Full Moon for September 2017

Harvest Moon Show!

Full Harvest Moon for September


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When is the Full Moon for September 2017? Find dates of the September Harvest Moon here.

The Full Moon nearest the autumn equinox is named the Harvest Moon since, during this month, the Moon helps the harvest by providing more light at the right time than other Full Moons do.

Learn more about why this Moon is different in our article, the “What is the Harvest Moon?”

Harvest Moon Show

The Old Farmer’s Almanac partnered with Slooh this past September to host a broadcast of the Harvest Moon. Watch the video below!

Slooh teamed up with global feed partners in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Western Australia, where the eclipse was visible, to bring viewers the live lunar show from start to finish. 

Learn what causes a Lunar Eclipse and the differences between a Total Lunar Eclipse and this week’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Bob Berman, Slooh Astronomer and Astronomy Editor for The Old Farmer’s Almanac, discussed the odd ways the Moon moves around our home planet, leading to different eclipses throughout the year. He and Paul also explored headlines that suggested our nearest neighbor’s origins were more violent than previously thought.

Janice Stillman, Editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, offered insights into the history and folklore surrounding the Harvest Moon. They discussed the different names the September Moon has been given by different cultures, and delved into some of the cultural stories and traditions surrounding the Harvest Moon and the annual harvests associated with it.

This broadcast marks an installment in a partnership between Slooh and The Old Farmer’s Almanac, with a mission to connect each other’s audiences to the miraculous ebb and flow of nature as caused by celestial bodies; moments of wonder we all take for granted but are no less delighted to be exposed to again and again.

NEW! The 2017 Almanac Moon Calendar


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More September Moon Names

In years when the Harvest Moon falls in October, the September full Moon is usually known as the Full Corn Moon because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley. 

  • Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet” by the Lakota Sioux Native Americans.
  • Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth” by the Omaha Native Americans.
  • Moon When the Calves Grow Hair” by the Sioux Native Americans

Learn more about Full Moon names and their traditional meanings.


Photo Credit: Almanac reader, Robin Osbon

Moon Phases for September 2017

For Moon fans, September, 2017 will provide plenty of Moon action! 

Here are Moon phase dates and times (ET). See the Moon Phase Calendar for your city’s dates and times.

New Moon: September 1, 5:03 A.M.
First Quarter: September 9, 7:49 A.M.
Full Moon: September 16, 3:05 P.M.
Last Quarter: September 23, 5:56 A.M.

For your next full Moon, see our Full Moon Dates chart.

September Full Harvest Moon Video

Why does the Moon ride high or low? Find out the answer to this question–and learn more about September’s Full Moon in this entertaining video.

Best Days in September 2017

Below are the best days for activities, based on the Moon’s sign and phase in September.

For Harvesting:

  • Aboveground crops: 1, 28, 29
  • Belowground crops: 18, 19

For Setting Eggs:

  • 2, 3, 11–13, 29, 30

For Fishing:

  • 1–6, 20–30

See Best Days for more activities.

Moon Facts & Folklore

  • Usually the Moon rises about 50 minutes later each day, but around the time of the autumnal equinox, it rises only around 30 minutes in the United States—even less in Canada.
  • Frost occurring in the dark of the moon kills fruit buds and blossoms, but frost in the light of the moon will not.

Are you a Moon lover? Share your thoughts below!

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Full Moons and Info about

Full Moons and Info about same.

Full Moons!

Thanks! Love your publication and contribution!

Coming penumbral lunar eclipse on 16 September 2016 -its impacts

The lunar eclipse on 16 September 2016 is a penumbral. In this light , this Vedic astrology writer had , on 28 June and after on a number of occasions in 2016 , alerted the global community and India as well that planetary impacts during ongoing times particularly during 9 August to 20 September 2016 look to be suggesting coming into being of dangers to the world attended by political , economic and social upheavals having potential to cause health hazards or epidemics. Many global tensions in South China Sea , East China Sea , Ukraine - Baltic States - Russia, Koreas , US- Russia have been in the news during the aforesaid period. On 9 September 2016 , North Korea successfully tested nuclear device which caused man made earthquake of 5.3 magnitude in the sea. It is said that the bomb is much more lethal than Hydrogen Bomb used in Hiroshima during Second World War. The coming 10 days or more could likely cause eruption of hostilities having look -like shape of WW3 though may not be WW3. Let the global community have restraint during these horrible times.

pickeled corn

when to make pickeled corn

best days by the moon

Hi Karen, If you’re looking for the best days for pickling by the Moon, see this chart: http://www.almanac.com/bestdays/timetable Hope this helps!

Moon rides high, runs low in September

When in September does the moon ride high, on the equator, and runs low?

Moon rides high, etc.

This information can be found on page 145 of the national edition of The 2016 Old Farmer’s Almanac, on the Right-Hand Calendar Page for September. For 2016:
September 3: Moon on equator
September 10: Moon runs low
September 17: Moon on equator
September 23: Moon rides high
September 30: Moon on equator

full moon 2016

full moon will be on sunday 18th here in uganda

full moon of the month

Great you changed it....but now it says September....may I please have August?

Wondering what happened to

Wondering what happened to the moon last night September 28th 2014. Was watching it go from a very pretty bright to the yellow & then to the blood red, It was only a crest moon but it totally changed colors then disappeared so to say. Like an eclipse but it never showed back up.? Did anyone else see it last night? 9 to 10 PMT (cst) color
changing then total dark @ 10 or just after. Looked for it all way up to 1 am.

Jeni, i was wondering exactly

Jeni, i was wondering exactly the same thing. That's why i went on this site to see if anyone had an answer to the self same question. Lo and behold you asked the same one! Sadly no answer yet. I'm looking out now and cannot see the new moon. Any answers anyone?

No replies yet :( Samething

No replies yet :( Samething tonight moon has vanished or I'm going locco. lol was out side at 9:45 pm crest moon again then back outside @ 10:45 & no moon. Even on nights with clouds in sky you can still see light from the moon but no clouds. Strange happenings.... Moon eclipses

Interesting question! The

Interesting question! The times and time zone that you are describing suggest that the Moon was setting, which would explain its change in color and its later disappearance.
To give some details: No lunar eclipse has been forecast for this time. The new Moon was on September 24; first quarter on October 1. So, the Moon is now a waxing crescent. Although exact timing of moonrise/set will depend on your location, I've chosen Lebanon, Missouri, for an example for Central Daylight Time. So, according to the United States Naval Observatory data, for that location, on September 28, it rose at about 11:13 am CDT and set at about 9:47 pm CDT. On September 29, the Moon rose at about 12:12 pm CDT and set at about 10:36 pm CDT. So, I'm guessing from your time zone, you wouldn't see it at 10:45 (or at 10:00 September 28) because it would have then been below the horizon.
When the Moon is setting, one sees it through a thicker atmosphere. The thicker the atmosphere, the more likely the light has to travel through dust, pollution, etc., which can scatter more of the shorter wavelengths of light, leaving the longer wavelengths, such as red, to reach your eyes. This can make the Moon appear red. Smoke from fires or volcanic ash high in the atmosphere can also change the Moon's color to reddish.
Hope this helps!

where is the moon?? me an my

where is the moon?? me an my daughter are always watching it. and we have clear skys an lots of stars...but no moon. whats up w/ that? we havent seen one in days

I'm really surprised that no

I'm really surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that the harvest moon this year on October 8th will be the 2nd blood moon of the 2014-2015 lunar tetrad, with all four of the moons landing on either Passover or Sukut (sp?), both major Jewish feasts. The first one was in April this year and was gorgeous, but it doesn't seem that the United States will be able to get much of a look at this one on October 8th, as it will be setting as the sun rises, and only above the horizon for half an hour.

The 3rd one will be in very early April, 2015, and the 4th in very late September, 2015.
And just before the 2nd one, there will be a total Solar Eclipse on March 20, 2015, the day of the Spring Equinox. I'm not sure of what part of the world will see it though. I seem to maybe recall that it could be over Australia, but I'm not sure. Bummer if it is. But mark your calendars and enjoy the beautiful blood red moons!

Is there anything special

Is there anything special about people born under a blue moon? I was just wondering.

Since a blue Moon occurs only

Since a blue Moon occurs only every two or three years, a birth during this time is certainly something to celebrate! As to folklore, nothing shines through as a widespread belief, although you can find some sources online that say various things.

On September 12th I was born

On September 12th I was born on a full moon and it shined on me i was told that;that was very bad and unlucky. If anyone can let me know if this is true or not I would like that.

According to most folklore, a

According to most folklore, a child born on the day of the full moon will have a long, healthy, prosperous life.

Well, I know this isn't true.

Well, I know this isn't true. My first born grandson was born during a full moon. He passed away when he was 20 months from a rare brain disease.

My twins boys were born on

My twins boys were born on the night of a full moon too. One son is strong and healthy, the other passed away at 29 days from heart defects. I believe he will be resurrected someday and will then have a body that is perfect in form and we will live with him again. One son I will raise now and one I will have to wait a little while to be with. So I guess I believe this. :)

What does it mean when a baby

What does it mean when a baby is born during the harvest moon? My little cousin was born on Monday September 8th during our huge harvest moon, just wondering if that means anything!

We have no specifics about

We have no specifics about being born under the Harvest Moon, but folklore says babies born under any Full Moon will grow up to be strong.



The Harvest Moon last year

The Harvest Moon last year (2013) was on September 19. See our Moon Phase Calendar which allows you to select a year and location:
The Harvest Moon occurs ever year and is always the full Moon nearest the autumnal equinox.

I write songs. My wife was

I write songs. My wife was born on or near "THE FULL CORN MOON" in the american northeast 1973 Pennsylvania. My motherinlaw wAs miss Sweet corn queen" 40+ years ago in illinois. Any additional small details..... Will be appreciated and possible used in a field holler type work love song ballad(done with love and humor and respect)
Thank you

Hi FM, That sounds like the

Hi FM, That sounds like the makings of a great song!  We do have a Moon Phase Calendar which allows you go go back in time and select your location. See:
The Full Corn Moon of 1973 was on September 12 at 11:17 A.M.  Hope this helps!

Interesting! I hope that

Interesting! I hope that everyone had a great and safe weekend,enjoyed the recent holiday that we've had,having a good week and has another good weekend.

I have recently begun to use

I have recently begun to use a telescope and look at the moon and stars and I gotta say wish id started long before now.The beauty is unmatched and it really makes ya wonder about if other beings are really out there.I personally believe there are billions of stars and planets just seems too big for just us either way its awsome.I hope all humans can find common ground and get along for the betterment of humanity,how special we really are slips away during everyday events,I pray for peace and freedom and equality for all human beings.

Well said, I agree!

Well said, I agree!

We'd love to hear what kind

We'd love to hear what kind of telescope you use! Thank you, your Almanac editors

I will be going to arbor low

I will be going to arbor low for the autumn equinox.

What/Where is Arbor Low?

What/Where is Arbor Low?

Near Buxton in Derbyshire. UK

Near Buxton in Derbyshire. UK

What is "arbor low"? Have

What is "arbor low"? Have never heard of.
Also, I hope you have an enlightening event! And, hope you will be able to share about afterwards! Namaste'

Hi! I also wondered what

Hi! I also wondered what "arbor low" meant, so I looked it up. (I thought it may have been a terminology) but in actuality, it is a site! Called a henge, it is an ancient place, believed to be very spiritual. I wish I could travel to places like this. :)

In North America during a

In North America during a full Moon does the Moon rise or set on the Horizon at the same exact time as the Sun sets or rises on the opposite Horizon? I have been blessed to see this beautiful site a few times while driving across Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in New Orleans which runs North-South in both directions. When you get 10-13 miles out(approx. middle) and look to the left and then the right I have seen the full Moon setting on the Western Horizon as the Sun was rising on the Eastern Horizon. A very awesome and beautiful site on water..

The Full Moon rises in the

The Full Moon rises in the part of the sky approximately opposite from where the Sun sets (since the Sun is  illuminating the full face of the Moon at this phase). However, the moonrise does not usually occur precisely at the time of sunset. Check Almanac.com for the exact time for your area:

Also, the exact moment when the Moon is completely full may not occur at moonrise (and could be off a few hours).
However, the "full" Moon will rise near sunset, and whether exactly full or not, it is indeed a lovely sight.

Mushroom Full Moon is when

Mushroom Full Moon is when the first full moon of autumn. By 2030 the mushroom full moon occurred these days. On 19.10.2013, 8.10.2014, 28.9.2015, 16.10.2016, 5.10.2017, 25.9.2018, 13.10.2019, 1.10.2020, 20.10.2021, 9.10.2022, 29.9.2023, 17.10.2024, 7.10.2025, 26.9.2026, 15.10.2027, 3.10.2028, 22.10.2029 and 11.10.2030.

How did you know this

How did you know this

Excellent, love the moon

Excellent, love the moon video every month



Audrey, You were born on the

Audrey, You were born on the full moon? hehe
How did you breathe?!

Is there a reason why, on

Is there a reason why, on some websites, the date for the new moon is September 15th and others say the 16th :?

Good question. It depends on

Good question. It depends on where you live in the world. However, the new Moon is on the 15th in North American. See: http://www.almanac.com/moon/ca...

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