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Design a Garden for Flowers All Summer Long

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When planning on how to design a garden, think about how to keep the flowers blooming all summer long. Here's a plant list and gardening advice from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

The ideal summer flower garden develops in waves, reaches crescendos of bloom, and depends on chronological succession.

What combinations of plants will keep your garden colorful all summer long? Here are some suggestions.

Early Summer

Bleeding hearts
Early roses (Rosa hugonis; damask, eglantine, and gallica roses)
Iris magnifica
Oriental poppy


Bee balm
Daylilies (try 'Stella de Oro')
Early-blooming white phlox
Hollyhock mallow
Regal lily and Asian hybrids such as 'Enchantment'

Late Summer

Fall-blooming anemones
Globe thistle
Harrington's pink aster
Japanese iris
Late lilies and daylilies
Pink and white phlox
Tiger lily
White boltonia

  • Choose flowers for their color, beauty, and fragrance, of course—but also consider the season in which they bloom.
  • Avoid planting midsummer bloomers all in one spot; instead, distribute groups of them throughout the garden. This will draw the visitor's eyes through the whole area, creating the effect of a greater expanse of color.

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i have a purple basil growing

By Brendle

i have a purple basil growing under my
papaya tree. will it suck out all the
water from the pot it is in? The weather
is very humid and wet weather is terrible
in spring. what other plants grow well
under wet humidity?

how big can purple basil get.

By Brendle

how big can purple basil get. Is it a good ornamental? should i treat it like
cactus? Where does it grow best? I put one under the papaya tree in a large deep pot.
It is now winter will it survive?

its my first time to enter

By Aamir Bin Munir

its my first time to enter this website. i am new one in gardening as i bought my own home last year and since then i am trying to learn it.
This is very useful and knowledgeful website. I really impressed with its founders.

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