Harvest Moon: September Full Moon Phases

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Here are highlights of the Harvest Moon for September 2014. The Almanac's monthly Moon guide keeps you informed about full Moon names, Moon phase dates, and Best Days by the Moon.

Full Moon Names

The full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox is called the Harvest Moon (see dates below). This Moon is not just the full Moon that occurs at the time of the harvest. It is the full Moon that actually helps the harvest by providing more light at the right time than other full Moons do.

Learn more in our article, "Shine On, Harvest Moon."

In years when the Harvest Moon falls in October, the September full Moon is usually known as the Full Corn Moon because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon, because it is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley. 

A harvest Moon!
And on the mats-
Shadows of pine boughs.

–Takarai Kikaku, Japanese poet (1661-1707)

See all Full Moon names and their meanings.

Credit: Robin Osbon Click to send this Moon picture!

Moon Phase Dates 2014

Here are Moon phase dates and times (ET). See the Moon Phase Calendar for your city's dates and times.

First Quarter: September 2, 7:11 A.M.

Full Moon: September 8, 9:38 P.M.
Last Quarter: September 15, 10:05 P.M.
New Moon: September 24, 2:14 A.M.  

For your next full Moon, see our Full Moon Dates chart.

Full Moon Video

Each month, we will explain the traditional names of the full Moon along with some fascinating Moon facts. In this video, learn about the Full Corn Moon, and why the Moon rides high or rides low. Click below to watch video.


Best Days in September 2014

Below are the best days for activities, based on the Moon's sign and phase in September.

For Harvesting:

  • Aboveground crops: 4, 5
  • Belowground crops: 12, 13

For Setting Eggs:

  • 5-7, 14, 15

For Fishing:

  • 1-8, 24-30

See Best Days for more activities.

Moon Facts & Folklore

  • Usually the Moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, but around the time of the autumnal equinox, it rises only around 30 minutes in the United States—even less in Canada.
  • Farmers can take advantage of the moonlight at this time of year and continue their day's work in harvesting crops.

Are you a Moon lover? Share your thoughts below!

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By Andy Tennyson


I write songs. My wife was


I write songs. My wife was born on or near "THE FULL CORN MOON" in the american northeast 1973 Pennsylvania. My motherinlaw wAs miss Sweet corn queen" 40+ years ago in illinois. Any additional small details..... Will be appreciated and possible used in a field holler type work love song ballad(done with love and humor and respect)
Thank you

Interesting! I hope that

By potsonna2

Interesting! I hope that everyone had a great and safe weekend,enjoyed the recent holiday that we've had,having a good week and has another good weekend.

I have recently begun to use

By mmkkpro

I have recently begun to use a telescope and look at the moon and stars and I gotta say wish id started long before now.The beauty is unmatched and it really makes ya wonder about if other beings are really out there.I personally believe there are billions of stars and planets just seems too big for just us either way its awsome.I hope all humans can find common ground and get along for the betterment of humanity,how special we really are slips away during everyday events,I pray for peace and freedom and equality for all human beings.

We'd love to hear what kind

By Almanac Staff

We'd love to hear what kind of telescope you use! Thank you, your Almanac editors

Well said, I agree!

By Kathy Tuman

Well said, I agree!

I will be going to arbor low

By dave lee

I will be going to arbor low for the autumn equinox.

Nobody Cares

By Andy Tennyson

Nobody Cares

Near Buxton in Derbyshire. UK

By dave lee

Near Buxton in Derbyshire. UK

What/Where is Arbor Low?

By kimbalie

What/Where is Arbor Low?

In North America during a

By Richard Schock Sr.

In North America during a full Moon does the Moon rise or set on the Horizon at the same exact time as the Sun sets or rises on the opposite Horizon? I have been blessed to see this beautiful site a few times while driving across Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in New Orleans which runs North-South in both directions. When you get 10-13 miles out(approx. middle) and look to the left and then the right I have seen the full Moon setting on the Western Horizon as the Sun was rising on the Eastern Horizon. A very awesome and beautiful site on water..

The Full Moon rises in the

By Almanac Staff

The Full Moon rises in the part of the sky approximately opposite from where the Sun sets (since the Sun is  illuminating the full face of the Moon at this phase). However, the moonrise does not usually occur precisely at the time of sunset. Check Almanac.com for the exact time for your area:

Also, the exact moment when the Moon is completely full may not occur at moonrise (and could be off a few hours).
However, the "full" Moon will rise near sunset, and whether exactly full or not, it is indeed a lovely sight.

Mushroom Full Moon is when

By Darko

Mushroom Full Moon is when the first full moon of autumn. By 2030 the mushroom full moon occurred these days. On 19.10.2013, 8.10.2014, 28.9.2015, 16.10.2016, 5.10.2017, 25.9.2018, 13.10.2019, 1.10.2020, 20.10.2021, 9.10.2022, 29.9.2023, 17.10.2024, 7.10.2025, 26.9.2026, 15.10.2027, 3.10.2028, 22.10.2029 and 11.10.2030.

How did you know this

By Scotty167

How did you know this

Excellent, love the moon

By Dave Ragion

Excellent, love the moon video every month


By audrey ballon


Audrey, You were born on the

By TommyD

Audrey, You were born on the full moon? hehe
How did you breathe?!

Is there a reason why, on

By Anonymous11

Is there a reason why, on some websites, the date for the new moon is September 15th and others say the 16th :?

Good question. It depends on

By Catherine Boeckmann

Good question. It depends on where you live in the world. However, the new Moon is on the 15th in North American. See: http://www.almanac.com/moon/calendar

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