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I've bought OFA for many

By Duane Bryant

I've bought OFA for many years here in California. I'd just pick it up at the drug store in September. One year I noticed that all the times in the calendar (main reason I buy OFA) were totally screwed. I finally saw the BLUE box on the cover that said "EASTERN EDITION". Someone, somewhere, had made a mistake. I found the right edition somewhere else.
I was at Barnes & Noble this year and decided to get my copy there. I saw the familiar green box, but it said "WEATHER FORECASTS". I asked the clerk and she went online but it was all she could find. She couldn't find anything about a "WESTERN EDITION". Got home and had the same old problem, times totally screwed. Finally, I found "Times fitted for Boston . . ." on page 1. So I went to a drug store and picked up the right one.
Could you PLEASE use a different colored box on the cover of each different edition? When I see the BLUE box, I immediately put it down and see the store manager. If your "Weather Forecasts" edition had, say, a RED box, I would do the same thing.
I'm going to contact Barnes & Noble and see if I can't get someone upstairs to send the right edition to the West Coast. THANKS Duane Bryant

Hi, Duane, Thanks for sharing

By Almanac Staff

Hi, Duane, Thanks for sharing this. The only place that you can buy a western edition would be at your local supermarket, drug store, Walmart, Target or Home Depot.

The Eastern/national edition is the one that is sold in the hardware stores, Ace, Tru Value, Lowe’s and garden centers.

Bookstores all over the US get the eastern/national edition with the 32 extra reference page. You can, of course, still use the timetables for any US location from this edition.

I hope that you can find the western edition easier next year; in those newsstand accounts that should be the only version that you see.

Sincerely, The Old Farmer's Almanac

I ordered and have received a


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