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It’s amazing how invisible water vapor can condense into tiny water droplets or ice particles, gather together, and form visible clouds.
Clouds are always changing shape. Occasionally, they’ll morph into a familiar form, such as an animal, plant, or man-made object.
If you like to look for familiar shapes in clouds, you’ve come to the right spot.
Is autumn is in the air? What signals the change of seasons in your area? Here in New Hampshire, the temperature is falling and the garden plants are slowing down. 
Do you have any New Year's resolutions this year? Please post below! Here's mine: laugh more. Laughter uses more muscles at one time than any other activity—and changes your mood for the better!
Where I live, winter temperatures are often in the single digits. Whether your area is colder or warmer, keeping warm is a basic need that we all share. I've posted some tips—from both Almanac editors and readers—about how to stay warm. These aren't "big" projects like buying a new heating syst...
If you're a gardener who lives with frost, it's important to get your vegetables harvested in time. Here are tips on how to predict the arrival of Jack Frost.
Yes, I sleep with bananas all winter long.  A ‘Super Dwarf Cavendish’ banana plant, that is. 
A week ago, I waved goodbye to the last Monarch butterflies that hatched in my garden on the plentiful ascelpia tuberosa, orange milkweed. 
When an Almanac colleague and gardener greeted me one day with,"Good morning! I left a bag of pickling cucumbers in your office!", my eyebrows jumped, my jaw dropped, and "Oh, wow—thanks!" came out of my mouth.
I’ve never been one to make my own jams, jellies, and preserves, but when a coworker brought in her homemade sweet pickles and the taste evoked nostalgia, I thought it was about time I learned about canning and preserving.
No, I’m not Rumplestiltskin, the cranky gnome in a Grimm fairy tale; I can’t spin straw into gold.  But, straw saves me money, crops and my sanity, which is golden to my thinking. 

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