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Long-Range Summer Weather Forecast 2014

Beverage anyone? Its a Hot day!

Credit: Paula J Kidne
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According to the long-range weather forecasts by The Old Farmer's Almanac, summer 2014 will be sizzling hot!

Last September 2013, the Almanac accurately predicted a winter forecast of bitter cold and heavy snow for most of the U.S. and Canada. This summer, you might long for some of those frosty temps.

Out of the Freezer, Into the Fire!

Summer is going to be a scorcher with higher-than-average temps and lower-than-average rainfall throughout most of the continentBe prepared for record-breaking “sizzle” in parts of the country. 

For example, Washington DC had 32 inches of snowfall throughout the season ranking it as one of snowiest since records began in 1888. It was the winter that felt like it would never end! For summer, we predict that Washington DC will be hit with red-hot heat in the beginning of June—before summer even officially begins! The rise in the mercury will be unrelenting with the highest temperatures hitting early to mid-July and early to mid-August. Washington, DC will buck one national trend with above-average rainfall. Combined with the heat, the nation’s capital will seem downright tropical. As summer winds down, a hurricane is predicted to hit the Atlantic Corridor in early- to mid-September providing one last punch.

So what does The Almanac’s sweltering forecast mean for the rest of the continent?

  • High power bills from increased air conditioning use for many of us.
  • Continued drought in many parts of the west, south, and mid-west.
  • Increasing food prices, especially fruits and vegetables which have major growing areas in California and Texas (think avocados, many berries, tomatoes, and corn).
  • The threat of wildfires will increase in areas in which they are prone. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection is already saying the state might experience one of its most severe fire seasons ever.

Summer Weather For Your Area

Please tell us. What do you think of the summer 2014 forecast? Any summer plans? Share below!


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Weather prediction for

By Casey wesley

Weather prediction for November 8, 2014

Man, did you guys ever blow

By Mike W

Man, did you guys ever blow this one. Did you take a sip of global warming kool-aid before you made this prediction? Did you not see the 200 year solar cycle coming? If it was a little colder this summer would be like the summer of 1816. I bet it is going to be extremely cold this winter!

Man you people were WRONG !!!

By Bonnie s Seip

Man you people were WRONG !!! I think this Summer of 2014 was just as bad if NOT WORSE THAN LAST Summer !!!!! I haven't seen a GOOD OLE SUMMER IN OVER 3 yrs !!!!!! But we sure get a GOOD OLD FASHION WINTERS FROM OCTOBER RIGHT THRU MAY !!!! Sorry but I am a Summer person! What happened to the SIZZLING SUMMER WE WERE SUPPOSE TO HAVE ??? On the East Coast it was raining , cooler temps and below average the past 2 summers ! I suppose this year Winter will be as cold as last year if not colder ! I sure hope our Winter of 2014-2015 is the MILDEST ONE YET WITH NO SNOW AND SPRING LIKE TEMPS !!!! You owe us SUMMER LOVERS BIG !!!! Very Disappointed person!

We're getting that sizzling

By janni

We're getting that sizzling in Seattle...what kind of Fall and Winter can we expect I 2014-15?

Stay tuned! Our new

By Almanac Staff

Stay tuned! Our new edition—The 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac—comes out next month and will have the long-range weather predictions for fall and winter!  See:

Why is it that the Almanac

By Tony Israel

Why is it that the Almanac seems to deny the reality of Climate Change. We are behind the 8-ball on this one in a big way. Science has always been of the utmost importance to farming and gardening and to deny climate change disconnects us all from the reality we now face and must engage...

Interestingly when they could

By Larry Randolph

Interestingly when they could not prove global warming they started calling it climate change. Global warming is a hoax. We have climate change. It gets warmer and it gets colder. The weather goes in cycles as it has throughout history. A few years ago scientists were talking about fears of the continent getting cplder. It's all a liberal hoax.

WOW ! just WOW! dang man,

By charger one

WOW ! just WOW!
dang man, where im from we usually just call it weather,,, or seasons ! if your that scared,, maybe you should just lock the doors, pull the shades, and
stay inside from now on,, im sure someone will call you when all is clear ! i often wonder just how people cope with a 10th of a degree change over 10 years. must be a sad life.

why you calling them out.They

By stephen burkett

why you calling them out.They are reporting the weather like they have for 200 years.It doesn't matter why its hot or cold.I just want to know if I should invest in an umbrella,buy extra longjohns ,get sunscreen etc.

I'm hoping no hurricanes will

By Mother of the bride

I'm hoping no hurricanes will be visiting the "Quiet Corner" of Conn the beginning of September (6th to be exact). It is the date of my daughter's wedding at a beautiful OUTSIDE location.

Fingers crossed!

it dont do any good to

By jimmy livengood

it dont do any good to complain about the weather. the only thing i like about summer time is planting my garden. a little bit of this and a whole lot of be honest with you, i have planted a whole lot of that today. hope no one see's what i planted. but i love to plant radishes and carrots.

i dont like summer time

By jimmy livengood

i dont like summer time either!! to darn hot here in ohio. it is a lovely day today low humidity and the dew point is 46. man its nice outside now. i hate those long hot days....yukkkkkkkkkkk

Well so far you guys are

By PJlom

Well so far you guys are looking wrong. A constant northwest flow and constant backdoor cold fronts are keeping areas from Boston to DC in the cooler. It looks like for at least the first two weeks of June.

Hi, PJ, The statement above

By Almanac Staff

Hi, PJ,

The statement above speaks to the summer overall. Our long-range General Foreacst in the 2014 Almanac (p 97) predicts that April and May will be warmer than normal on average, except in the Northeast. This being May 28 and certainly cool here in New England, the General Forecast is seeming pretty much spot on.

The first two weeks of June will not yet "officially" be summer, so we'll see what happens.

Thanks for sharing your forecast.


It just seems like here in

By s howard

It just seems like here in Suncity Az
one year it is very hot the next is just warm.

I live in Northern

By Linda Slade

I live in Northern Manitoba.
We still have ice on our lake.

Bring on the heat..!! LOL

Not good news -- we hope

By Happy Gardener

Not good news -- we hope you're wrong. Out here in wheat country, we've gone eight years without a seeing a full crop harvested. Two years were complete losses. The drought, combined with a loss of the free enterprise system in agriculture, is devastating. We have cancelled some summer plans and put others on hold, since our only income will probably be from insurance.

The water situation out here is critical also. We shut down all irrigation six years ago, but most farmers are continuing to irrigate as if there's no tomorrow -- which could be the case unless they are able to cultivate a vision that goes beyond this year's crop.

My son is having an outdoor

By Kim Norwood

My son is having an outdoor wedding at the end of June! I sincerely hope you're wrong about the heat!!!

I have been preparing my

By Frank Artman

I have been preparing my garden for a hot summer. I have stored one thousand gallons of rain water in rain barrels. My garden has six to eight inches of mulch. I have built structures for my vining tomatoes to grow up and over forming a 'roof' over the garden to shade the ground. I've also added another two inches of insulation to our attic, giving us eight inches up there.

you are a seasoned veteran by

By elizabeth marie watson smith

you are a seasoned veteran by the sounds of it Frank and you are very smart to conserve, reduce and reuse ... I was laying in bed this morning thinking of laying about 6 total inches of insulation in the attic as soon as possible and we are purchasing a new heat pump for the house and a few more five blade ceiling fans ... our fore Fathers were right to caution watch what you wish for !!

I hate summer. I hate HOT

By anonymous

I hate summer. I hate HOT HOT summers even more. I would rather die of hyperthermia than heat stroke. This stuff scares me, extreme weather, and the drought.

AMEN!!! You can always put

By Bklyncowgirl


You can always put on another sweater, but you can only take off so many clothes before you get arrested.

So True !!!

By rhonda swisher

So True !!!

I'm ready for a hot summer

By georgewilson

I'm ready for a hot summer after a tough winter. And I'm ready to eat my words! Bring it on.

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