Christmas Brunch Recipes

These holiday brunch recipes provide a nourishing and festive beginning to a family holiday.

When planning a nice Christmas gathering, we may not think much about breakfast or brunch. And yet when the big day arrives, it’s so nice to wake up to something special.

Most of the following recipes take about 30 minutes to prepare and another hour to cook. The oven hash and strata are assembled the day before, refrigerated, and baked the next morning; the quiche, salmon in pastry, and pears are baked ahead and served the next day, reheated if you wish. Best of all, they won’t fill the sink with pots and pans just when you want to wash cranberries, and they won’t monopolize the stovetop when you need it for something else.

You can bake most of the recipes in Pyrex (heat-tempered glass) or ceramic dishes. Remove them from the refrigerator and let them sit at room temperature for about 20 to 30 minutes to reduce the possibility of breakage from the sudden change in temperature when you bake or reheat them.

Brunch Recipes

Goat-Cheese Quiche

Oven-Baked Hash

Salmon Fillet in Pastry

Challah-Mushroom Strata

Pear Crisp

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