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Do you plant by the Moon?

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To plant by the Moon, see our 2010 Best Days to Plant chart—customized to your location.

To better understand this age-old practice, watch our Gardening by the Moon video!



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plant by moon signs

By rsechler

Have planted the past 2 years by the signs and the results are great

Planting by moon signs.....

By Charles Wood 2

I have used the moon phases and zodiac signs for planting, and they have proved very successful. I have even learned additional planting tips from old time gardeners that are not stated in the almanac. I also speak in public promoting this method for gardening.

Planting by the moon...

By G C Minkus

I GARDEN by the moon, not just plant. I find the plants are more robust and productive, and my garden chores are easier and more efficient (like weeding!!!) Gardening by the moon also keeps chores to a minimum by promoting or retarding growth, etc. Finally got my husband to acknowledge that it works!

Try to but do plant when your able

By Mark Abshier

I couldn't imagine one not planting anything at all if it weren't by the moon. Planting anything just so long as your planting is better than not planting anything at all. My mother and I quit smoking by the moon 4 years ago and it really worked. The moon phases are and important marker to help ones resolvedness.

Planting by the Moon

By Bonita Caracciolo

Although I'm not entirely guided by the moon, I do watch to see which phase it is in when planting. I try to remember to plant according to that.
My gardens are on Johns Island, SC. We are a plant farm but also have a sizeable vegetable garden for our own use and several flower gardens. So far, everything is looking up, the temps are in the high 70s, lots of sun and our corn is already 2 feet tall! Lucky to have @ a 360 day growing season! Greetings to all fellow growers, wherever you are!

Planting by the moon

By Guy Hayden

I first learned about planting by the moon from my dad more than 60 years ago. He always bought The Old Farmer's Almanac and used it constantly. I now really enjoy and appreciate the online version. I use it everyday.

planting by the moon.

By Carolyn West 2

I use both the zodiac signs and moon when possible. I'd like to know more. I found info in an Appalachin series of Foxfire and it helped me understand the signs a bit more. I just don't know the hours of the signs,when they start and end exactly so I just go by the day. Everything is coming up very well right now. I finally convinced my husband to plant by the moon too.

Planting by moon signs.......

By MartiB

I till and plant by the moon signs and my garden is doing wonderful.

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