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Do you consider yourself an amateur astronomer?

We're curious. Do you consider yourself an amateur astronomer? Tell us—and we welcome your comments below.

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Amateur astronomer?

By Yvonne Wall

I don't actually know that I can call myself 'astronomer,' 'amateur,' yes. - But I do read up on all articles I come across, or I call up articles on planets and stars, and I love learning all that I can about the subject. And receiving your newsletters, explaining all, is wonderful.

Amateur astronomer

By lrahn

I say yes. One year I gave up a vacation in Cancunn for the opportunity to purchase a 10 inch reflecter telescope. I spent many happy nights in the Maine winter at 2 am looking at the ga;axies, comets and nebulas to my heart's content. You really know that when it's 20 below and your eyelid is frozen to the eyepiece you have got to be something more than just ordinary. Lee Rahn (lrahn@lycos.com)


By Robert Muckey

Can't really say amateur lets say novice.


By Froggman-tg

I have to agree with you as novice describes my interest in the heavens. I once bought a small telescope for watching the night skies but I gave up on it as my eyesight is so poor I couldn’t focus on any single point of light. I couldn’t afford a better one so now I just use a program called “Stellarium” to do my star gazing. I love it!

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