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Get quick and timely updates on upcoming holidays and events, seasonal recipes, weather forecasts, plus special offers and new product announcements from General Store. Issued three times per week.

Randy Harris from Covington, GA wrote to say, “I’m not much of one to write letters (or emails) for things good or bad, but I want you folks know how much I am enjoying your OFA e-newsletter.  I don’t actually LOOK for many emails, but this one …. I look forward to receiving it!”

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As a member of the Exclusive Offers group, every week you’ll receive our best deals, great coupons and get to preview our newest American artisan crafts and treasures.

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What could be easier? We handpick our best seasonal, ethnic, and holiday recipes—and deliver straight to your in-box twice a month. This newsletter also makes it easy to create your own online recipe box and share your family favorites.

 Great Almanac Giveaway!

Every month, we’ll notify you about a chance to WIN a fabulous prize—from weather stations to gourmet food! It’s free, fast, and—hey—you never know! Click to see this month’s Giveaway.

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