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Comets: Watch Out!

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Comets are quite the celestial spectacle.  Would you believe that they are simply pieces of dusty ice?

When a comet flies close to the Sun, some of its ice turns into a long, bright trail, or tail, of vapor. That tail is a comet's most amazing feature.

Most comets are unpredictable. Astronomers can calculate where one will be in the sky, but not how bright its tail will be. Probably the most famous one, Halley's Comet, appears every 76 years—but it doesn't always make a great show.

Halley's Comet was spectacular in 1910 and disappointing in 1986. In 2061, it will be large and visible in the Northern Hemisphere. Let's hope that the sky is clear!

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We live in north east Spain

By Merrilyn

We live in north east Spain 41*16'57 N 0*39'58E and at 06.45 this morning (07/09/2014)whilst my husband was walking the dog he saw what he thought was an explosion in the sky and pieces of debris flying off of this 'object' . I was indoors but witnessed light from the ' explosion' which was bright enough to light up our bathroom. At first he thought it was an aeroplane on fire but could this have been a comet?

I saw a comet at 8:48pm in

By Lamblamb88

I saw a comet at 8:48pm in seaford, Victoria, Australia. It was pretty amazing to see its tail was an awesome bright blue and looked like it was breaking off pieces as it went by. Only lasted 10 seconds before it was gone. But still something you must see.

hi,i leave in al khobar saudi

By yasmeen amjad

hi,i leave in al khobar saudi arabia....i saw a shooting star or a comet like.....around 7:35 pm...it was something strange...never seen before....it is true?

i never seen one and hope to

By gloriamiriamcorona

i never seen one and hope to do some day, but i have seen few moon eclipses and lots of falling stars i love watching the moon since i can remember

The first time I saw a comet

By Barchyn

The first time I saw a comet I was 10. My friend ( a boy) invited me to watch it from it from a window in his room. it was in my home town in Central Asia. And we saw it! It had a tail. Today I have another opportunity to see meteor shower but in my transplant city- New York. I am going to the Coney Island beach....

I missed them all but hope my

By irene (ailina)

I missed them all but hope my sons and grandchildren, etc watch it in the future together as a family reunion.

Wish I'd be here to see it.

By kc3ak

Wish I'd be here to see it. But at 63 now, I don't expect to be around that long. Good luck to those who are.

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