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Full Moon for July

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Learn about Full Moon for July 2016—plus, Moon phases, best days by the Moon, folklore, and more!

Full Moon Names

The full Moons have many names that come from Native Americans and Colonial America who used the full Moons as a sort of calendar to keep track of the seasons. 

July is the month of the Full Buck Moon. Bucks begin to grow new antlers at this time. This full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.

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Moon Phases July 2016

All dates and times are ET. See the Moon Phase Calendar for YOUR city/state.

New Moon: July 4, 7:01 A.M.

First Quarter: July 1, 8:52 P.M.
New Moon: July 19, 6:56 A.M.
Last Quarter: July 26, 7:00 P.M.

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Full Moon Video

Each month, we will explain the traditional names of the full Moon along with some fascinating Moon facts. This month, learn about the Full Buck Moon, why July is such an important month in Moon history, and how scientists measure the distance from Earth to the Moon.  Click below to watch video.

Best Days in July 2016

Below are the best days for activities, based on the Moon's sign and phase in July.

For Cutting Hay:

  • 24–26

For Setting Eggs:

  • 19–21

For Fishing:

  • 4–19

See Best Days for more activities.

Moon Facts

  • On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first person to step foot on the Moon. He also placed the U.S. flag there.
  • On July 31, 1999, the ashes of astrogeologist Eugene Shoemaker were deposited on the Moon.

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This is an awkward question,

By MissSilk

This is an awkward question, but as you seem versed on several subjects with the moon maybe you can help me understand. I'm 28, born June 20the. I have always had a somewhat lower libido then other girls. This is something I've accepted as I've grown older. Its not that I don't enjoy sex, to the contrary I do. Its more there are periods where I'm like ice n it doesn't even enter the equation. My boyfriend of the last five years recently told me that he's figured it out.. .n he might not be wrong. From the start of when the moon becomes full til its halfway gone is, he claims, the period of time my sexual libido is all but gone, once moon dispates he says my libido tends to return.. ..is that possible? Can the moon effect sexual desires in that way?

Miss Silk (this is an awkward

By OpenMike61 on July 31

Miss Silk (this is an awkward question) Though I am no expert, I have spent my life of 54 years closely in touch with all the forces of nature and believe everything in the natural world effects everything else. Therefore, there are an infinate number of variables that could affect your sex drive. I do believe the phases of the moon to be a strong influence though. Again, these are my opinions and not scientifically proven facts, but I also believe a woman's reproductive cycle, which is about the same length as the moon cycle, is most healthy when it is exactly since ibises with the moon. I also believe to be perfectly balanced, your sex drive should be synchronized with your period and at the highest point of your monthly fertility. Therefore, your sex drive would be aligned exactly with the phases of the moon, reaching its peak at the full moon, followed by few days (week) of moodiness, when you are not interested in sexual activity, then your period begins. Once that is over, your sexual desire, or instinct to reproduce, begins again with the new moon.

Saw it too I live In az

By Mikepunga

Saw it too I live In az

Perfect sabbath for

By Patricia Strawhorn

Perfect sabbath for Creator..also weather...

May The Father-Creator bless

By Ronald Raymond-Houg

May The Father-Creator bless and keep you...may His face shine upon you and continue to give you the Peace that passeth all understanding! Many thanks for supporting the Farmers Almanack.

We are scheduling my son for

By Jammy Malone

We are scheduling my son for a tonsilectomy and would like to know the best time for him to have the surgery.Bdate 9/6/96. We have a tenative schedule of 8/5/14.

This buck moon is in

By Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.

This buck moon is in Capricorn.

Exquisite moon over the past

By Michell

Exquisite moon over the past few nights..!

pls check again...i

By dave wilburn

pls check again...i believe
the moon is in astronomical

Writing from Jonesport Maine,

By Pamela Gilpin Stowe

Writing from Jonesport Maine, the full moon, the high tides and EST work together, when the Moon is full the high tides are just around noon and midnight. It is like magic! Got a tide clock for Christmas and it keeps you on top of the tide movements. Too Cool.

I do not know much about

By Shelia McKinney

I do not know much about astrology but, I saw where people were asking about surgery.
I was born April 7, 1957 east TN. What dates are the best dates for me to have surgery this year and what are dates to totaly avoid? Dates are not set and will have surgery on at least 2 dates, possibly 3.

Best not to have surgery when

By Alexis Rotella, M.Ac.

Best not to have surgery when the moon is in Pisces -- blood does not clot well then. Would not have surgery when mercury is retrograde or when your personal planets are not in good synch . Always good to consult a good astrologer.

What about couplez who are

By Jeannie Landeros

What about couplez who are struggling to get pregnant, I thought I herad once that u had better results on certain occurrences with the moon is that true or false and do u have a schedule for that?
Thank u

Does this mean there will be

By Thomas K. Hawes Jr.

Does this mean there will be twice as many nuts out there in August ?

I'm petitioning the court for

By Cannon craft

I'm petitioning the court for a restricted driving liscence...is ths the best moon

I am trying to follow your

By LIsa ashton

I am trying to follow your astrological guide for scheduling a simple knee arthroscopic surgery. I am a virgo , DOB 8/24/1959 in Pawtucket , RI. I am strongly reactive to mercury retrogrades. I know this one goes direct on July 2, 2014. I have a choice of surgery during the post shadow time on the day of July 10, 2014 or on July 24th . I am unsure of the moon being new at that time, or the best allignment for this procedure date. Could you please help me see which is the better of the two dates please? I was told quick recovery and back to desk administrative job within 5 days...which is best for me as I have a choice when to schedule on either of these two dates.

Thank you


Hi Lisa! Being a Virgo you

By Stephanie Churma

Hi Lisa!

Being a Virgo you are naturally predisposed to Mercury Retrograde batty! Mercury (thoughts, communication, technology) IS your ruling planet of course. SO it is completely natural for you to really feel it. Especially when Mercury is in such a chatty, communicative sign as it is now (Gemini.)

If it were me, I would do the surgery on July 24th. Hope this helps!

The Buck Moon is beautiful

By Robin Godwin

The Buck Moon is beautiful over the Gulf here in Florida but it can't compare with it's beauty and size in mountainous Afghanistan. I have a friend working there and he says you can almost reach out and touch it, and he can see everything else in the sky clearly. No wonder our Ancient Astronomers learned so much about our Solar System. They could accurately see everything before electricity illuminated the world and caused it to fade out of view. Happy Star Gazing.

I think the Royal Baby is

By Michelle Quaife

I think the Royal Baby is going to be born on this Full Buck Moon and its going to be a boy!

Me and my friends were out

By Alex redding

Me and my friends were out tOnight we look at the moon and it started looking at the moon.it started going up and down it was really weird I don't know what was happening it kept going up and down for 20 min. Did anyone see this tonight I live in caolifornia by the way.

What you saw was most likely

By David Ess

What you saw was most likely not the moon but a hiker walking toward you with a flashlight.

The Moon does rise and set,

By Almanac Staff

The Moon does rise and set, but it travels smoothly across the sky. Sometimes the clouds make it seem as if the Moon is moving up and down, but this is a trick of the eye.

I think the weather tonight

By Kyle

I think the weather tonight in my area is supposed to be clear skies. So I might get a chance to see The Full Buck Moon. I also heard that deer are most active at The Full Moon.

There's this really amazing

By Catherine Boeckmann

There's this really amazing picture of deer on the OFA Facebook page of "a buck in velvet (growing it's new antlers) last evening when we were watching that almost Full Buck Moon rise!!!!" Thought you'd love it. See: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150262062817682&set=o.140372565772&type=1&theater

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