Dandelion Recipes: A Wonderful, Edible Weed

A Dandelion


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Dandelion flowers can be used in cooking! Don't rid your lawn of these bright yellow flowers. Harvest them for wine, jelly and snacks!  See our dandelion recipes.

The History of Dandelion Delicacies

Believe it or not, this plant was not always thought of as a weed. It used to be referred to as a “common herb” and was used for medicinal properties. The dandelion is rich in nutrients including protein, calcium, iron, Vitamins A & C.

Dandelion Remedies and Recipes

Dandelions are good for digestion and may ease rheumatism or liver problems. They can be eaten whole or divided up. Young dandelion greens can be tossed in salads and young leaves can be cooked like spinach. Leaves should be gathered before the plant blooms as they will become increasingly bitter and tough.

Here are a list of recipes to try with dandelions:

Dandelion Drinks

If you're looking to enjoy the “spirit” of spring, try Pink Dandelion Wine or Dent-De-Lion Wine.

For a refreshing brew in the morning, try Dandelion Root Coffee.

Eat Your Weeds

Kentucky Dandelion Greens make an excellent side dish to any meal and Batter Fried Dandelion Blossoms are a tasty snack.

For something sweeter, try Dandelion Jelly, one of our favorite recipes.

How do you use dandelions? Share your recipes!

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Thanks for the great article.

Nice blog comment Dandelion

Nice blog comment
Dandelion Root(Taraxacum officinale) used in medicines and the leaves are not medically used. The chief constituents

of Dandelion root are Taraxacin, acrystalline, bitter substance, of which the yield varies in roots collected at
different seasons, and Taraxacerin, an acrid resin, with Inulin (a sort of sugar which replaces starch in many of the

Dandelion family,Compositae), gluten, gum and potash.Dandelion Root provides vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and

vitamin B complex, as well as zinc, iron and potassium. Because of its iron content, it is widely used as a remedy for

liver ailments, and has a diuretic effect that can help rid the liver of toxins.


Dandelion syrup is our

Dandelion syrup is our favorite (my youngest would rather have this than maple any day)

Send recipe.

Send recipe.

can you send me a recipe for

can you send me a recipe for dandelion syrup please?

Dandelion Syrup

would love to have that recipe!!!!

Cleaning dandelion, even

Cleaning dandelion, even after field cleaning, can be a chore. I devised an easy method. Wash you washing machine good with bleach. After a thorough rinse, put your dandelion in and run it on two short cold cycles and rinse, spin dry. It comes out perfect for eating or bagging for the refrigerator. We serve with a hot bacon dressing and diced hard boiled eggs.

Rodity's Greek restaurant in

Rodity's Greek restaurant in Chicago makes a wonderful side dish called "horta;" boiled dandelion greens with a drizzle of olive oil and a generous squeeze of lemon. So simple, so healthy, so very, very, very delicious!!!

A traditional Easter soup in

A traditional Easter soup in our Italian family is Dandelion soup. I make a chicken soup and then to that I add chicken meat, tiny meatballs, carrots, dandelion greens, escarole, cabbage and kale. Also important is the coarse ground pepper and salt. It looks much like an Italian Wedding soup. It is very yummy and very good for you!

That sounds delicious! Thank

That sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing!

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