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Bird Sounds: Belted Kingfisher

Credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Listen to the bird sounds of the Belted Kingfisher.

Click play button.

Compliments of The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

See what species have been spotted in your area on the interactive maps at Ebird.com.

Have you heard a Belted Kingfisher? Add your comments below. Be sure to let us know where you live or where you've heard this bird sound before!

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Saw one on wills Creek in

By Dilyn

Saw one on wills Creek in Conesville Ohio

I have a pair of Belted

By alana124

I have a pair of Belted Kingfishers that fish every morning in my backyard pond in central upstate NY. At first I thought they were pileated woodpeckers until I finally took the binocs out to inspect them. What a grand surprise it was to see they were kingfishers!

By Proud to be a Canadian I

By Christine Pellati

By Proud to be a Canadian
I saw a Belted Kingfisher yesterday on our dock pole on the Trent River in Frankford, Ontario, Canada and I heard its song this am May 25, 2013.

While at our condo in Venice

By Jen Fazioli Smith

While at our condo in Venice FLA (Feb 1st, 2013) I first heard this sweet little fellow warbling. I had to research him and find out who he was. He was perched at the tip-top (3 stories) of the roof across the pond from our lanai. He was busy singing away and seemed to be scanning the pond. Then he started hovering before plunge-diving for a fish. I did not see him catch a fish. He visited for about 20-30 minutes. I love his bushy spiked head and long beak. I hope he comes to visit again.

I have heard and seen the

By GardenGroans

I have heard and seen the Belted Kingfisher along the Skippack Creek in Evansburg State Park, Evansburg, PA, along the Perkiomen Creek at it's confluence with the Skippack in Lower Providence, PA (near where I live), and have been able to take pictures of one fishing over a lake in French Creek State Park in Northern Chester County, PA.

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