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Here’s a list of Garden Seed Catalogs and Web sites for Canada.  If you’re seeking a list of U.S. garden seed suppliers, click here.

If there are any garden seed nurseries not listed below, please share your recommendations! Just comment below.  Thanks!


Corn Hill Nursery
2700 Rte. 890
Corn Hill, NB E4Z 1M2

William Dam Seeds Ltd.
279 Hwy. 8
Dundas, ON L9H 5E1
Online catalogue and free print catalogue.

Dominion Seed House
P.O. Box 2500
Georgetown, ON L7G 5L6
Online catalogue and free print catalogue.

McKenzie Seeds
1000 Parker Blvd.
Brandon, MB R7A 6E1

Richters Herbs
357 Hwy. 47
Goodwood, ON L0C 1A0
Online catalogue and free print catalogue.

West Coast Seeds
3925 64th St., RR #1
Delta, BC V4K 3N2
Catalogue free.

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grass replacement for blvd.

I got rid of the grass on our blvd. a few yrs. ago and planted thyme, but the grass and dandelions (from the centre of our cul-de-sac)
came back. Is there a very thick groundcover for a dry sunny area where dandelion seeds won't be as likely to grow?

Spotted deadnettles (Lamium

Spotted deadnettles (Lamium maculatum) and Allegheny spurge (Pachysandra procumbens) are creapers that spread quickly by stems underground and also root from leaf nodes that touch the soil. Vinca minor also spreads quickly and has shiny deep green leaves and purple flowers.


Looking for plants or seeds

Looking for plants or seeds for Jewel "Joseph's Coat" Alternanthera

A great resource is also the

A great resource is also the Cottage Gardener ( - all heirloom, organic seeds. And they ship super fast!

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