than spill site about a mile or more. Maybe someone out there can investigate the mix of seawater, petroleum, temperture ranges and floational ability of the brine that would be produced and its suitability to be move horizontally on the bottom of the sea. You got to expect presures of several thousand pounds, tempertures of several hundreds of degrees and a water and oil mix chemistry would include some mystery in its behavior right at that well head release point.


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