Dog Age Chart: Find a Dog's Age In Human Years

My Faithful 20 Year Old Dog

How old is your dog in human years? Multiplying your dog's age by seven is easy, but isn't very accurate.

This more carefully graded system piles the equivalent human years onto a dog's life more quickly during the dog's rapid growth to maturity.

One "dog year" equals 4 "human years" from age 2-14 and 2 1/2 "human years" thereafter.

See chart below to find out how old your dog is:

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My goodness, a mini pin we

By Joy Wyckoff

My goodness, a mini pin we had was almost 87 when we lost him, We lost him 4 yrs. ago and still miss him

My dog died after my

By Denz pogi

My dog died after my birthday. So sad, he is 82 years old.

I had the same dog that died

By sentoo

I had the same dog that died last week. I am very sad

My dog ​​and 24 like me.

By JeanJo

My dog ​​and 24 like me. lol

    Essayez de jouer dans des casinos. Vous verrez, c'est facile de gagner de l'argent.

we just got a new maltese

By alysbrownie

we just got a new maltese pomeranian mix puppy we cant decide if we should name it macy or chloe.

Awww..what a coincidence!!

By Amynthys

Awww..what a coincidence!! Our yorkie/miniature schnauzer mix i gave to my niece they named her Mazy..and our Yorkie/Shih tzu mix we got last week we named Chloe.

My 2 yr. old Goldadore is the

By Jane Umstead.

My 2 yr. old Goldadore is the puppiest 24 year old there can be!

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