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Ever Cooked Pumpkin?

Which answer fit you best? Tell us more below.

And enjoy these pumpkin articles:

How to cook and clean pumpkins

How to grow garden pumpkins

History of pumpkin carving



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Canned Pumpkin

By Horseshoe Pines

I planted, it grew, I picked, I steamed, I canned, I ate!!!

Pumpkin Wine,

By grantevans

It took one full year to brew, 5 gallons of homemade Pumpkin Wine. Saturday, we capped off 16 wine bottles of the Pumpkin Wine! Got a little kick to it! Had a party Saturday night, everyone liked it!

fresh pumpkin

By Linda Grilli

I NEVER use canned pumpkin. Cook it in the steamer. Cut into quarters. Scrape the seeds and strings out. Layer in a steamer pot. Steam until tender. Cool enough to handle it, then scrape the meat out of the skins into a strainer. Mash up the pulp and let the extra water strain into a bowl (you can use that for soup stock if you want). Use in any recipe that calls for canned pumpkin. You'll NEVER go back to canned!! If you don't use it all, freeze in in 1 1/2 cup quantities, which is the same amount as one can.

fresh pumpkin

By jhelms2196

I wish I could say I have never used canned pumpkin, but I have. Honestly though, I would much rather work with a fresh one. I enjoy cleaning them with my two young sons and once done, we prepare them to roast or steam. They love for my wife and me to season the seeds and roast them in a light drizzle of olive oil for a special fall treat. Whether we are making a soup, a pie, bread or muffins, pumpkin is versatile and delicious.

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