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We accept classified ads for products and services we feel will be of interest to our readers. However, we cannot verify the quality or reliability of the products or services offered. If you find something that interests you here, please contact each advertiser directly via their listed phone number, postal address, or e-mail address. Please do not contact The Old Farmer’s Almanac about products or services listed here.

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SOCKDOLLIES. Adorable, handmade. Made especially for you or adopt a homeless sock today! Visit


I BOUGHT NICHOLAS CAGE’s DRACULA POSTER FOR $310,000! I buy old movie posters for cash! I also buy vintage movie & entertainment memorabilia, concert posters, lobby cards, old movie photographs. Free appraisal, no risk! Call Ralph DeLuca at 800-392-4050


FREE MAGIC SPELL! Tell us exactly what you need! E-mail: Ekses, POB 9315(B), San Bernardino CA 92427-9315 909-473-7470

FREE READING Psychic Laurie Simpson solves problems permanently. Reunites lovers. Marriage, business, health. Removes negativity. Don’t wait! Help begins the moment you call! 800-699-9513

FREE SPIRITUAL CATALOG Luck, money, and love can be yours. Huge spiritual catalog with over 5,000 items. Church Goods Co., Dept. OFA, PO Box 718, Glenview IL 60025

MONICA, GOD-GIFTED PSYCHIC Reunites lovers permanently. Guaranteed! Helps business, marriage, and health. Removes negative energy. Restores peace of mind, happiness. Don’t wait! Call now! Free question! 800-253-0588

MRS. HOPE can help relieve all of life’s problems! Remove evil and bad luck, restores health, reunites lost love. Helps to foresee the future, remove darkness, and put you on the path to success and happiness! 50 years of good results. 706-548-8598

ATTENTION! Savannah, GA’s Own Angel Guide Cathrine I will help you. One free question! Guarantee to reunite lovers forever! There is no problem I cannot solve. Call Angel Guide Cathrine, 912-713-1110

DAMIEN, GOD’S MESSENGER Solves all problems. Reunites lovers, removes curses. Stops cheating, breakups, divorce, jealousy. If you are working with a psychic and unhappy with results. call me. I succeed and get results where others fail. 877-371-9620

READINGS BY PHONE Rev. Lenny reveals all. Ordained Christian reader from Trinidad. Advice on love, marriage, jobs, immigration. Removes all evil influences. Call 888-807-4698 or 561-248-9974

DR. SAMUEL CHARLESTON, SC Solves impossible problems. Love, lost nature, sickness, bad luck, court cases, evil spells, lucky bags. Call 843-795-3289.

MIRACLE WORKER Real results fast! Free reading: 845-699-6263 God-gifted. Reunites soulmates forever! Never fails! 98% accurate! Guaranteed!

REV. EVETTE. Answers all questions, solves life’s problems. Need help desperately? Does what others claim! Call immediately, 100% guaranteed! PO Box 80322, Chattanooga TN 37414. 423-894-6699.

REUNITES LOVERS IN HOURS Guaranteed. Sheila Linn, God-gifted, Indian powers! Don’t suffer anymore. Overpowers all impossible problems. No disappointments. Everlasting results. Free reading! 800-259-5581

GIFTED HEALER Solves all problems, troubles, unusual sickness, bad luck, love, life. Removes evil influences, nature problems, brings back lovers to stay, good luck, money. Uncle Doc Shedrickrack, Hwy. 48, 7905 Bluff Rd., Gadsden SC 29052 803-353-0659

LOVE IN YOUR FUTURE? Gifted psychics can guide you to love and happiness. Authentic phone readings 24/7. New member offer: 10 minutes for $10. 866-422-9923. Ent. only, 18+.

PSYCHIC ADVISOR MELISSA Free psychic reading! Helps in all. Reunites lovers, guaranteed. Discover and uncover your true destiny! 940-902-2201

PSYCHIC READER SAVANNAH 25 years’ experience. Answers all questions. Reunites lovers. Guaranteed! Sample reading available. 940-612-4757

PSYCHIC MASTER BUFFY 100% accurate in all readings. Love specialists. Reunites lovers, guaranteed. 18 years’ experience. One free reading: 214-842-0368

PSYCHIC READING BY NICHOLE. Helps with all problems in life. Reunites separated. Nicole will guide you to happiness and success. Immediate results. 817-353-5898.

24/7 MASTER PSYCHICS: Love, money, relationships, health. Crystal, 866-571-1111. Laura, 877-852-8255. Eve, 888-237-2263. Valerie, 800-966-6806.

ANN, SPIRITUAL HEALER, gifted to cure all problems, specializing in reuniting lovers. Free reading. 937-603-6326.

ASTROLOGY: FREE CATALOG. Books, tapes, software, tarot, spirituality. 800-500-0453 or 505-247-1338. Church of Light,

ATTENTION: SISTER LIGHT, Spartanburg, South Carolina. One free reading when you call. I will help in all problems. 864-576-9397.

CLAUDIA, God-gifted psychic. Solves problems. Reunites lovers in 30 minutes. Never failed. 100% results. 214-985-2838.

FREE MINI READINGS. Psychic Diana has the ability to solve all problems. Removes spells and reunites loved ones. Toronto, Ontario. 416-226-5418.

INDIAN READER SISTER ANGIE. Are you searching for peace of mind, love, happiness? I can help you. Call: 843-726-2126. Ask about our Lucky Bags!

MARIA, HOLY GIFTED LADY. Solves all problems. One call will amaze you. 100% accurate. 214-505-9657.

MISS BENNETT. Removes bad luck. Reunites loved ones. Solves all problems. Free reading. 843-454-1499.

MISS GEORGIA ROSE, Spiritualist. Removes bad luck. Reunites loved ones. Solves all problems. One free reading. 843-841-0853 or 815-970-5683.

MISS LISA, astrology reader and advisor. Extraordinary powers. Call for help with all problems. Waycross, GA. 912-283-3206.

MRS. KING, spiritual reader, advisor, helps in matters of life where others have failed. Call 912-283-0635.

HOLY LAND CRYSTALS can change your life overnight. Help in love, health, and money, and remove evil. $25. They really work! Call toll-free: 877-506-4868.

OCCULT CATALOG: Large selection, herbs, oils, books, etc. $3. Power Products, PO Box 443, Crystal River FL 34423.

PSYCHIC JADA. Solves all problems. Love, marriage, business. Reunites loved ones. Removes negativity. Guaranteed! 214-586-4967.

PSYCHIC READER and advisor guarantees help with all problems. Call Sylvia for one free reading. 864-486-9940.

PSYCHIC READINGS BY MARTHA. Helps with love life, health, happiness, job, marriage, Reunites lovers. Immediate results! 214-363-4740.

REV. KING JAMES. Powerful, gifted, can remove all evil influences. Number 1 love doctor. Free spiritual reading. 850-232-3569.

SISTER IDA. Helps in all problems. Removes curses, evil, voodoo, bad luck. Returns loved ones. Marriage, business, health, money. Call for lucky numbers. 512-586-3696 or 800-780-4772.

SPELL DOCTOR, Savannah and Stapesboro, GA, guarantees to bring you love, luck, money, protection against enemies. Call 912-713-1110.

SPIRITUAL ADVICE. Help for all problems: relationships, nature, money, jobs. See results in 3 days. Call Dewberry, 800-989-1059 or 912-264-3259.

WWW.AZUREGREEN.COM products for a more magical life. Free catalog. 48-OFA Chester Rd., Middlefield MA 01243.

PSYCHIC JANIE. Are you in any problem with the past, future, love, marriage, business, lawsuits, or health? Call 706-215-0998.


EMPOWERING DAILY BIBLE STUDIES “Into the Bible Every Day: Notes and Observations,” James D. Moss. Call toll-free 866-909-2665, or available through major bookstores and Volume 1-ISBN: 1-59781-678-7 Volume 2-ISBN: 1-60266-978-3

FARMING BOOKS, VIDEOS, AND DVDs. Livestock, horses, donkeys, stock dogs, poultry. 1,000 titles. Catalog. Diamond Farm Book Publishers, Dept FA, Box 537, Alexandria Bay NY 13607.

LEARN TO EARN IN MAIL ORDER. 200-page teaching manual. $25, credit cards accepted. 100% refund guarantee. Order or write for free information. Emmer, 1903D Bermuda Circle, Coconut Creek FL 33066; 954-972-5312.


BUILD UNDERGROUND houses/shelters/greenhouses dirt cheap! Live protected. Slash energy costs. “Brilliant breakthrough thinking”—Countryside Magazine. Featured on HGTV. 800-328-8790.

Business Opportunities

WATKINS PRODUCTS Buy online or by telephone and/or start your own Watkins business. Call: 800-215-2743 Or shop: E-mail: Watkins Associate No. 080677

$1,000s WEEKLY mailing beautiful rose catalogs! Free supplies/postage! SASE: RBM-FR, PO Box 759, Lake Zurich IL 60047-0759.

$400 WEEKLY ASSEMBLING PRODUCTS from home. For free information, send SASE to Home Assembly-FA, PO Box 450, New Britain CT 06050-0450.


EVERYTHING YOU NEED for preserving food and processing meat Canning equipment, vacuum sealers, dehydrators, smokers, jerky supplies, sausage stuffers, meat grinders, & more. 800-649-9147


DISCOVER HOW EXTRAORDINARY YOU REALLY ARE! “Within us are powers and abilities that are like invisible sparks waiting to be fanned into brilliant flames.” -Rosicrucian manuscript A nonreligious, nonpolitical, charitable, educational organization


EASY WORK! Excellent pay. Assemble products from home. For free information, send SASE: Home Assembly-GG, PO Box 450, New Britain CT 06050-0450.

Farm & Garden

EXTEND YOUR GROWING SEASON. Greenhouses of all sizes, cold frames, row covers, plus composters, garden carts, & more. Everything to preserve your harvest, too. 800-649-9147.

SPRUCE, FIR, PINE SEEDLINGS for reforestation, Christmas trees, landscaping, windbreaks. Wholesale prices. Free catalog. Flickingers’ Nursery, Box 245, Sagamore PA 16250. 800-368-7381.

Farm & Garden

NEPTUNE’S HARVEST ORGANIC FERTILIZERS: Extremely effective. Commercially proven. Outperform chemicals. Wholesale/retail/farm. Catalog. 800-259-4769.

Financial/Loans By Mail

GRANT MONEY! From many sources. For individuals. Personal needs, education, business. Rush SASE: Grants-FA, PO Box 458, New Britain CT 06050-0458.

Food & Recipes

CASHEWS - ALMONDS - PEANUTS And a lot more nuts, plus clothing, all from Totally Nuts brand. To place an order, visit the Web site: Or call for a free brochure: 888-489-6887

Fruit Trees

ANTIQUE APPLE TREES. 100+ varieties! Catalog, $3. Urban Homestead, 818-B Cumberland St., Bristol VA 24201.

Grain Marketing

DISCOVER THE SECRET to accurately forecasting grain prices. Call 800-800-4960 (ext. 1494) for a free recorded message or visit


BUILD A NO-HEAT GREENHOUSE dirt cheap. Garden year-round without heating! The award-winning “Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book” tells how. 800-328-8790.

EXTEND YOUR GROWING SEASON 3 to 4 months! Easy-to-assemble greenhouse kits starting at $339. Free brochure or see everything online. Hoop House, Mashpee, MA. 800-760-5192.

Health Aides

WHO’S SLEEPING WITH YOU TONIGHT? Nontoxic Kleen Green stops bed bugs, lice, and mites fast! Safe for children and pets. Fast, confidential shipping. 800-807-9350.

Home Products

COMPLETE LAUNDRY SYSTEM. A true green product. Balls for the washer and dryer. No chemicals! Information: 712-368-2760.


AMERICA’S LEADING INVENTION COMPANY, InventHelp®, helps try to submit ideas to industry. Patent referral services. 1-800-INVENTION.

Old Phonograph Records

OLD PHONOGRAPH RECORDS WANTED Buying blues, jazz, rock, and country! 78s, 45s, and LPs from 1920s-1960s Paying as high as $12,000 for certain blues 78 rpm records! Will come to you! John, “The Record Man”: 800-955-1326

1,000s OF 45 & LP RECORDS. Specialty lots. Load your jukebox. Fill your shelf. Free shipping.

Open Pollinated Seed

OPEN-POLLINATED CORN SEED. Silage, grain, wildlife. Available certified organic, 75-85-87-90-120-day. Green Haven, 607-566-9253.


ASIAN BRIDES! Romance, love, marriage! Overseas. Details, photos: Box 4601-OFA, Thousand Oaks CA 91362. 805-492-8040.


CHICKS, DUCKLINGS, TURKEYS, GUINEAS, ETC. White-colored Cornish meat broilers. FREE CATALOG. Myers Poultry Farm, 966 Rogers Hill Road, South Fork PA 15956. 814-539-7026.

GOSLINGS, DUCKLINGS, GUINEAS, chicks, turkeys, bantams, gamebirds. Books and equipment. 717-365-3694. Hoffman Hatchery, PO Box 129P, Gratz PA 17030.


WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN? Pray out loud! I believe God raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus is Lord. Read Romans, Chapter 10, verses 9-10. Next, read entire Bible repeatedly. Pray, attend church.

Seeds & Plants

GROW YOUR OWN tobacco, medicinal plants & herbs, houseplants, heirloom veggies, and more. Free catalog. E.O.N.S., Dept. FA, PO Box 4604, Hallandale FL 33008. 954-382-8281.

LIVE HERB PLANTS for culinary, medicinal, and aromatherapy. Gourmet vegetables, plants, teas, bath salts. 724-735-4700.

Spiritual Advice

PSYCHIC READING BY ANDREA. Love specialist. Resolves all problems. Specializes in returning lovers. Immediate results in hours. Free reading. 972-243-0868.

SISTER CHEROKEE, Gifted Indian Reader. Gives good luck, blessings, and guidance. Originally from Egypt. 3848 North Druid Hills Rd., Decatur GA 30033. 404-325-7336

SPIRITUAL HEALER and advisor. Guaranteed help in all problems in life, such as love, marriage, business, and health. 817-613-0509.

Spiritual Healer

BROTHER ROY. Spiritual root worker. Healing oils, health, luck. Success guaranteed. 912-262-6897.

HOLY LAND CRYSTALS can change your life overnight. Help in love, health, and money, and remove evil. $25. They really work! Call toll-free: 877-506-4868.

DIANA, HEALING SPECIALIST. Think you have been hexed? Removes all evil spells. Call 334-365-3499.

OTHERS FAILED? Indian healer Rev. Ginger, Louisiana spiritualist, permanently restores stolen lovers immediately! 504-416-0958.

PSYCHIC READER SPIRITUAL HEALER. Advisor helps with love, marriage, career, and more. 940-882-1031.

REV. AVA. Having bad luck? Lost love? Removes all evil. Solves all problems. Guaranteed. 404-924-9587.

SISTER DOREEN. Psychic spiritual healer removes evil spells. Solves all problems. 100% sure results. 334-297-6329.


BEWARE OF IMITATORS AND DECEIVERS. Sister Margaret’s vision and power can wipe away tears, heal a broken heart, reunite love and happiness, cast off spells and rootwork. Free consultation! 209-200-3679. What your eyes see, your heart will believe, through my work.

YES, I CAN! African-American Indian prophet Rev. B. L. Williams All things are possible for those who believe in God. I can help you. Specialize in court cases, love, uncrossing, prosperity, house and yard cleansing. Most powerful African MoJo Bag. Most spiritual bath. $107 donation. POB 682, Estill SC 29918 803-346-5006

DOCTOR CROSS Voodoo Love Specialist Never lose your lover. Give me one day, and your lover will to commit to you for life. Removes hexes, spells, and bad luck. Guaranteed. 800-615-4868

MOTHER THOMPSON Healing Spiritualist Born with a veil, she has the spiritual power to reunite lovers, help in health, business, marriage. One call will achieve your life goals, claim your destiny, gain personal power, and overcome blocks of negativity. 323-383-8857

GIFTED SPIRITUALIST Helps with all problems in life. Will give you solutions that you never thought of or dreamed of. Miss Hart, 2146 Celanese Rd., Rock Hill SC 29732 803-242-9973

Stop Searching and Find Direction Now! Relationship Restored permanently Angelica 1-972-780-1547 Gifted Love Healer. Reunits Lover. No matter how severe your situation I will solve your problems. Free consultation. 1-800-780-2082.. 1-972-805-6105

Evette, 36 yrs miracle powers. love expert. spiritual cleansing /financial blessings. solves all impossible problems. 1-903-337-7800

Psychic Gabrielle solves all impossible Problems. Returns Lovers Immediately. Restores Passion. Stops infidelity/break-ups and divorce 1-469-24-1192

Tanya Woods Truly Gifted Love Psychologist. Helps all Problems. Free Reading. 1-713-545-9688

Psychic Anthony Marcus, Solves all Problems. Reunites Lovers! Never Failed. Makes Dreams Come True. 100% Accurate. 1-800-366-3903

Real Honest Help. Claudia White. Helps in all Problems.Reunites Lovers 1-800-535-3303, 1-817-793-7751

Psychic Zada Gifted. Solves all lifes’ Problems. Reunites Lovers. Rebuilds Broken Relationships. never Failed. . Free Aura reading 1-800-882-4036

Austin Edwards 1-504-470-6893 stops Break-ups /Divorce. Restores Love/Passion. Removes negative obstacles. Complimentary Consultation

Are you tired of Getting help without results? Love Goddess Eve 30 yrs exp. Restores love/trust. permanent Results. I will help you regain a solid relationships. Feel secure and loved. Call: 1-800-733-7035

Powerful Love Specialist. Lonely, confused, unhappy. Find true answers. Gifted Bob, repairs broken relationships. Reunites Lovers. FREE Reading. 1-800-840-66309 1-310-553-6711.

Psychic Farren Relationship Specialist. Reveals Lovers True Feelings. Solves all Problems. Reunites Soulmates. Removes Negative Energy. 1-512-452-38112, 1-800-527-1542,

Psychic Maxine. 1-832-721-8082 gods Miracles Solves all problems. Specializing Reunites loved one. Never Fails. 1-832-721-8082

ATTN: REV. BISHOP removes bad luck, specializing in restoring love, luck, health. Free reading. 843-291-0782.

MISS BELLA, SPIRITUALIST. Helps with love, health, money. Removes bad luck. One free reading. 219-677-7817.

MRS. ANNIE, SPIRITUALIST, reunites lovers. Removes bad luck. Helps with all problems. One free reading. 219-677-3380.

MRS. RUTH, Southern-born spiritualist. Removes evil, bad luck. Helps all problems. Free sample reading. 3938 Hwy. 431 South, Eufaula AL 36027. 334-616-6363.

NEED HELP FAST! Spiritualist Leza cures all evil spells. Reunites lovers; potions; luck. Valdosta, GA. 229-630-5386 or 229-244-1306.

PEACHES, SPIRITUAL LOVE DOCTOR. Helps all problems. Removes bad luck. Reunites lovers, restores lost nature. Free reading. 803-290-6207.

VOODOO WOMAN. Can solve all your problems. Does voodoo love spells. Special package, $75. 770-994-1466.

WHY WORRY?! Confused, troubled, need help desperately? Call immediately. I will help where others have failed. 407-488-5213.

Stage Singing Secrets

DISCOVER THE SIMPLE SECRET TECHNIQUES that give you “star” quality and charisma.

Trees & Shrubs

SPRUCE, FIR, PINE SEEDLINGS for reforestation, Christmas trees, landscaping, windbreaks. Wholesale prices. Free catalog. Flickingers’ Nursery, Box 245, Sagamore PA 16250 800-368-7381

Wanted to Buy

CASH FOR 78-RPM RECORDS! Send $2 (refundable) for illustrated booklet identifying collectible labels, numbers, with actual prices I pay. Docks, Box 780218(FA), San Antonio TX 78278-0218

Wine & Beer Making

FREE ILLUSTRATED CATALOG Fast service. Since 1967. Kraus, PO Box 7850-YB, Independence MO 64054 800-841-7404

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