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While getting stung by an insect is certainly no fun, at least one entomologist has found a way to put the pain in perspective.
Let’s be honest, if you’re a dog lover, it’s nearly impossible to say no to those sad eyes, especially when you’re eating something right in front of your canine companion. But whatever you like to eat (e.g., BBQ potato chips for me) isn’t always the right thing to share with man’s best f...
Potato Harvesting Traditions on a Family Farm in Maine Cully Colantino, age 13, tells me that his two favorite times of the year are Christmas and harvest.
According to an old saying wood warms you when you cut it and when you burn it. I don’t agree. I believe it warms you many more times.
With the daylight hours waning and the nights getting cooler, my favorite season is approaching. There’s nothing quite like autumn. The air is refreshing, the sky is deep blue, and Mother Nature puts on a breath-taking spectacle of vibrant foliage. I think the best thing about the season is the wonderful smell of fres...
Every January, the members of my community garden have a potluck supper, during which we thumb seed catalogs and order for the coming season.
How's your garden growing this year? Please share below! I asked this question last year and learned so much from our Almanac community. Here are my 2011 update and a few tips.
I love to watch the hummingbirds at my feeders. I have one close to my deck and the other one is hanging on my front porch.
My son’s sandbox is near the patio. Our patio is also where the grill lives. Thus, during the summer, we spend a lot of time on the . . . patio! Right!
The fun of gardening, to me, is trying to grow something different, as well as planting reliable favorites. That enthusiasm took over at the annual seed-buying potluck supper that my community garden members have every January. That’s when I bought watercress seeds.
There was a time when I had hours to devote to my gardens. I fought the pesky bugs, creepy pests, and cheeky squirrels (little buggers brave enough to steal my tulip bulbs while I was planting!). I pruned, fertilized, and watered my plants regularly, and they rewarded me with spectacular color and growth. Neighbors would of...
I love wildlife, but I don’t see as much now that I’ve moved from the country to a small town. So, you can imagine my glee (and my cat’s chagrin) when I saw a red fox trot into my back yard one morning. He had a pale reddish coat with blackish legs and a very dapper, bushy tail. A few weeks later, I saw hi...

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