Growing Guide: Herbs

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Growing herbs is fairly easy to do. Our growing guide to herbs will take you from seed-starting to the kitchen table. (Click on chart to open.)

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my dad buys garlic in the

By diana in n.c.

my dad buys garlic in the grocery store then separates the bulb. he then plants the
garlic along side of the green onions.when the leaves start to turn yellow he then hangs in the barn in a cool place then we have garlic for the whole year.,

Ssunshine: As mentioned,

By Melos Antropon


As mentioned, knowing where you are would help to give a more accurate answer. Garlic is easy to grow acceptably, a little harder to grow spectacularly. But you can do it. This is a down-and-dirty (read: "short") compendium of advice.
- The most commonly grown garlic - and the longest keeper - is a softneck called "White Silverskin". But there are many others, all with different plusses and negatives.
- Plant only the 6-8 large outer cloves of your seed garlic. Big cloves - big bulbs. Small inner cloves - small bulbs. If you get a good crop, save the largest bulbs for your next year seed (selective breeding!)
- In the northern tier of the USA, it's best to plant garlic after the first fall frost - it will winter over, and the end result is bigger bulbs next summer. But you can plant it in early spring and get a good crop - just somewhat smaller bulbs.
- Garlic doesn't need a ton of fertilizer, but it DOES need loose, well drained soil with a goodly amount of organic matter. It grows best in full sun. It's ready to harvest when about half of the leaves have yellowed (mid/late summer). Let it air dry out of the sun for 2-4 weeks, and (if it's Silverskin) it will keep virtually a year if stored in a cool, dry place. Good luck!

I am wanting to move a herb

By willowoaks

I am wanting to move a herb bed that is hard for me to get water to. It contains herbs such as rosemary, lavender and oregano. Can I safely move them?

looking for information on

By ssunshine33

looking for information on growing garlic and the only thing found is it is great to grow near roses. I really need to know planting times and such.

Now is the time to plant

By hillbillyroots

Now is the time to plant garlic, which will be harvested next fall

Need more info on planting

By Jenjo74

Need more info on planting garlic! Me too!

I have started several clumps

By willowoaks

I have started several clumps of garlic. I don't know what area you are in but I live in TN. I have never give it much thought about what time of year I put mine in the ground, they seem to grow pretty prolific. Be careful not to let it take over a small area. Needs room to grow. I do think that early spring or fall would be the best time to plant them even though I have planted some in the middle of summer and they lived.

Not long after we wrote this

By Paul Belliveau

Not long after we wrote this blog:

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