Full Moon for August 2016

August Full Sturgeon Moon

Full Sturgeon Moon


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Watch the LIVE Sturgeon Moon Show here on Wednesday, August 17! We’ll discover the fishy tale behind August’s Full Moon.

On Wednesday, August 17, at 5:00 PM PDT | 8:00 PM EDT | 00:00 UTC (International Times: http://bit.ly/2bbISlh), The Old Farmer’s Almanac is teaming up with Slooh again for a 30-minute broadcast to explore the depths of our latest monthly visitor, the “Full Sturgeon Moon.” 

Astronomy editor for The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Bob Berman, will discuss what causes the Full Moon, point out some of its interesting features, and preview the upcoming series of Supermoons which start their arrival this fall. Janice Stillman, editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, will share some of the legend and lore surrounding this Moon.

Click below to watch the show, starting 8:00 PM EDT!

You can go to Slooh.com to join and watch this live broadcast, snap and share your own photos during the event, chat with audience members and interact with the hosts, and personally control Slooh’s telescopes.

August Full Moon Names

Some Native American tribes called the August Moon the “Sturgeon Moon” because they knew that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this Full Moon. They also called August’s Moon the “Full Green Corn Moon.” 

Different tribes had different Moon name preferences. Other examples for August are: “Wheat Cut Moon” (San Ildefonso, and San Juan), or “Moon When All Things Ripen” (Dakotah Sioux) or “Blueberry Moon” (Ojibway).

See all Full Moon names and their meanings.

Moon Phases for August 2016

All dates and times are ET. See the Moon Phase Calendar for your city/state.

New Moon: August 2, 4:44 P.M.

First Quarter: August 10, 2:21 P.M.
Full Moon: August 18, 5:26 A.M.
Last Quarter: August 24, 11:41 P.M.

For your next full Moon, see our Full Moon Dates chart.

Find Your Next Full Moon!

Our Full Moon Finder App will put a smile on your face. Find “next” Full Moon dates to help plan events, fishing and hunting trips, and more.

Each day, a large Moon image will show how much of its surface is lit—along with Moon folklore for the day and the name of each full Moon (e.g., Full Snow Moon, Full Strawberry Moon).

Click here to learn more about Full Moon Finder App!


Full Sturgeon Moon Video

Each month, we will explain the traditional names of the Full Moon along with some fascinating facts. In this video, learn about the Full Sturgeon Moon. Click below to watch the video.

Best Days in August 2016

Below are the Best Days for activities based on the Moon’s sign and phase in August.

For Cutting Hay:

  • 21, 22

For Setting Eggs:

  • 15-17, 25, 26

For Fishing:

  • 2-18

See Best Days for more activities.

Moon Folklore

  • Clothes washed for the first time in the full Moon will not last long.
  • If you glimpse the new Moon over your right shoulder, you will have good luck.
  • To have a project prosper, start it during the new Moon.
  • Babies born a day after the full Moon enjoy success and endurance.

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So glad to reconnect with the

So glad to reconnect with the Farmer's Almanaci

sturgeon moon

the moon info was so interesting and I learned a lot!

Full Moon Fever!

Thank u for keeping us all informed of the latest full moon. I trust the Farmer's Almanac, as I have seen the printed copies and even bought them, before. I can most definitely feel the energy surrounding the waxing of the full moon, but like the gentleman states in the comments below, the cycles of the moon are most affecting. I had an old Drama professor in college who would always schedule our plays/productions around the full moon's cycle. The weekend before the full moon was to was the fullest, he felt, had the best energy. To this day, I have kept that in mind. Thanks for enlightening us all on the various types of moons; ie: Strawberry, Blue, Sturgeon, etc. Enjoy, everyone!

Full Moon Fever!

Correction to previous: "was to wax, was the fullest, & had the best energy."

Thank you!

Thank you!
I love this Almanac! Keep up this work!
I must say, I am firing up, as the moon waxes and becomes full only to be more tired as it wanes! Is it me? Or do I react to my wife's women's cycle? It's great being here though, in the waxing! Great dreams! Full energy! But, what goes up, must come down!

"Blue moon of kentucky, keep

"Blue moon of kentucky, keep on shining
Shine on the one that's gone and left me blue..." -Bill Monroe

It is indeed a most beautiful

It is indeed a most beautiful moon tonight! So clear one can almost count its craters, mountains and vales! Some look at a wonder such as this and say it is a marvel of modern science to know such a thing, others say it is a wonder of nature that such a scene could happen. I looked at this beautiful moon tonight and thought, it is a wonder of the Logos, the work of the creating and sustaining hand of Jesus Christ! How marvelous is His mercy and grace, when with all that is wrong with mankind, the good Lord in His goodness continues to give us glimpses of the beauty of His glory and majesty!

Amen!! Thank you for the

Amen!! Thank you for the beautiful comment! All glory to God! "the moon shines full at His command, and all the stars obey"!! - Isaac Watts, 1715

i can always see the full

i can always see the full moon out my front door here in georgia and this one is so clear, wonderful!

In 2013, the August moon will

In 2013, the August moon will REALLY be a Blue Moon. That is, it will be the third full moon in the summer season which has four full moons in 2013. This is the original, correct definition of a Blue Moon. The definition about the second full moon in a month is a more recent simplified usage.

Most tropical years have 12

Most tropical years have 12 full Moons, three for each season. But occasionally it contains one extra Moon. This is the case next year with the four full Moons in summer. Thanks for pointing this out!

"In 2013, the August moon

"In 2013, the August moon will REALLY be a Blue Moon. That is, it will be the third full moon in the summer season which has four full moons in 2013. This is the original, correct definition of a Blue Moon. The definition about the second full moon in a month is a more recent simplified usage."

If each season normally has three full moons, why then, wouldn't the term 'blue moon' refer to the FOURTH full moon of the season, since it's the rarer one?

Neal Armstrong gives the

Neal Armstrong gives the Earth a wink, and good-bye, as his funeral is today, the day of the Full Blue Moon.

Wow, that is amazing! He

Wow, that is amazing! He could not have planned it better had he planned it himself. Of course, we know we cannot choose the date of our birth nor our death and we certainly cannot be assured of the date of our funeral. Things like this should make even the most stern of agnostics and atheist wonder if "somebody bigger than you and I" is not in control after all! Mr. Armstrong was a great American, a true frontiersman of the new frontier. May he rest in peace.

My 2012 OFA says this is

My 2012 OFA says this is called the Red Moon, NOT Blue Moon
What is a Red Moon?

Hi, Tim, Yes, the right-hand

Hi, Tim, Yes, the right-hand pages of The Old Farmer's Almanac list Native American or colonial names for the full Moon. It is our style to list an alternate name for the second full Moon in a month if one occurs. In this case, the Full Red Moon, which is an Algonquin name. The name Full Red Moon can look like a mistake when considering the term "Blue Moon," which is commonly defined as the second full Moon in a month, such as occurs this August. We could have labeled the full Moon on August 31 a Blue Moon, but this would not have been a Native American or colonial name, and we wanted to be consistent. (In future, we will keep this in mind as we select an alternate name!) --Your OFA editors

I think this moon is going to

I think this moon is going to be over at my house. I love the size of the moon. Its going to be at my house and it is very huge. I love the way it is and it is amazing. Looks like the moon is going to rise until 8:56

From where,or what do these

From where,or what do these sayings derive, superstition ? ?

Derived names were based on

Derived names were based on the recurring trends in nature at or close to the full moon, As in Harvest moon is when the moon is full at the closest time to harvest season, hunter's moon was named from being closest to hunting season.

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