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Hurricane Tracking Maps

Credit: NOAA
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Stay on top of hurricanes as they happen from the comfort of your own home using these tracking maps. Print out a map and plot the path of a storm using the latitude and longitude coordinates reported by your local weather forecaster.

If you try out these maps, please share your experiences! Just submit a comment below.

Atlantic Map:

Pacific Map:

Maps courtesy of AccuWeather.com © AccuWeather, Inc.

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I hope the gulf coast is

By Nina Bolla

I hope the gulf coast is ready. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Water, food, batteries. Battery powered radio,

i think isaac is going to hit

By t-bone

i think isaac is going to hit new orleans. there is a high that will be over florida when it gets in the gulf.

Please ask your deities to

By Adam M

Please ask your deities to grant me super powers so I can fly around and rescue people and clean up the ocean. Thanks.

I'm going to be using this

By Paige Pitcher

I'm going to be using this chart (only the first page) for a project my home schooling son is doing on hurricanes, in honor of Irene. I firmly believe in taking teachable moments by the horns :)

Hi everyone, I am planning a

By cmpancoa

Hi everyone,
I am planning a cruise to the Western Caribbean in August (Cayman Islands, Honduras, Cozemel). I'm very worried about the chance of hurricanes ruining this trip. Is there somewhere on this site that predicts hurricanes that long term? Thank you so much,

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