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Seriously you can't just

By JkB

Seriously you can't just change the time. The sun is what we should tell the time by. It sets and rises and we can't change that. When it is at the highest point - or middle - then it is midday 12:00pm ... Its just ridiculous to change that especially in Australia.

getting rid of DST? Some

By geofftx

getting rid of DST? Some people are actually active outside and these evening hours of daylight allows them to work more around the house, land or relax without it being pitch black. You don't live in a rural area if you hate dst or if the sun is your clock and "time" really doesn't matter. Getting home from work and playing with my daughters while its daylight is well worth a week of discomfort. Deal with it take your frail ass outside and get some sun.

I lived in a rural area

By Eleanor Doherty on September 1

I lived in a rural area worked first shift. Either way when I left at 6:15 just a slight change in light If it was meant to save electric. Well did not need to turn on lights until little after.8:00 But in the fall they went on earlier so where was the saving

Ranchers with animals have to

By Dogyeller

Ranchers with animals have to stick to the same schedule no matter what the fools in power decide to do. Animals need milking at the same time, fed close to the same time and man's tinkering with the clock does not help THOSE OF US WHO LIVE AND WORK "OUTSIDE" all day long. Thank you.

Why not move it one half hour

By robert l freedman

Why not move it one half hour and leave it alone!

I love Daylight Saving Time!!

By Carter1996

I love Daylight Saving Time!! I love having that extra hour of light in the evening! Who cares about morning light? Everyone is either going to work or school or they are sleeping. For example, yesterday the sunrise here was: 6:20AM and the sunset was: 5:59PM. The sunrise today was: 7:18AM and the sunset is: 7:00PM!! Much better!!

It's ridiculous AND it makes

By oliviazen

It's ridiculous AND it makes little difference (depending on you location...). I also agree that the critters don't give a hoot about what time it is. It merely upsets the routine. I say we ought to ditch the whole thing!

I don't care which way the

By Joan Sherman

I don't care which way the time is - just leave it alone one way or the other. It takes my body about 2 weeks to become accustomed to the change. LEAVE IT ALONE!

I agree.

By Carly Steffen

I agree.

DST is annoying. I know I'm

By J Rice

DST is annoying. I know I'm getting up at 3:00 am instead of 4:00. That alarm clock isn't fooling me! And just try to go to sleep at 7:00 pm (8:00 DST).

You bet. I abhor it too.

By Carly Steffen

You bet. I abhor it too.

I think we should just stay

By Susan Bartsch

I think we should just stay on daylight savings time ALL the time!

Yes!!!! Two thumbs UP!!


Yes!!!! Two thumbs UP!!

Ok, I heartedly agree! For

By Joe Mc*****

Ok, I heartedly agree! For those against changing clocks, then just leave it a DST time year round!!

it does not extend the day

By Mishael

it does not extend the day any more than curing a foot from a blanket and sewing it to the bottom. Still the same length.

It does extend the day. We

By Keep DST

It does extend the day. We can't go out and recreate as a family before work in the morning. By making it dark at 8:00 p.m. in the summer, we can't do it after work either. We need that extra hour of light at the end of the day to spend time outside as a family.

Why not change the time you

By Pauline miles

Why not change the time you start work instead - not everyone works 9 to 5

Shut up! It does not extend

By Carly Steffen

Shut up! It does not extend daylight. It delays daylight, so anybody who has to wake up early has to face a darker sky in the morning.

Soooooooooo, in the early


Soooooooooo, in the early morning, most have to go to work inside a building, when it is dark outside. Wouldn't you rather have daylight when your off of work and enjoying activities of leisure?

Can't we just go to work an

By eb

Can't we just go to work an hour earlier if you want to and leave an hour earlier. It's a mind set.

So many pros & cons on this

By D Jo

So many pros & cons on this one - On the one hand I like the clock to say 12:00 at midday, on the other hand, because we're creatures of habit that are strictly used to living by the numbers on a clock, tricking ourselves into going to sleep four hours before midnight, which our biorhythms NEED, could be accomplished not only by leaving DST but by pushing it another hour forward! What reads 10:00pm to 6:00am (a common night's rest) would actually be from 8:00pm to 4:00am, a night's rest centered around midnight, the most healthful. Yes, I agree we could just change the times of operation of every business, governmental agency, school, etc. and reschedule life to run from 4:00am to 8:00pm - but that ain't gonna happen! It's true that having a later midday leads to a long, hot afternoon /evening in the South. And DST had nothing to do with farming.

I lived in AZ for 12 years

By Lilithe

I lived in AZ for 12 years where they do not do DST - JUST NO NEED FOR IT.

It is outdated! When we

By cartersmate35

It is outdated! When we farmed etc, it seemed necessary but in this day and age, it is of no use, and detrimental to the body synergy!

I agree. There has never been

By Alice Recker

I agree. There has never been a reason for it. It serves no purpose except to upset our well-being.

DST is a great help to those

By Deb21

DST is a great help to those of us that live in rural/farming communities. It's benefits everyone to have longer daylight hours, whether you're entertaining, working outside, or running errands.

How do farm animals cope with

By SuMay

How do farm animals cope with the change in feed times? I have a problem convincing my cat that she needs to be fed later in Winter.

You don't get longer daylight

By dragoness1957

You don't get longer daylight hours by merely changing the clock... DST is a stupid concept because it doesn't save anything or really change anything except the numbers on the clock. And it does not benefit anyone now, nor did it ever benefit anyone.

If people would just leave the clocks alone there would not be nearly as much confusion in the world.

If you want to utilze the daylight hours better, just get up earlier. The Old Farmer's Almanac has a page that lists the sunrise and sunset times; for the year. Of course, those tables are adjusted for DST, so you'd have to reverse that calculation if DST was eliminated... Still, you could get up earlier without need to change the clocks or affect anyone else's schedule.

Let the sunrise and sunset determine your daily activities, not the danged clocks!

Exactly? Farmers go by

By ridiculous

Exactly? Farmers go by sunruse sunset anyway. Wth is that person talking about?????

Get up an hour earlier! You

By Jana Shellman

Get up an hour earlier! You don't make the rope longer by cutting a foot off one end and tying it on the other! It makes it shorter and weakens the rope and it weakens the worker!

Changing the clocks is a

By Wayne Simanovsky

Changing the clocks is a waste of time. We are the only country in the whole world that does this. Leave the clocks where they are at right now and be done with it.

Leave the time on daylight

By Veronica jung

Leave the time on daylight saving time. Don't change it in the Fall. This only results in disorientation. From this day forward let us remain on daylight saving time.

I couldn't agree more. I

By Daniel Manley

I couldn't agree more. I can't stand early sunsets in the winter. Around Christmas the sun sets around 4:30. I live for the start of daylight savings time. But it would be better to just leave it on daylight savings all year around.

Staying on DST year round is

By Norman Allen

Staying on DST year round is an bad idea. Year round DST means morning sunrises in the winter won't occur until 9:00 (even later in some places) making it dangerous for kids trying to get to school. Let's just accept the scientific fact that for six months of the year the days are shorter than the nights.

DST is fine in the summer, but in the fall and winter it is a major nuisance.

I see your point but I'd

By Daniel Manley

I see your point but I'd rather have a later sunrise if it mean another hour of sun for people after school or work.
I suppose it's just personal preference to have later sunsets than earlier sunrises.

I agree changing the clocks

By sdcars

I agree changing the clocks is a bother, but we are not the only country that has DST. Germany does also. I think theirs is not as long.


By potsonna2


New Zealand also changes

By Lorraine Pollard

New Zealand also changes their clocks as we do. I think it's pretty dumb.

It is time (no pun intended)

By jeltez42

It is time (no pun intended) to stop this foolishness. Correctly draw the time zones and have a standard time. Life is 24 x 7 and moves at the speed of light, or close to it. Businesses already set working hours so that they are available to their customers.

Personally, I hate the switching and the "springing" ahead. Summer days are long enough, I don't need sunrise being at 5am. Similarly, by staying on DST, it would move Dec. sunrises to after 9am. And for what, it would still be dark when people get out of work.

Stop the stupidity.

Totally agree stop this

By Stephen Reed

Totally agree stop this nonsense. It does not save energy. It's obviously not what the majority wants. It's hard on school children. Let's start a petition to congress to put a stop to it. As Americans we should be able to unite on one simple thing and get it changed.

I do like DST but would

By Karen Salmons

I do like DST but would prefer it start in May and end in October so that it wouldn't be quite so dark in the mornings.

I like DST. I don't like

By Shasta jones

I like DST. I don't like standard time. In Utah they are talking about keeping us on standard time all year. I would be very unhappy. I wold like to stay on DST all year. I like having the daylight after I get home from work. I know there's a problem with children going to school in the dark. I grew up in Alaska and I walked to school in the dark much of the year--I also walked home in the dark from school as well.

Here's an idea for those

By marlie

Here's an idea for those complaining about higher electric bills. TURN OFF YOUR AC! people managed just fine for many many years without it. Yes I live in Oregon, so AC is not a priority. BUT, when the time falls back and it gets dark at 4:30, it seems much darker or later because it's always gray and cloudy here.
No. The amount of daylight in a day doesn't change, but usable daylight does. I'm sorry, I don't find a need for it to be light at 6 am. Would prefer to be able to use more of that time in the evening when I am off work, especially owning horses. Just saying. I can not believe so many are against DST simply because their air conditioning has to run longer. Wow, talk about a spoiled nation. If that is what you have worry about, then life must be great.

You try living in southeast

By Jayce Taylor

You try living in southeast Texas in July and tell me if you can survive without the AC!!!! Idiot

To the jerkoff that called us

By Jayce Taylor

To the jerkoff that called us evening lovers selfish you can go to hell. You are probably just an old fat lazy bum that does nothing but drink beer all day. I love light in the summer because I like to have a frigging life!!!

Who dat say turn of dem A/C.

By Stephen Reed

Who dat say turn of dem A/C. You obviously have never even been to Louisiana. Yes people used to live without A/C but today in Louisiana your not likely to fare very well without it. When the humidity is higher than the temperature you better have some cool place to go. Try sleeping down here in August with an attic fan or just an open window. Not gonna happen Cher dem mosquito is buzzin by da dozens. You leave dat window open dat old Rougarou might come out den swamps and steal your soul. Thank you but we'll keep the A/C

Try living in Arizona, New

By Billi

Try living in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada or Texas in the summer, then tell us to shut off the a/c. Phoenix has hit 122 degrees before. I don't care how dry that heat is, it still feels like an oven.

to Marlie - I don't mind DST

By Jan F

to Marlie - I don't mind DST but, I live in South Carolina and believe me - we CAN"T live without ac! It has been in the 80's here, but yes - at night when it has been in the 60's we CAN turn it off!

DST should be the time year

By marlie

DST should be the time year around. Come fall, I hate it getting dark by 4:30. That is just plain too early for it to be dark. You can't get anything done in the evenings, because it eliminates "evening" virtually going from, as Sheldon puts it "prevening", straight to night. I personally prefer longer evening hours year around. They make flashlights that kids can carry for the very short period of time they wait for busses.In fact most all backpacks these days have reflective piping. No more dark by 4:30!

I also believe we should run

By Jennifer Broadwater

I also believe we should run on the summer schedule due to more light in the evening. Hate when it gets dark at five or before. Due to the energy crisis and high electric bills that I and many Americans could save a little money. I'm sick, hate winter and because of my illness I need to keep warm. I remember growing up, mom always had the heat set on 72* and we always wore slippers and had a sweater on. Keeping my heat on 72 is only dream not coming true. Getting harder and harder to live anymore. My heat is set on 65 during day and 60 at night. I live alone and have no family. Taking a shower at 65 is horrible. What is happening to beautiful America. I'll tell ya it nothing but GREED.

Just cut it to 30 minutes and

By John D Ousley

Just cut it to 30 minutes and call it good. No more worries.

Although early sunrise

By Dennis Bates

Although early sunrise (regular hours) are great for the farmers, I prefer the DST schedule for longer days. As for the kids going out in the dark for the bus, simple, start school at 8:30 and end at 2:30 Shorter school days means better kids! They would be less stressed, and have more time for rest.

Changing your clock does not

By AirFrank

Changing your clock does not change the number of daylight hours in a day. Time to end DST

Understood, but changing the

By Rob_E

Understood, but changing the clock does change the amount of daylight hours we're able to enjoy after work, for those of us on an 8-5 or 9-5 schedule. "Normal business hours" as far as our society, follow what the clock says, and there's not much we can do about that.

Ditto....the war ended

By S. Robertson

Ditto....the war ended decades ago and DST should have ended too.

I agree.

By Robin Bartlett

I agree.

I'd rather live with single

By divisionbyzero0

I'd rather live with single timezone ALL OVER THE WORLD than having the DST. DST is just the selfishness of the evening people. THey don't even care the children that must walking or waiting in the bus stop in the pitch darkness for longtime?

My solution is abolish DST and change work to 7.30-3.30 -- it's same as 8.30-4.30 in DST. No more evening people complain about winter darkness.

Daylight saving time is not

By poduck

Daylight saving time is not for evening people. We go on daylight saving time in the summer. We go off in the winter. It is actually for morning people.

Excuse me! I am a morning

By Mysty

Excuse me! I am a morning person and absolutely detest daylight saving time. Always have. Always will. DST is definitely NOT for morning people. It is for people who want to stay up late and don't give a whit for sunrises. At 78 years of age, I have lived with DST getting longer and longer. It has been shown that changing the time back and forth causes loss of production and costs businesses money, due to the disruptions in the human body.

Please stay DST all year

By Catleen

Please stay DST all year around! I think people have better things to do than changing clock twice a year. More day light is better! Programmers can stop wasting time worried about fixing the computer systems because of time changes.

I believe that once we spring

By Tonya Hunziker

I believe that once we spring ahead an hour it should be left alone for good. Kids need time to be active, adults can get more done, and those people who walk around would be safer

It really depends on where

By jeltez42

It really depends on where you live. It is almost 8am where I live and it is still middle of the night dark. This isn't good for anyone. If we kept DST in our area, the sun would rise around 10am in Dec. No, I don't live in Alaska but I do live near the border of Canada.

Our problem is that we should be in the Central time zone, not Eastern. But that change isn't likely to happen.

I would just love it if we

By jrsim

I would just love it if we could just leave it on DST time all year round! I do not understand the purpose of changing time twice a year! just leave it DST.




Why not get as many daylight


Why not get as many daylight hours as possible. I think it's safer for people traveling in daylight, and gives children more time in the outdoors. I would love to see DST all year round.

I agree. Set it and leave it

By Irene Covington

I agree. Set it and leave it alone!

The survey can be easily

By sourkey

The survey can be easily misunderstood I think! Daylight savings is when it's light for longer at night. Therefore if you don't want it to be dark at 4pm in the winter, you need to vote, "Yes" I like daylight savings. I think the vote tally is probably void, since I am guessing a lot of people misunderstood and voted "No", as in, "No" I don't like when it gets dark early in the winter.

I really hate the time

By Myra Yar

I really hate the time changes. We just need to pick one and stick with it!

We should stick with it, less

By Gaia

We should stick with it, less confusion on all.

I hate the time change. It

By PattyBrando

I hate the time change. It messes with my internal body clock and I just feel out of whack for a few weeks. I wish the time would just stay the same all the time. It is stressful!

I love it. I like to stay up

By Anonymous

I love it. I like to stay up late, have time to go out with the family after work, and the more sunlight during the day I have, I feel I accomplish more...even if its just one hour.


By Anonymous

dst all year

don't like dst.

By Anonymous

The only reason I don't like day is my body gets confused about what time is meal time.


By Pauline Bingham

We should stay on one time all year -- we're on DST 2/3 of the year already, so why not keep it that way? Let our bodies adjust naturally instead of disrupting them twice a year for no reason.


By Anonymous

We should revert back to at least the Julian calander, which was changed to Gregorian a few hundred years ago.

Daylight Savings Time--Jet Lag

By Judy Mcneely

Why don't they just switch the time by 1/2 hour and leave it there?

That makes so much sense.

By michaelrobe

That makes so much sense. Compromise at 1/2 hour.

Daylight "savings" time

By Tom Nimtz

Judy, I agree. I have been saying - since the 70's that they should change the time - on the 1/2 hr, and LEAVE it alone after that !. MILLIONs could be saved !

Quit changing clocks

By rfawbush

I can adapt to any timeframe, but I'm really tired of doing it twice a year. I'm also tired of trying to remember which device I forgot to change; seems like everything has a clock built in now and most of them don't change themselves.

I really like it alot !!

By al73

I really like Daylight Saving Time. In January 1974 the 8:25 sunrise did not bother me at all. The hour of Daylight in the morning really serves no purpose. In South Florida it makes it hotter faster. In the evening I could do more with the hour of sunlight. In order to be fair each state should be required to put it to a referendum either Standard or Daylight time. The one that wins should be the year round time. My vote is for Daylight Saving (no S at the end) Time year round.

And since people more awake

By divisionbyzero0

And since people more awake at evening, the "hot evening" issue is MORE SENSIBLE than "hot morning" !!!. Google the reason of why AZ doesn't have DST

LOL I think your idea is a

By divisionbyzero0

LOL I think your idea is a bit selfish. Kids must go to school in darker (and possibly drunkards drunk for a later time) ? NOPE!!!

Daylight Saving time

By fvoltz

Do NOT like it! I didn't mind it years ago when it was just for summertime--beginning with Memorial(Decoration)Day and ending with Labor Day,but it is upsetting to have it continue all year.


By Anonymous

Do not like it.!! I agree it would be ok from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It lowers productivity in the students in school.

I found it harder to get the

By Suzan Heming

I found it harder to get the kids to bed on DST. They didn't like going to bed when the sun was up. I, personally, like ST. Just my own personal preference.

Cannot "save" daylight

By Amanda Bauknight

Day light --It is what it is, no matter where you align your clock. Only human activity changes. I still believe the only people who benefit are golfers...and the farmer still works from sun up to sun down. Stop messing with our natural rhythms!


By Daniel Hulseapple

I fully agree. DST does nothing but cause everyone to make totally unnecessary changes in their routines.

Leave it Alone

By John West

I would prefer if we just stayed on Standard time and didn't spring forward or fall back.

Clock Changing is a Health Hazard

By 2snowornot

We should be leaving the clocks alone. Our body times gradually adjust to changing light both in the mornings and evenings. The slow change allows an internal adjustment the supports better sleep and waking. Sudden shifts in the clock time shock the body and it takes many people a long, long time to readjust. Many natural health practitioners observe that there appears to be a relationship between the onset of flu season and the changing of the clocks. There is no need to put us all through an added challenge each Fall and Spring. Any savings in electrical use are offset by this extra burden on our bodies.

Daylight wasting time

By rononPI

As a retired electrical engineer, I have decades of experience relative to how energy is used and how to make that use more efficient. I can tell you with certainty that daylight saving time does not save energy, it is in fact, wasting it. It was especially stupid for Congress to expand the period that daylight savings time is in effect because in the early spring and late fall; any energy that may be saved in the evening is offset by extra energy required in the morning.

In the 1930s when daylight savings time began, the majority of electrical use in the average home or building was for lighting, so there was a significant energy savings by shortening the amount of time that lights were needed; however, today only about 10 to 15 percent of electricity is used for lightening. What we have now that we didn’t have in the 1930s is air conditioning, and the energy needed to run an air conditioning system accounts for over half if the electricity use in the average home.

When I leave home for several hours or more in the summer, I turn my thermostat up several degrees to reduce the amount of time the air conditioning system runs while I’m gone, and I am sure that many people do this when they leave to go to work all day. Remember that heat moves from an area of higher temperature (outside in the Summer) to an area of lower temperature (inside in the Summer) at a rate that is equal to the square of the difference in the temperature between the two places, so just a few degrees higher on the thermostat can make a significant difference.

So, now we come home for the evening and turn the thermostat back down to a comfortable level, and because of daylight saving time the air conditioning system has to run harder than it would if we came home an hour closer to sunset. The extra energy used by the air conditioning system in that one hour may very well be more than what it takes to run the lights all day.

Permanent DST

By carlsondw

A friend in Bodo, Norway, right on the Arctic Circle, shared a news item from Russia last week. Russian government will go to DST year-around. Here in Northeast MN it is already low light at 8 AM and 5 PM. Mid-November to mid-January DST makes little difference in energy consumption or lifestyle.

Time is relative

By jeltez42

We should just be on standard time. Time is not saved, the length of the day does not change, and with many kids being driven to school by parents, the last reason for keeping it: 'don't have the kids walking to school in the dark' starts to sound lame.

Wrong way anyway!!!!

By cjpoche

I hate it but if it HAS to be changed it should be in the winter. That way the sun would be going down closer to the same time year round.

Daylight Savings Time

By Ed Farr

Driving to and from work in the dark stinks

Daylight Savings Time

By scubadiver49er

I would just as soon keep Daylight Savings Time permanant, to give the most daylight possible on any given day in the evening, when I am awake and home. I'll "live" with it being dark in the winter months in the mornings for that.

Daylight savings Time

By Jim Downey

The Amish don't observe Daylight Savings time

The Amish don't do a lot of

By Stephen Reed

The Amish don't do a lot of things. Just saying

daylight savingstime

By jeanc

now there are some smart people those Amish I feel like I have to go to bed at 7pm because it is so dark

day lights savings time

By xmasangel121956

it doesnt matter what we like or what we dont,,,we dont have anything to do with what they decide to do cause they do just what they want to do.i dont like springing forward cause it makes the days longer and hotter in the summer time for us texans and a lot of other ppl,that means higher utility bills,i like to fall back and leave it like that but our opinions do not count and never will,lets face it its what other ppl want not us .


By Chere W


Daylight Saving time

By William Mckinlay

I don't care whether we use DST. time or MST. just use one or the other and stop this foolish clock change


By Glenn Rowe

If we had flexible hours, like farmers, we would start our day earlier in the summer. No need to adjust the clock.


By curious bama

If we could put all the daylight we save in the bank.....
then it would be positive!

Daylight Savings time

By SallySue

I've always heard it was started by government officials so that they would have more time to go golfing after work in the summertime.

Daylight savings time

By SealPupPup

The only thing we're really changing are the clocks.

Oh my.....

By whaulma

I'm sorry everyone but, Daylight Savings Time is a myth. Doesn't save anything, doesn't make more or less daylight. Please stop telling me what time it is.


By Barbara Elwell

I guess one has to be old enough to recall that DST was so that people could work in their Victory Gardens during The War. Come on!

Barbara, that's the way I

By Esther Leonard

Barbara, that's the way I remember it as well. We had DST year round. Somehow, it seems as though it was always dark, but then during air raid drills, we also had to have dark blinds over the windows and nothing brighter than candles for light.

Daylight Saving

By Dona Tsakopulos

Absolutely hate it. Leave Standard time alone. not necessary. One of the worst ideas ever.

Why change back and forth?

By Craig King

I like the idea of a daylight savings time. I just don't see why it can't be implemented all year round. It would certainly help the economy at a time when we need all the help we can get.

Saving Time

By jocostello

Twice a year, the government messes up my body clock with this practice. STOP IT!

Working outside in the dark,I don't think so Tim Taylor

By Bob Price

Just from what I have read,looks like all of you work inside. Here in West Texas time is money and waiting on the sun to come up so we can start working just ain't going to get it!As far as a body clock ya'll need to be like the U.S. Marines learn to adapt and over come the problem!I love it when the time changes Thats when I put new batteries in my clocks and smoke alarms.


By Monte Pritchard

I do not mind either one just leave it one way or the other.

Archaic nonsense

By blue frosty

We have put up with this silly idea long enough and it is long past time to end it.

STOP Wasteful Daylight Saving Time

By Anonymous

If you want to get up earlier in the summer months,thendo so, but leave the clocks alone! Changing them makes absolutely NO SENSE!

I second that!

By PopsSoCal

I second that!

Let there be light!

By Cecelia Santillano

I love it and for all you sissy lala's get a life and get over it, because there is more time than life. Just be grateful that you are here!

DST = Disturbingly Subtle Torture

By the3nuges

Absolutely stinks. Ben Franklin was a smart guy with one really bad idea. I wish we could somehow change this idiotic ritual.

DST = Disturbingly Subtle Torture

By the3nuges

Absolutely stinks. Ben Franklin was a smart guy with one really bad idea. I wish we could somehow change this idiotic ritual.

Daylight Savings

By fotonut

Think of the poor kids who have to get up in the dark and go to school in the dark! Get real !!

Even with the time change,

By Beverly Hahn

Even with the time change, it's still dark when the kids have to go to school here. I never could understand that argument. Leave the time one way or the other, but do not change twice a year!


By Susiereader

Move the time ahead 1/2 hour in the Spring and leave it permanently. No more adjusting to the new time twice a year.

Split the difference!!

By Andyross53

I totally agree Susiereader... I've been saying that for years! DST does not really save any time at all!

No Need for Daylight Savings Time

By GregC29

In modern society, there is no need for daylight savings time. Businesses are staying open longer, many 24 hours. Traffic is just as busy in the dark as it is in the light. The only thing daylight savings time does, is to mess up the body's natural sleep rhythm.

Outdated Concept

By CousinLinda

Couldn't agree more, GregC29.

I agree with GregC29

By Shelby Snider

I agree with GregC29. All it does is mess up the body's natural sleep rhythm.

sleep better during REAL time

By Suzi-Q

i totally agree that it messes up natural sleep rhythm!

Daylight Savings Time

By MomfromMaine

Let's stop with the time switching. The spring change is the worst.


By Norm749

Its outlived its uesfulness. Get rid of it.

Don't live by a clock

By Trish Tomes

Many entities (hospitals, police/firemen, some grocery & drug stores are 24/7 Those companies and schools which benefit from DST can simply switch to "summer" hours as needed. Then it doesn't have to affect EVERYONE.


By Sereta Winkle

Leave the stadard time. We are an 24 hours society. We no longer need the daylight saving time. Farmers has all the modern machinary now, the tractors and combines has all the bells and whistles on them now. Headlights to see in the dark, heat for the cold and air for the heat. Lots of stores stay open 24/7 now, so what is the reason for leaping ahead is the spring and summer. Stores doesn't change their time except for the holiday to make more money for the big wheels.


By gfowers

Before you write comments, you should check your English grammar.

Choose One!

By Linda Beckman

Never have liked it because it disrupts "normal" schedules--especially when one has children and/or pets. Choose one, already--daylight or standard.

I agree, just pick one and

By Dottie Moody

I agree, just pick one and leave it there

Do you like D.S.T.

By socool54

Choose D.S.T. or S.T. and leave it there FOREVER.


By Lp Crawford

...and leave it there. I don't care for "falling back".

daylight savings time

By bpieroni

here in New England i would like to see DST all year long. Yes, going to work in the dark is not fun but i like to see the sun on the way home. We can do without all that nasty adjustment time in the spring as well.

stop changing!

By P Simon

Hate the changing, especially for the last two years since they made the period between changes so much shorter

daylight saving time is

By Sereta Winkle

daylight saving time is longer

Put everyone on Standard Time

By Warren M Stone

Put everyone on Standard Time and leave it there

prefer natural sunrise sunset

By Cheri Powell

Get rid of daylight savings time. The only thing it does is disrupt sleep times. Arizona doesn't do it. the original reason for having it is long gone - farmers needed the adjustment (I'm not really sure why).

back in the early 1900, there

By Sereta Winkle

back in the early 1900, there was no tracters needed daylight to plow with the horses and mule. When the tractors came out there was no headlights on them. Now there is everything that you need on the tractors and combines.

Do away with it

By missyedwrds

Seems like the sunset & sunrise adjusts itself anyway, why adjust the time. Gets dark too early in the fall/winter & even worse when we turn back the clocks 1 hour!

Daylight Savings Time

By Elizabeth Farkas

Just whose time are we really 'saving' by having DST?
I think it is more of a waste than not. I love a quote I read somewhere, it may have been from the Farmer's Almanac. A farmer was asked what he thought of daylight savings time and he replied,...
well, cows can't count!
I feel the same way. When the afternoon sun begins its descent, the animals in my backyard, as I observe are all getting their last minute snacks before returning to their nests for the night. My cats are crowding the kitchen door for their nightly meal. Nocturnal animals, by their very nature, are beginning to wake up with the setting of the afternoon sun.
Daylight savings time is just another way that government and people are trying to put their control on nature. It does no one any real good.

Daylight Savings Time

By Janet Kalmadge

I, too, loved the cow quote. Nature does fine without our silly interference.

You are right about that.

By Sereta Winkle

You are right about that. Nature takes care of itself. Humans need to leave time alone and let the balance of nature to continue.


By Daniel Hulseapple

Another one who recognizes the absurdity of Daylight Saving Time!

Hear! Hear! I love the cow

By AuntieMoon

Hear! Hear! I love the cow quote. :)

Daylight savings time

By Cajun Girl

I love it! It gives me more time to be outside working, or fishing.

No time gained.

By CousinLinda

It doesn't change the amount of time you have, it simply changes the clocks.

Daylight saving time

By Daniel Hulseapple

So what does changing the clocks got to do with that? If you like the early morning hours,then get up and hour earlier, and leave the clocks alone. I get up the same time whether its summer or winter, only in the winter it appears to be an hour earlier than in the summer. 7am EST time is the same as 8am EDST. Personally, I;d just move the clocks back 1/2 hour this fall, then chuck the matter of changeovers.

Daylight Savings Time

By Larry Shelton

I love the extra daylight in the summer time, it is Great.

Hours of daylight

By Daniel Hulseapple

Changing the clocks has nothing to do with the number of daylight hours in the summer. That is just the way it happens to be as a result of the tilt of the earth's axis in conjunction with the location of the sun. Changing the clocks doesn't add a single second to a day, or detract a single second. We need standard time for each time zone which does not change. Period.

Except that it means you

By Buff2

Except that it means you start work an hour earlier and therefore finish an hour earlier and so have more sunlight hours left in the afternoon/evening after you knock off.

@ Buff 2 And, if people would

By dragoness1957

@ Buff 2

And, if people would give that some thought, you could start work an hour earlier and get off an hour earlier without need to change the clocks!

Hours of Daylight

By Shelby Snider

I agree with Dan. There are the same hours of daylight whether it is daylight saving time or standard time. Only people are controlled by clocks not nature.

you are absolutely right and

By Jenni Epperly

you are absolutely right and playing with the time back and forth serves no purpose at all!

You are correct about that.

By Sereta Winkle

You are correct about that.

Daylight Saving Time

By James Tate 2

It gets too dark too early as it is. Let's just leave it here and dispense with this Spring forward/Fall back nonsense.

Daylight Savings

By Pamela Vincent

Goodbye! Only part of the world recognizes it and now the USA is doing it at different times than the rest of the world. Just stop changing the clocks.

Amen, I agree with you. A

By Sereta Winkle

Amen, I agree with you. A big Hello world and keep the stadard time.

Daylight Saving

By Patricia Lasek

I think it is senseless!

It kind of made sence befor

By pst4911

It kind of made sence befor elictric lights but nmow we burn them all the time anmyway so just make one time and leave it I will ajust my work to make it fit


By Kiachu Shen Ku

Time, like money, is just another pretense designed to enslave the population!

You got that RIGHT!!!!!!

By Sereta Winkle

You got that RIGHT!!!!!!


By Daniel Hulseapple

At last! Someone else who recognizes the absurdity of Daylight Saving Time!

Dumblight savings

By Rev. Al Shaw

Changing the clocks back and forward is nothing more than an annoyance. Arizona seems to be the only intelligent state that understands this as they are the only ones who do not do it.

Changing the clocks twice a year is a joke.

By Ralph Feuchtwanger

Why don't businesses and anybody else just adopt summer hours and leave the clocks alone? My inner body clock readjusts very slowly.

You tell like it is, Sir.

By Sereta Winkle

You tell like it is, Sir.

time change

By Nancy Brown 2

Wish they would run the clocks back 30 minutes Sunday then leave it alone. It anit savin anybody any time.

Daylight Savings Time

By eveningsong

I like it most of the time but when it gets into late Oct. it really is very dark in the mornings for a long time. Maybe if we could change it to change over in early or mid Oct it would be better!

Time to do away with DST

By Bob Herrin

They want us to think we're saving energy. There is not one study that supports that.

I agree with you Bob.

By Sereta Winkle

I agree with you Bob.

When I'm President

By Donald Weiser

We'll do away with this twice a year messing with the clocks!


By Caroline Carlson

I love love LOVE Daylight Savings Time. It's awesome having the sun stay up later in the evenings; it makes it possible for me to work in my garden when I get home from work. I think we should just keep DST active year-round!

Lets get real

By dragonlaurel

DST doesn't give us time, or light. The sun doesn't go by what our clocks say. Lets just use standard time year round and people can set their alarm for the time they need to get up.

Lets get real

By dragonlaurel

DST doesn't give us time, or light. The sun doesn't go by what our clocks say. Lets just use standard time year round and people can set their alarm for the time they need to get up.

Daylight Savings

By Susiereader

I wish we could just change it 1/2 hour instead of an hour and just leave it permanently. The adjusting twice a year is tough.

daylight savings time

By Tom DePaoli

Farmers don't benefit from daylight savings time. We all get up at the crack of dawn no matter what time it is. I personally don't like it.

WHO needs Daylight Savings Time anymore ?

By PJ ... Moderator

Nobody benefits anymore, it was originally done for the farmers, NOW it is a Political Decision in order to conserve fuel. Set it to the approprate EST CST MST etc. and just leave it. Saskatchewan province in canada doesn't change the clocks one way or the other, so sometimes their time is the same as Mountain time.

DST is the simplest

By clevecarter

Only sign makers would benefit from doing away w/DST. To get the most daylight during business hours, all the businesses would have to change. Schools would change to minimize hazards to students. More people would drive in the dark. I'd rather change a few clocks.The benefit far exceeds the minimal inconvenience.

Think about it

By E Loomis

Your comment makes no sense. Most school hours are during the winter months when we are not on day lite savings. Kids at that time already come home in the dark. Our length of day is not based on DST but the tilt of the earth. DST is a waste of human energy. It takes about a week for adults to adjust and kids two weeks. Let's just keep it the same as Hawaii and Arizona. And the we don't get confused and tired.

Adjusting to time Changes.

By Daniel Hulseapple

Maybe you adjusst in a week or two - I personally am always just getting used to the "alternate" time when its time to make the change again. I have hated HATED Daylight Savings time for over 65 years, ever since I was I was old enough to go to school. Only thing is, the time it takes to adjust just keeps getting longer.

Think about it

By E Loomis

Your comment makes no sense. Most school hours are during the winter months when we are not on day lite savings. Kids at that time already come home in the dark. Our length of day is not based on DST but the tilt of the earth. DST is a waste of human energy. It takes about a week for adults to adjust and kids two weeks. Let's just keep it the same as Hawaii and Arizona. And the we don't get confused and tired.


By Dianne Anadale

Oh my goodness, what a bunch of pessimists there are! Change is good for the soul... just as seasons change, so do we & we either adapt to it or bury our head in the sand and let life continue on. If it were up to me, DST would be year-round :)


By D Whitlock

I agree. Leave it the same all year. I hate it when it changes and there is no need for it. We are not a nation of farmers anymore and I think that is why it was originally instigated.


By Daniel Hulseapple

DST was not started because of the farmers. Any dairy farmer will tell you that cows produce better when they are milked on a regular schedule. Changing the clock doesn't do a thing to help that. The dairy farms that I knew all got up around 4am during the winter to milk their cows at 5am; then repeated the milking at 5 pm. In the summer, after DST was initiated, they milked the cows at 6am and 6pm, so as not to alter the cow's usual routine. To do so would reduce milk production significantly for a significant period of time.


By nursenancy23

I lived in Hawai'i for 3 years and they don't do Daylight Saving Time. It was great!


By Kasey Sea

Not only should we keep it the same (whether it be for the farmers or not) -- let's just keep some more daylight going every day!!!!

DST- Not everyone lives in the city.

By Nanci Selk

Where would we be without our farmers? There are still plenty in this country. Not all of this country is urban. The farmers really do benefit from DST.

Daylight Saving Time

By Beth White

I have dealt with this for more years than I want to remember. I would like to run the nitwits responsible,out of town on a rail. If they are no longer alive, the current folks will do.

daylight saving time

By Jane Woods

Changing the clocks does not change the number of hours of daylight. Why don't people just change the hours of school and work and leave the clocks alone.

daylight saving time

By rondatexas

What I don't like is changing time. neither daylight saving or standard are perfect. the change disrupts the schedules of small children and has been shown to have some connection to increased heart attacks in adults. I would prefer choosing one time standard and sticking with it through out the year.


By Irene Conklin

Please, set one time, and keep it that way! Changing the time does not do anything except create hardships for people in one way or other.

Daylight Savings? Time

By D. Colbert

Why not just move the time one half hour and leave it forever?

fantastic idea i agree lets

By Raymondbarbara Lucca

fantastic idea i agree lets do it

daylight savings time

By Mike Quigley

good idea of the half hour change but which way forward or back

daylight savings time

By Karen Betts

It is nice to have longer days of daylight. But please leave it one way or the other. Don't keep messing around with changing it. From summer to winter, set it and leave it alone!!!!

Daylight Savings Time

By Josephine Ketcham

I truly believe that they need to stop changing the time back and forth. I agree with one of the comments above: "Change it 1/2 hr and leave it alove." Changing the time is inconvenient to say the least and difficult for the elderly to change their clocks, watches, microwaves, stoves, etc. Just leave it alone.

First proposed by Benjamin

By Sharon Anthony

First proposed by Benjamin Franklin. Reintroduced by the Englishman Willett and implemented during the first World War to conserve energy. Today its use, while controversial, is continued to conserve energy, with the side benefits of reducing automobile accidents and crime. Leave it one way or the other.

dst -saving energy?

By rondatexas

actually, recent studies show no savings in energy consumption. we use energy all the time! tvs, dvd players, phone charging, computers, etc. what made sense in a less electronic age doesn't really apply now.


By Mary Jane Essex

Time is a social invention--not real--so why not just follow the sun? I loved early dawns and late twilights before I knew there was such a thing as daylight savings time. It was just summer--I like it that way.

DST - time to end it.

By CSOhio

Why can't we just advance the clock by 30 minutes, splitting the difference, and leave it at that!

Daylight Saving Time

By Grace Centauro

I think we should stay on daylight savings all the time. I am one of those people who has that seasonal disorder and the short days really bother me.

DST gotta go!

By Brenda L Russell

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't DST in effect (for those of you poor people subjected to it) during the WINTER months, not summer? I moved to Arizona (MST all year round, thank goodness) long ago enough that I can't really remember which is which. I was under the impression that the original decision to change the clocks had something to do with children - in the winter - walking to school in the dark. Had nothing to do with more daylight hours to play after work in the summer. And if the concern was for children's safety, wouldn't it make more sense to simply change the hours of the SCHOOL DAY? Why inflict this madness on the rest of us? Here in AZ, we get more than enough sunshine - we don't have to "save" any! And our clocks run the same speed all the time.

dst in summer

By rondatexas

standard time is nov - march. there seems to be no concern about kids walking to school in the dark.


By queenlique

I used to hate DST,but now I love going out and seeing the sun in the evenings.

Stop changing.

By Raven L. Nightshade

Leave it on daylight savings. stop changing it.

Stop Changing It

By Linda Beckman

I've always hated the time change, especially with children. Just pick a time and stay with it! Please!

Keep daylight savvings time

By wadriver

Children need the protection of the extra daylight gained for their protection and also thw working people gain more daylight after work\

Making the blanket longer

By Walley75

There is an old saying that goes like this: "If you cut the bottom off the blanket and then sew it to the top, you have not made the blanket any longer."

In Utah a 13 year old convinced the idiots in the state legislature to not change to keeping the time on standard time. With that logic, we will never see the change back to normal time keeping.

On the contrary, by sewing

By Brenda L Russell

On the contrary, by sewing the bottom of the blanket to the top, you have LOST the width of the seam!

daylight saving time

By Robert Woollam

Just let it at standard time.Its called standard time,so leave it alone.Why go through this ridiculous hassle twice a year.If the majority are in favor of not going through these changes,who do we contact?

Daylight Savings Time

By sage944

Gawd! Would all of you like some cheese with that whine??? Heavens, DST has been around forever and NOW it is becoming a problem? Geez, I would have thought that a generation that cannot read time unless it is digital would not even care!

Daylight Savings Time

By Judythe Burkinshaw

Only foolish people think you have "more daylight" during DST. Utterly wrong. You have as much day light as you would normally have. There is no "extra" time. DST should be abolished.

More Time

By sage944

Of course not. I really don't think that NORMAL people do think you get more time. The EFFECT of DST is that it shifts the operating hours of most people to INCLUDE more of the daylight hours. Mercy...

daylight saving time

By P Simon

The whole rationale for this has disappeared. It's very difficult to adjust twice a year, especially after they made the "spring forward" a month earlier than formerly. We should just leave time alone.
The changing is a great big pain and it takes me weeks to adjust each time.

Daylight Savings

By patreeka

It serves no real purpose, and just messes with our "inner" clocks.

I don't like the darkness....

By MysticBlueRose

Let's switch it to where our kids and us have more light after school/work so we can be OUTSIDE more and not stuck inside!!!!


By macduhmal

We don't have it in our part of the country which makes it confusing to our friends elsewhere. Also why do we need it now - kids are at the bus stops early enough without sending them out an hour or two earlier.

I don't like DST

By Dean Young

It really screws up the schedule of cows. They don't go by clocks but need to be kept regular for best production.

I agree I don't like it either......

By Shawanda Jeff

daylight savings is a crock! I say don't change the clock for what? If you notice right before we change the time back, the sun already begins to shift anyway - so whats the big deal? I say leave the clock alone and let the sun do its thing.

Time Change

By Don Lynnie Pedigo

I started to vote No to DST, but then I realized like so many others that DST isn't the problem. Changinig the time is the problem. It always takes forever for my body to adjust.


By Lorilyne Pinkerton

And the animals don't know it either. Going forward isn't as hard as going back - your clock may say it's only 4:30 but they've just spent the better part of the year eating at this time. I know it was extended to save energy but what do we save? You still use your lights. And in the summer, you actually use more electricity because you are getting home earlier, when it's hotter, and you have to run the AC more. (I'm in Florida).

hard to adjust to time change

By Jackie Miller 2

The older I get the harder it is for my body to adjust to the new time. I wish we could leave it alone. Maybe I'll retire to Arizona where they don't join the madness.


By Paul Oster

I didn't mind the old DST times, but now it starts way too early and goes too late.

DST, even the name is a lie

By billy_c_mccoy

First of all, DST saves no time at all, merely shifts it. Next, the claims made pertaining to energy savings have been shown to be patently false. All the additional mall trips, golf trips and other energy consuming activities more than wipe out the slight electricity savings. Finally, it is a damned nuisance.

I just wish we would keep it

By dbp2908

I just wish we would keep it as the year round time...

Daylight savings time

By Lp Crawford

So do I wish it would stay year around. I agree it is more difficult to adjust to "spring forward" than "fall back".

Daylight Savings

By fvoltz

Hate it! I liked for 3 summer months years ago. Now it's hard to adjust every 6 mos.

Should be DST all year

By Robert Tyree

I moved to Las Vegas, Nv. two years ago and the first thing I noticed was how early it gets dark here. Being on the eastern edge of the pacific time zone, the sun "goes down" at around 4:30 p.m. mid winter. Great for the night life here but I like having some daylight left after my work day is done. I say DST year around !


By PattiN

I wish DST were year round. I enjoy the daylight in the evenings - gives me a chance to play outside after work, which is impossible in the winter. More daylight = more vitamin D and happier, healthier people!

day light savings

By Bob White 2

it is tie to leave one time or the other all year

BTW, I know it's not really

By PattiN

BTW, I know it's not really "more" daylight, as the sun will rise and set no matter what time we set our clocks to. It's just nice for those of us who work during the day.

love the light

By Greggers

here in the north it sure is nice having more daylight in the evening during the summer months! If not for DST the sun would rise at 4:12 AM in June. With DST it gives most of us time to enjoy the daylight after work on those beautiful summer days

Daylight Savings Time

By M H 8

Hate it! My body hates it! It is unnatural to jerk our sleep patterns around like that. Some folks (like me) need routine to have quality sleep. I don't see the relevance of changing the time...leave it at standard time and find a way around it. Even with Daylight SavingsTime we will either cross a four lane highway in the dark morning or the dark afternoon.....because it is Winter when the day length is shorter. I used to have my children where white or light color hats, mittens and scarves plus caution them to stay together and look both ways waiting for it to be clear, and this was at a crosswalk! Reflective clothing or patches on clothing and srips on boots bags mittens gloves and anything else can be used to enhance our being seen in the dark. Best of all, with standard time...no more changing... our bodies will function naturally; which is better for our overall health and wellbeing:-)


By Al Myren

I would surly like to have someone tell me just how it is that we save daylight? the light is from the sun and I am quite sure that man does not control that, why not just set the time a half hour ahead , and leave it alone?


By Jason Charles

Set it one way or the other and leave it alone!

It cost around $200 to $300 million dollars per year (conservative estimate) to switch the time from DST to standard time and back again every year. Computer programming, train schedules, flight scheduling, etc. all need to factor in the time changes. When Benjamin Franklin was around we didn't have to worry about all that. I think Arizona is the only state that has it right.


By hummerdawn

If you live in the north, it is very depressing getting up in dark and coming home from work in dark. Daylight time makes it better.

time change....

By Lp Crawford

Here in the Northwest, I'm not sure anything would help the "go to work in the dark, come home in the dark" situation. But we would not have to reorient ourselves twice yearly, if they left it at one or the other... personal preference, DST.


By James Schmitt

I've asked the chickens and they all assured me that they don'y care. SO why should I. The later evening daylight is pleasant!

Daylight saving time saves electricity

By Charles Eubanks

We shouldn't mess with nature. People should go to sleep when the sun goes down. The plain and simple solution to this debate is to rise with the sun and go to bed at sunset. Unfortunately, because people stay awake after the sun goes down, they use electric lights. The more daylight we have after 6:00 p.m., the less electricity people will use. I vote for making daylight saving time permanent all year long.

I agree night is for

By M H 8

I agree night is for sleeping...take a "sun break" at lunch or sometime during the day. (there are plenty of folks taking cigarette breaks!) Leave the time alone....it's healthier!

I run a store by myself and

By PattiN

I run a store by myself and most often do not have a chance to get out for a sun break during the day. I appreciate sunlight after work. I need it - as an athlete and gardener, the longer days help me achieve the things I love the most.

I'm with you on this one!

By hummerdawn

I'm with you on this one!



I have two auto-immune disorders and I can't tell you how much the two yearly time changes mess with me. I am not kidding when I say it causes me great misery for weeks afterwards.

I also heard a radio program yesterday that stated studies that have shown a higher incidence of traffic accidents and fatalities the Monday following the Spring time change. Please just leave it alone and stop fooling with it. I know SO many people that feel the same way. Please just stop. lol

Daylight Savings Time.

By Lynetta Billiot

When it begins, I always hated it when I worked and had to get up by an alarm clock. But now that I am retired, I don't care, just makes the sun come up at a later hour and I can sleep an extra hour! People sure are grumpy and bad natured these days. Everything is not done to harm us in some way. And to the one who says there isn't much farming done these days, you should live in my community - daily farming goes on during the season, started planting a couple of weeks ago and it has just begun, will not end until late Fall. Some parts of the country STILL rely on farming for their living and for FOOD for others. We have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to be thankful for in this country still, let's enjoy it while we still can. That time is running out fast.

Daylight Saving Time

By Clara Henderson

I am with Suzanne Fine. We need more daylight in winter, so leave it alone one way or another. Stop changing it altogether.

Daylight Savings Time

By AnnieP

It is not just U.S. Congress that feels the need to control the lives of it's citizens. Most of Canada changes; as does Britain. We get the same amount of daylight regardless of what time of day it is! Changing the time just messes with our body clocks!


By Steve And Sealy Hall

I think they need to just change it 1/2 hr and leave it alone... you know the whole meet in the middle thing... the changing of the time messes with people mentally and emotionally. Specially in children. I don't know about any of you, but I have a hard time adjusting to the change as do my children and husband.

daylight savings time

By Suzanne Fine

I prefer my extra light in the morning, thank you very much, as I feel as though I am getting up in the middle of the night. However, if daylight savings time is so wonderful, why don't they just have it all year round and we won't have to adjust. My circadium rhythm would be happier!


By campsawyer

Everyone doesn't like the time change, but in the middle of summer when the days are warmer and the weather is nicer, I don't hear may people complaining...


By Brent Soirez

DST was to help the farming industry and since not as much farming is done we could abolish DST.

Daylight Savings Time

By Donald Weiser

I like the extra daylight BUT I HATE changing the time and my clocks twice a year! It's IDIOCY!!!!!!!



I can remember when I was in 7th grade, Nixon suspended DST. We ended up having to cross a busy 4 lane Highway by ourselves in the dark. Not a really safe thing to do.
I feel there are instances where it serves a purpose. I like it getting dark later in the day, gives me more time outside after work.


By James Rollins

Folks seem to be under the mistaken impression that there is "an extra hour of daylight" during DST. Well, surprise! Although we may think we can control everything, the sun is going to rise and set no matter what man does with his clock.

Daylight Savings Time

By Dolores Gibbs-Haynor

Farmers do not need daylight savings time and never did. Being raised in a farming community, the farmers knew what time they had to rise to complete their job. The only reason we have daylight savings time is because the U.S. Congress believes they need to control the lives of it citizens. We live in a republic, not under socialism. I know what time I have to get up to go to work.


By afrolick

I agree, Why jack with our time twice a year? We know what time it is!

there is no "extra" hour. I

By Rick Wyckoff

there is no "extra" hour. I believe DST is for lazy people. Just set your alarm and hour earlier if you need.

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