Gestation and Mating Tables

We just wanted to honor our favorite pal who passed away this summer.

Credit: Jason K. Ervin

Trying to figure out the gestation period or proper age for first mating for your animal? Find the answers in the gestation and mating table from the pages of The Old Farmer's Almanac.

This table lists the proper age for first mating, the animals' period of fertility, the number of females for one male, and period of gestation (days) for: ewe, ram, mare, stallion, cow, bull, sow, boar, doe goat, buck goat, bitch, male dog, queen cat, tom cat, doe rabbit, and buck rabbit.

Click here to enlarge the Gestation and Mating tables (PDF).


Thank you very much for

By Tanmay Roy

Thank you very much for publishing such an informative table. Among the farm animals listed above, I like goats very much.

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