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Mercury Retrograde Dates: 2015

Find out when Mercury will be retrograde during 2015.

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We are all influenced when Mercury is in retrograde. Here's your retrograde dates for 2015.

When Mercury is Retrograde

Sometimes the other planets appear to be traveling backward through the zodiac; this is an illusion. We call this illusion retrograde motion.

Mercury's retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.

When Mercury is retrograde, remain flexible, allow time for extra travel, and avoid signing contracts. Review projects and plans at these times, but wait until Mercury is direct again to make any final decisions.

2015 Retrograde Dates

In 2015, Mercury will be retrograde during:

  • January 21 – February 11
  • May 19 – June 11
  • September 17 – October 9

Mercury and You

The type of influence depends on which of the 12 zodiac signs the planet is in when Mercury goes retrograde.

To see what to expect, click here for "Mercury Retrograde and Zodiac Signs."

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My husband and I have been

By Bethany Pariso on March 16

My husband and I have been married for just a little 3 years. We were happy as we every could be, had our small minor argumetns like every couple would. Randomly towards the end of december and the first week of January he went on a rage for divorce and has filed. We NEVER had the divorce talk every in our 3 years of marriage. there were no red flags or anything. i told him he should have communicated better and he admit yes he should have, but is still insistent on the divorce. As silly as it maybe, could the MR, make him re-evaluate his entire situation?

we got married religious

By Bethany Pariso on March 16

we got married religious ceremony on nov 14,2011 but then did a legal court marriage nov 25th,2011 during MR in 2011 . :( just makes me think a lot now

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By Almanac Staff

NOTE: All spam will be deleted. This page is now being watched and The Old Farmer's Almanac will immediately block and ban any person who leaves advertisements, web sites, phone numbers, emails, or addresses of any kind—whether commercial or personal as private information should not be listed on Web sites. Please respect our Web site. You may ask questions, provide advice, or simply share your stories here, but we do NOT tolerate spam.

My wife and I met on Labor

By GringoInMIA

My wife and I met on Labor Day Monday 2012 and married in January 2013. We are both in our late 40's and married twice before but this time it was completely different for both of us. We were inseparable but over time, she began to obssess on small communication issues between us (which are normal for 2 people who know each other so briefly). Yet it seemed like she couldn't help herself and came to the point where she wanted us to split, which we did...on Labor Day Monday of THIS year. I am completely devastated and KNOW she is making a huge mistake.

MY QUESTION: Could something like this that happened without MR, be "healed" during MR??

My boyfriend of 5 years just

By Luisa Bermudez

My boyfriend of 5 years just up and left us and is on a plane today coming back from another state after visiting his ex girlfriend he left me and his 2 year old son. He went to stay with her since Thursday night.
I am virgo with Gemini and he is Gemini with either virgo or leo I cant remember but this last week has been a very jealous one for me I know he will try to reconcile once he gets back but I am so hurt I dont know what or why he would go visit her when our relationship isnt over.
Does this MR have a lot to do with it? He moved out a while back but only comes around when he wants then I find this out...
I just want my family back together but still I just dont know if I can forgive him for leaving us to be wit her its considered cheating to me :/

Luisa, Mercury Retrograde has

By Sharon J

Luisa, Mercury Retrograde has nothing to do with his irresponsibility and his inability to commit to you and your family. MR seems to affect communications etc., but if he is a jerk, he is a jerk.

He probably comes back from his girlfriend's house when they have had an argument and he returns to have sex with you to assure himself that he is still "the man."

Tell him to get lost and not return. You are FAR better off without him. You want someone who thinks you are wonderful and that your son is a great kid, not some loser who is going to teach your son by example, how to treat women (you).

Lisa, you got a loser! He

By Deeanne on March 8

Lisa, you got a loser! He crawls back to you because he knows he can! Wake up! He's robbing you of your self respect. Throw the bum out! It's worse for your child seeing this going on!
Once a cheater, always a cheater! They don't change! Give your child a stable home and get rid of him.

I just want to let Sharon


I just want to let Sharon know, "What a great answer to such a common problem with so many men disrespecting women!!!" Sometimes when you find a good man, you just can't believe it. Thanks for being so right on. I certainly hope your comments to the damsel in distress heeds this knowledge.


You both need more

By Della Jo Piarulli

You both need more spirituality in your life, it's not godly and he is disloyal. very hurtful and this other person is probably keeping in touch too, I would put a binding spell on her, not to hurt her, but for her to leave you and your family alone.. surround you and your boyfriend in the light and ask for protection.. be blessed and good luck.

First of all, he is your

By Twelve

First of all, he is your 'boyfriend' for 5 years??????!! That should tell you something right there, he is NOT GOING TO MARRY YOU. Then he's in and out, went to visit his ex girlfriend?? Come on, get real. Are you kidding me? Please wake up. You are a Virgo, use your intuition, leave this looser, make him pay up his child support or what ever, but stop wasting your time and emotions on this jerk.

Amen Twelve! What is it? I

By Veronica Stars on March 12

Amen Twelve! What is it? I know 3 Virgos in similar situations who are convinced that they don't deserve any better. YOU DO! Let him go, the faster and the farther the better.

Right on Twelve!


Right on Twelve!

Wow, my boyfriend and I

By greenergrl

Wow, my boyfriend and I almost broke up March 6-10, then again June 24-29. Both during Mercury retrograde or darn close to it.

He broke up with me last weekend, a week before Mercury goes retrograde again. He called yesterday wanting to work it out...But Mercury is about to go into retrograde again tomorrow!

He has Gemini moon and a number of planets in Virgo. I have a Virgo sun.

What to do?!? I don't want to lose him...

Mercury retrograde usually


Mercury retrograde usually means miscommunication, lost data, lost car keys, etc. I would say that the realizations about your relationship have more to do with Mars, Venus, and the Lunar Eclipses and New Moons that have happened lately.

I was born when mercury was

By MR luck

I was born when mercury was in retrograde. As a result my bad luck happens within the week before MR. But during MR, I can't do anything wrong. My business thrives, my relationships are remedied or end because they should. MR is the best time for me. I look forward to them. I am a Scorpio with an Aries ascendant. All of he posts regarding dating, breakups, buying, and signing. If you are truly interested in making decisions regarding MR or any other transitions, you should plan better. Do not forget the other person is affected differently by the transits. You need to check their signs and their issues, to help you solve yours. But mostly, you should step forward in life and stop trying to step backwards.

Any bad intentions by the

By MR luck

Any bad intentions by the offeror of the contract should be just as defective during MR as any bad intentions you may have. Make life happen. Just plan better.

I am in the process if

By Gem Lady

I am in the process if interviewing for a job that I used to do before just at a different company. Will this situation work in an MR? Same area, similar title, same responsibilities but different company and product.

This is my first time to hear

By Aileen

This is my first time to hear MR its sounds interesting I'm a Scorpio lady and my bf is a Married Cancer guy does this Mr has a good effect to our relationship? I mean does our relationship will be more stronger? I was born on October 30,1972.He was born on July 16,1969. How this MR affect our relationship? I hope it could answered I love him.

Firstly he's MARRIED!!! Love

By Citrus alley

Firstly he's MARRIED!!! Love him all you want but he's using you. MR has nothing to go with your stupidity. Dont play second fiddle to a man who took vows. Why do women steal other women's men, fall in love and then the men use it as leverage in using you. And hurting another person or family.

Um, my grandmother

By loverofwolves

Um, my grandmother gave me this advise long ago.
If he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you. What makes you so special that you would change the nature of a man ?

Scorpio and Cancer are of the

By Jeanne D'eau

Scorpio and Cancer are of the same element (water), which by itself, means little. All of it depends on other planets in your respective charts, how those planets are related to each other and how your current transits are affected.

If you know the time of your respective births, you can check out (you'll also need to input your birth locations).

Planets that govern these types of relationships are the moon, Venus and Mars.

It's a place to start.

OMG only a scorpio sex addict

By CC2

OMG only a scorpio sex addict would have the nerve to come on asking for advice in adultery with a married cancer... Your relationship success in whole is already doomed. Move on to someone more appropriate.

Be careful how you judge.

By SilverLady

Be careful how you judge. It's doubtful that you have all of the information and those that are 'superior' are quite frequently the next to fall. Consider this your warning....

It took me sooo long to get

By bailey button ugg boots uk

It took me sooo long to get on the blush bandwagon, too, Tricia!

I have met a guy during MR.

By Diana or not

I have met a guy during MR. At the time I was not interested, but after the date changed my mind, but it was too late. He replied that he wasn't interested. I can't stop thinking about him. Can he change his mind if he made that decision during MR? Should I contact him again when Mercury is retrogate (as it brings people from the past) or should I contact him when Mercury is direct, so there is no further problem in communication. Meeting him during MR was the worst timing ever, we didn't communicate very well... And it left a bad impression. Or should I just forget about him and move on?

If he's not interested, not

By iwantyourcats

If he's not interested, not much any planetary influences can do about this. Find someone who IS interested! If the synastry is good it's good. It's obviously not good if he's not interested. Allow a universe-arranged relationship.

The meeting chart steers the

By Kristin Sedona

The meeting chart steers the relationship. If this is meant to be you can look at the natal synastry, I don't put everything based on a simple mercury retrograde there are many more complicated factors.

Folks, do not post personal

By Almanac Staff

Folks, do not post personal details (emails, phone numbers, websites) on this Web site. They will be deleted for your privacy. Also, we do NOT accept spam (selling your products and services) and the users will be deleted and blocked.

I broke uo with my ex-gf 3

By Tim Wilson

I broke uo with my ex-gf 3 months ago for the 2nd time. I realize I made a mistake both times. I attempted to reconcile during the first day of retrograde 6/26. She didn't want to. We were together for over a year & thought we were soul mates. There was even akashik record stuff on both ends, separately before we got together. There's a lot more to this. Anyway, she said she's not dating & neither am I while we both work on ourselves. She said that she doesn't think she wants to reconcile ever in the future but she said she's not completely sure. Is there a chance for us to reconcile when I'm done working on myself (in 4-6 months or so)? I'm recently divorced 2 months ago.

your last sentence needed to

By Karen Vilandry

your last sentence needed to be your first. with the emotional upheaval of a divorve, a new realtionship so soon is hardly doable. you may try to justify it in your present state of mind but given yourself a significant emotional rest to regroup and recover. explore other ways for now to disract youself from relationships. spend time with a hobby, travel, visit new places closer to home. D!o volunteer work. There are so many community initiatives that could use a little help. above all, rest your emotions and give your heart a chance to recharge.

you divorced 2 months ago and

By chriszm

you divorced 2 months ago and were dating your gf as recently as 3 months ago. astrology has nothing to do with your problems. work on yourself for a few years and stop acting like a fool.

Thats so sad. I hope you can

By TiffanyBlu

Thats so sad. I hope you can work it out. Because true love is had to come by. I know this awesome Spiritual Advisor Scarlet. She really help me with my situation.If your into that type of thing here is will tell you this shes so amazing and caring:).You will not regret it!!!!

Hey Tim , If you only

By izagoyaknow

Hey Tim , If you only divorced 2 mos. ago? I'd say you still have alot of issues to work out. Divorce is like death and many of us tend to cling to others to help us over the hurdles of a break up. No matter how much you and your ex-wife may have agreed it was best. I would say give yourself at least a full year before you plan to be serious with someone else. You don't want them to feel the residue of your past relationship. You're already bringing in someone and breaking up with them..that is totally unacceptable and just because the 2 of you feel a spiritual connection, doesn't mean you should be in a committed relationship. I have a soul mate and even though we thought of being each others loves, we knew our friendship and bond was more important than the intimacy that involves sex and family. Just let her be and not confuse her. Also you don't know that 4-6 mos of working on yourself is enough time. If you need companionship then have dates and be platonic. Learn to be someones friend first and not think only of your needs to have someone by your side.

A lot of problems with

By Joseph Lorentzen

A lot of problems with Mercury in retro are misattributed. That tiny mud ball has very little influence on human beings. And while in retro, intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary.
No, solar flares are the current issue and geomagnetic interference caused by these unpredictable flares. I am afraid there is at least another year before things settle down. Be patient.

Hi it's been nearly two

By Jazzbee

Hi it's been nearly two months I just can't stop thinking of someone I knew 22 years ago it driving me mad it has taken over my life please why this happening he's settle down and so have I

What is it with the person

By izagoyaknow

What is it with the person from 22yrs ago? What do you feel your missing?

No he's married to another

By mayrain

No he's married to another woman,but for now im here in china to work and he is in philippines...thanks for replying my msg.

Im a Gemini . I broke up with

By Gemini

Im a Gemini . I broke up with a man I am very in love with at the beginning of retrograde .i was under stress but it really did make a lot of since .we are not really communacating now even though I said I was sorry as he is hurt and angry at me. Hoping to make some head way when mercury turns direct .

Intuition is high during

By Joseph Lorentzen

Intuition is high during these retro periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary, but it is the Sun which is the problem. It is sending out incredible flares. These will mess with life here on Earth far more then the tiny mud ball millions of miles from Earth and just a wee bit larger than our Moon. One more year in this cycle. Have fun.

Darlin as a gemini you always

By Kathi

Darlin as a gemini you always need to keep an eye on your twin brother or sister. Watch for crazy making when merc goes rx in oct-nov. Accept what happened under the covers. It is what it is. Kathi

February 23–March 17: Went

By Seth Conaway

February 23–March 17: Went back to Nebraska to visit my 80 year old grandma. The 2nd day of my visit we rushed her to the ER with abdominal pain and, a few days later, learned that she had pancreatic cancer.

June 26–July 20: After taking care of my grandma during her first round of chemo, I returned to Arizona for a breather. My cat jumped at the window to swat at a bird, landed funny, and within minutes had a terribly swollen hind leg. After taking Xrays and performing other diagnostic tests we found that she had landed on a malignant tumor and it had burst, causing the swelling. Had she not landed funny we may never have known about the cancer until she was too sick and weak to go on. Coincidence? As they could not remove the cancer, we had to put our girl to sleep.

I look forward to things evening out for awhile.

My wife left me during all of

By Ciara

My wife left me during all of this mercury retrogade and I was reading that because we may get back together. can you tell me if this is happening do to the retrograde?

I'd look into transits more

By izagoyaknow

I'd look into transits more than retrograde. Most disputes or no communications is due to the transits in someone's astrological chart.

You are smart to question the

By Kathi

You are smart to question the atmosphere now! Only the spirit and soul knows the outcome. You two will sort this out once mercury rx leaves the dead zone. You and your wife may have trust issues for now. She is unhappy with herself. Not you! Her stability needs to be in question.

My ex and I hadn't been on

By nuwa

My ex and I hadn't been on talking terms since february. I started talking to him on june 1st, but he was hardly responsive and dismiSive until recently- late june! The communication is great now and we - actually I won't jinx anythig by talking :) this one retrogade has worked out for me!
He's pisces and I'm a gemini

i am a taurus woman im with a

By lea may daway

i am a taurus woman im with a capricorn man he is married...weve been together since 2005,now i am planning to buy a house this this the good time to buy...

Right now would be a good

By izagoyaknow

Right now would be a good time to buy..but please read about Oct 21'st retrograde..You need to avoid that Uranus in the 4th house. It's more about the date you move into the property ..there is so much more going on there.

Is he married to you? Are you

By B.J.

Is he married to you? Are you married to him?

That is what I'm thinking.she

By izagoyaknow

That is what I'm thinking.she isn't married to him and he will have her waiting forever!! everever, everever!! Like all Capricorn men do!

Yes! It is a great time for a

By marble_palace

Yes! It is a great time for a taurus woman who is with a capricorn married man to buy a home. But only if you have 8 dogs and 8 cats, if you don't, you simply must get 8 puppies and 8 kittens first, or you'll be sorry.

I want to know what is the

By mayrain

I want to know what is the meaning of this kittens and puppies? Thanks

???? What the hell does the 8

By Smarty

???? What the hell does the 8 cats or 8 dogs have to do with it???? I would break up with someone if they had that many!! That was CRAZY advice!!

thank you i will do your

By mayrain

thank you i will do your advice...

So, your having an affair

By Kim K

So, your having an affair with a married man and you want to know if it's a good time to buy a house? I think you should be asking some very different questions IMO..

Good girl for sharing your

By Kathi

Good girl for sharing your relationship. Many folks dont understand the dilema of being a very good person yet having a most debilitating situation to the statis quo. Buy the house! But not during mercury rx. The house is for your soul and spirit. This is for u! You know the rules of a mistress by now. The house is a comfort zone. Go for it! Hugs. Kathi

when is the mercury rx?thanks

By mayrain

when is the mercury rx?thanks kathi.hug and kisses

Thank you so much for sharing

By mayrain

Thank you so much for sharing your comments,its not easy for me to have this situation,actually i need advice,this house is for me.

Seriously......your big

By SEStone

Seriously......your big question is whether this is a good time to buy a house when you are with a married man? OMFG.

so I am about to have a baby,

By hansolo

so I am about to have a baby, my boyfriend and I are about to close on a house and our car broke down beyond all repair. we have to buy and new car, sign our housing contract and welcome our lil bundle of joy all during Mercury retrograde... is there any hope for this all to work out okay??

Yes! These are sure signs

By Helen Phillips

Yes! These are sure signs that this retrograde is a time of new beginnings for you. Enjoy!

I am Pisces and Mercury in

By Tamson

I am Pisces and Mercury in retrograde has really negatively affected me in the past. I need to sign a legal document and I may miss a deadline if I wait until July 21st.

Do I have to wait or is it just during the direct phase that legal documents cannot be signed?

Sometimes you just have to

By syebgo

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and continue on with life. Unfortunately, somethings - such as legal documents- cannot wait; if you have to sign 'em then sign 'em but expect delays and/or having to go back on them for changes. For example, It might just turn out that something (thats out of your control) goes wrong when they are being processed that causes a delay - maybe someone misplaced them, the signature was in the wrong spot, someone forgot to sign a line, etc.. causing you to have to sign them all over again or something to that effect. If that were to happen, it could buy you more time to get through the retrograde and face them again when its over. This has happened to me lots of times during Mercury RX.. expect the unexpected and always triple check everything important.

I would wait...Pisces.

By Joy to the world!

I would wait...Pisces.

I am also a pisces and I hate

By Weecherub310

I am also a pisces and I hate mercury retrograde BUT, I hope this time its a good thing.

When you have the Sun,

By Janey C

When you have the Sun, Rising, Venus, AND Mercury all in Virgo then you can complain. until then.. just thank God or whoever you worship that you don't. Complaining is Virgos number one speciality by the way...

This is the 2nd of a ten day

By zor

This is the 2nd of a ten day lunar cycle that has all gates open across the realms. One should hang ten in meditation and us the energy and opportunities to evolve. !)

I lost primary custody I my

By Dez

I lost primary custody I my children during this retrograde, does this mean if I continue to pursue custody I have a chance of accomplishing shared custody again?

There is a possibilty but a

By CC2

There is a possibilty but a higher self action is to consistently, peacefully and lovingly remain in contact with your children esp on important dates. Their love and connection to you can not be severed by the courts. Only you can maintain this parental connection by doing the above, and continuing to work on yourself and your life to prove the courts etc you are the person who desserves shared custody. Blessngs to you.

Only if it doesn't mean

By Smarty

Only if it doesn't mean trying to negoiate during another mercury in retrograde. Tensions rise, and things can become final during these phases.

My friend passed during this

By Dez

My friend passed during this retrograde; she was only 34... Does this mean she will come back again or will her soul be freed?

No, when she passed her soul

By Lenatee

No, when she passed her soul was released from the body. Therefore mercury being retrograde can no longer have any effect on her. However, it actually goes to show how Mercury retrograde can affect our lives, causing miscommunications abound. It basically means that you will remember your past with this friend, more vividly and that she actually meant more to you than you realized. Once Mercury goes direct, you will be able to move forward and let the past go, more readily and easily.

I have been in silence with

By Cherry pie

I have been in silence with my boyfriend for the last month...I don't know what happened or why we stopped communicating...yet he seems to post things on FB to get my attention and songs that he misses me. So is this going to work itself out? I can't keep chasing him, I always make the attempt . How do I handle this..during this time? He is a Gemini I'm a Leo. He shuts down and won't tell me why when he is mad about something.

Gemini and Leo geton for a

By Joy to the world!

Gemini and Leo geton for a while, but in the end faithful Leo will get the other twin, and that ain't good.

Cherry Pie... We hate to

By Pumpkin Slice

Cherry Pie... We hate to break it to you and bless your sweet heart,.. but I doubt he is truly your boyfriend if you have not talked to him in the past month. Please someone who you cant connect with on a deeper and intimate level... perhaps a virgo?

It has been awkward between

By justina

It has been awkward between me and my bf too, not saying very much to eachother... Drawn out, Awkward moments of silence... I am glad I found this page to help explain why. I haven't been feeling the love lately, and I don't like it :( I am hoping things will improve soon!!!!!! Good luck to you ! We'll get through this...

I am scheduled for surgery

By Tree

I am scheduled for surgery on my knee July 16. I have had 2 previous surgeries on this knee. The first of which was in the beginning of a previous retrograde and the surgery was a failure.

In a sense this is hopefully the resolution of a long standing problem - and late retrogrades can be good for that....or at least I hope...

MR is a perfect time to go

By Leolady

MR is a perfect time to go back and revise something done in a prior MR that didn't work right. My dad, at 84, broke his hip in a MR, had surgery and a miserable recovery in hospital, rehab and nursing home, full of medication errors and miscommunication between me and medical staff. His continued post-surgical pain for 1.5 years required a revisionary surgery, which was also during MR. I was terrified. Surgery was a breeze, went faster than surgeon expected, healed quickly and completely. Dad is now almost 88. Still has some pain and leg weakness, but from a surgical perspective, it's great.

Be calm, drink lots of water and get really excellent nutrition. This surgery should be great for you.

I'm going to sleep for the

By Kenny Siegel

I'm going to sleep for the next 30 days......

Help! I start a new job on

By Starting New Job

Help! I start a new job on 7/15/13......the area where I live jobs are limited so I can't postpone my start date AND I would like to stay with this company for a while! Geeesh plus my birthday is during this retrograde 7/ moon & asc are both in Sag

You should not postpone your

By Yeshe Dolma

You should not postpone your job. Just practice some meditation to clear your mind, every morning and night. Then just remember that this will pass soon, and mercury retrograde is just an illusion. It just appears to be going backwards... the mind is a terrible thing to waste and it is quite powerful enough to go slowly and make check lists, and just be aware that miscommunications and other misplacings can happen and they are natural :) Good Luck !

I have come to understand and

By littlemama5

I have come to understand and realize :
"I can be hurt by nothing but my thoughts" and " I can change my thoughts". This is from the studies of Atonement.
Therefore the answers to many questions can be found by listening and asking your heart brain what to do.
This daily practice will help One ,become more aware of their inner strengths to kick out the ego
speaking of fear and failure. Then EGO feeds off the negative thoughts manifested in our head brain. Think with ones heart brain and all that is good or is meant to be will follow. We are each perfect the way we were made. Kick out the negative .

What a wonderfully insightful

By Seth Conaway

What a wonderfully insightful post. Thank you for your perspective. Not only do I whole heartedly agree, I plan to put this into action in my own life. Cheers!

I received a job offer and

By Valerie G

I received a job offer and have already been to a few ice-breakers with the new team and training sessions. I don't sign the contract however, until July 18th. Am I doomed? I have already booked the vacation day and the appointment is scheduled. Advice?

I had 2 experiences with a

By Kim Kimberly

I had 2 experiences with a job and retrograde. Whether I signed the contract later or not, I still BEGAN getting the job during the retrograde and NEITHER of them worked out well. I lost them both within months. I interviewed and was accepted for one before the retrograde, and they opened the club DURING the retrograde. The gym has been doing VERY poorly since and I have left because they haven't paid me even once on time.
The other was similar, I was getting jipped with money and the owner was a total disgusting person, so I left there too.
Good luck. It all works out for the best though. So don't fret. Mercury retrograde=Re-write, Re-view, Re-do, RELAX!

Valerie G. I consider myself

By Mary Winfield

Valerie G.

I consider myself to be a "student of astrology". About your "contract" - I would delay signing it until after July 20th, when Mercury goes direct. But use this time (now) to review the contract, assess its merits, its objectives and HONESTY (most important of all). Contracts should protect both parties, all parties. Not be one sided. I wish you blessings and prosperity in your new endeavor!

I decided to start doing

By Reiki Candice

I decided to start doing affirmations for this retrograde. I have used them in the past and got wonderful results.

I am concerned after reading

By PattyAnn Phillips

I am concerned after reading the comments about surgery. Earlier this month, June, I was scheduled for lasik eye surgery in July. I am just realizing it is during MR. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, PattyAnn, Seeing that you

By Lenatee

Hi, PattyAnn,

Seeing that you need those eyes and they would be hard to get fixed, I would postpone any surgery unless life threatening during Mercury retrograde period.

Hi Pattyann, I recommend an

By Paul Rietman

Hi Pattyann,

I recommend an article of the late Howard Sasportas where he rapported a similar personal issue. The book title....? I will let you know at short. Problably it will clear the sky a lot more for you!

Best regards,
Paul Rietman, The Netherlands

I have a closing on a house

By Carolyn Belbol

I have a closing on a house 07/11/13, and I was wondering if anything, it is okay during MR Thank you CB

Well what happened?

By Lenatee

Well what happened?

Or, you could just read each

By Kalamity Kelli

Or, you could just read each thing very carefully and also expect obstacles or snafus. It's hard to tell - were you born with Mercury Retrograde like me? If so, then you dont' feel the effects nearly as much and also, what is your rising sign? That will determine what house Mercury is in when it turns retrograde at 22 Cancer. Be very careful though - make sure you know every single thing about the house you are buying before signing those papers. Seldom does "something hidden" not come up after mercury goes direct.

being a landlord myself I

By freak priest master

being a landlord myself I know time is of the essence get a couple red candles the glass ones with your 7 days dress them with Mercury oil keep one burning all the way through a retrograde. double check all your paperwork and don't take any detail for granted

I have a tenant to evict

By desperate

I have a tenant to evict which I have never done before. I sent a legal letter 2 month ago which made him pay half of the balance over 4 months, but he hasn't responded since. I just realized if I see a lawyer tomorrow as scheduled, it might be too close to MR. What would you do? I'm debating if I should wait another 3 weeks which is a huge burden on me...

since you are re-visiting the

By Robin P

since you are re-visiting the situation it is probably a perfect time to deal with this

Oh I should have read your

By desperate

Oh I should have read your message before I decide to postpone! It bugged me the fact that I might start a court process during the MR. Oh well. I can resume after this :)

Do you guys recommend getting

By Mafe

Do you guys recommend getting and going to a new gym (la fitness) during mercury retrograde?!

Don't sign any contracts!!!

By Jane Bond

Don't sign any contracts!!! AND be really careful you don't hurt yourself on the equipment.

Two monthly horoscope guides

By Dave Lang

Two monthly horoscope guides have July 19 as good day to sign a contract, during next MR.
I have a house closing scheduled for that day, what wins out? Both horoscope guides list same date 7/19 which doesn't often happen they agree, MR ends 7/20.

Better not to have surgery

By katmama

Better not to have surgery when the moon is in scorpio if you have a choice. ditto for mercury retrograde.

I do not expect anything

By Carol39

I do not expect anything furing MR I roll with it, work with the Trickster Gods and enjoy new adventures. In my head that is xD.

I got a job offer before MR,

By frustrated

I got a job offer before MR, however started the job during it. I'm having a lot of problems with my boss, it's almost like she hates me. I'm wondering if this will get better. Ugh

I am wondering what influence


I am wondering what influence the election of a new Pope and the Conclave has during retrograde Mercury. I feel this bears watching very closely and is significant for millions of Catholic followers as well as the world news. Could 1978 repeat itself again or will the Church's “Sexual Scandal” rear its ugly head again. This unusual timing (retrograde Mercury) will have far flung effects on many areas of the election process via the spoken and written word (the casting of ballots). I wonder if any other recent Conclaves were done during retrograde Mercury. Certainly would be interesting to research this information!!

Well right before the new

By Lenatee

Well right before the new pope was told to us a lone bird lit near the area an omen of who would be selected and did we get, St Francis of Assissi

my bike was stolen during

By PemaDorje

my bike was stolen during this March 2013 Mercury Retrograde ... I rode it to University 25k there and back again everyday ... now I'm unable to ...

Mercury retro affects people

By Philo

Mercury retro affects people differently depending on their signs and charts. Some people seem to go unscathed through a Mercury retro while others like me accumulate delays, unusual incidents, coincidences and obstacles that completely drain all my energy. I have tried all sorts of things to make this period as smooth as possible but as I cannot control other people's actions and needs, I simply cannot avoid Mercury retro's effects.
Things I would not do during a mercury retro are signing important contracts, launch an event, have surgery or medical exams, business travels, purchase equipment especially IT equipment. Things I would definitely do are meeting up with long lost friends, work on tasks and things I have not completed yet and that are long overdue.

I was wondering if I should

By Chris79

I was wondering if I should buy my paralyzed dog a wheelchair during mercury retrograde. She's been slowly going paralyzed for the last year, but has been confined to just sitting on the soda for the last 3 months, as her disease progressed. I would love to make her mobile again. I think she would be a lot happier too, but I don't want it to fail. It is new, it is transportation I guess. However it is helping her with an old problem. So I'm confused if it will work or not during a MR. Thanks.

Hi Chris79. MR or not, I


Hi Chris79. MR or not, I would definitely go straight away and get the wheelchair! Of course you're afraid it might not work but you won't know until you get your poor dog the chair and see how she does.
I've had animals all my life and not once have I let MR stop me from getting one of my animals whatever they needed. How would you feel if you were her? "Hmm.... better not because Mercury is Retro and it might not work."
They have had such tremendous success with animals, not just dogs, and wheelchairs! Too much success to stop me from getting her what she needs! The animals who have been blessed enough to have people who love them enough to get them whatever it may take to improve the quality of their lives, MR or not, have seen their animals make tremendous comebacks and become very active, healthy and happy!!
Please don't put her down and hope for "next time"! If you're going to do that, please give her to PAWS or another non kill shelter where they will get her whatever it takes to improve her quality of life instead of killing her!! How would you feel if the situation were reversed and you were the pup?
They've even developed prosthetic legs for horses and have had tremendous success with those! Nowadays, a wheelchair for a dog is nothing! Even with MR. This is taking MR way too far!!

Mercury retrograde is the

By Isabel Tifft

Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to do things starting with "re-". With a cart, your dog may re-learn how to move, re-discover the outside world, re-alize that you love her that much and re-new her vigor and attachment to life.

Killing her in the hope that next time around will be different overlooks the operation of purpose, or karma. She may well have to go through this again & again until she finds someone willing to help her on her journey through this interesting process of learning to move differently through the world. It would suck for her to have to repeat the painful and embarrassing parts until she can get help getting to the good part :) I bet you're the right person though. Best wishes to you both.


By Deandoe

Jeepers...expect transportation problems and communication problems...might be better to wait, so she understands better that this is not a half-cage. Is she otherwise fit? Is she in pain when she moves? Might be kinder to put her down and let her spirit find a new puppy body to live in. I'm sorry for your situation.

I am a Gemini. I have a job

By Razz

I am a Gemini. I have a job interview during MR. Will it affect the outcome?

Maybe, maybe not. Just make

By Philo

Maybe, maybe not. Just make sure you have plenty of time to get to the interview and that you are well prepared.

Everything went well, just

By Razz

Everything went well, just waiting on a phone call!

Never never do the following

By SugarMag007

Never never do the following things during merc retrograde if you can help it:
1) Buy new electronics of any kind
2) Start major new ventures
3) SCHEDULE Surgery, esp. new surgery. If you are re-doing things including surgery, that could work.

If fate intervenes and you can't help/reschedule, then don't be surprised if the outcome is less than perfect. Good Luck!

Thanks for yur comment but I

By Philo

Thanks for yur comment but I know some people who have had their best surgery under a Mercury retro. There are no divine rules that say that Mercury retro's surgery are a no no. It works well for some people

what if you were born under


what if you were born under Mercury Retrograde?
My bday is 2/24 and I was just wondering about if there's a double does of MR or if one is immune.
Thank you.

If you wree born under

By Philo

If you wree born under Mercury retro, you will feel more at ease going through this period than others.

Yeah right!? I was born w/MR

By Petrisha

Yeah right!? I was born w/MR and Always struggle through every MR! I lose cell phones, the whole bit! I appreciate knowing when Mercury retros are, however, and use it to my advantage to finish projects, clean, etc.

I have a lease I have to sign

By Lovesick

I have a lease I have to sign march 2nd- I am concerned with mercury in retrograde. I cannot just not sign the lease because of theses dates of reto because I will not get the space I've been waiting for.

suggestions to being mindful of signing contacts during retrograde periods?

i felt a perfect flow of

By Sierra Styles

i felt a perfect flow of energy for past two weeks but it seems to be melowing out i think because of mr. What should i do during this time stay productive and positive safely?

Is mercury retrograde a good

By SolarSun

Is mercury retrograde a good time to do a backpacking trip during which I will be teaching meditation and connecting with spiritguides and nature
? Thanks!

don't go on any trips during

By ejary

don't go on any trips during MR. you might meditate under an old tree and have a heavy branch fall on you. wait a week later to take your trip. good luck!

Actually, this is a great

By Stevenredd

Actually, this is a great time to travel! Just don't expect everything to go like clockwork. Expect delays, or changes and roll with it. While Mercury rules travel and communication, it also rules mentation and thinking. What we perceive is what we call reality. During MR, we just need to readjust how we perceive things. Best laid plans, and all that. So, unless you're really obsessive about having everything be perfect, go and have fun.

To Patricia03: Anything I


To Patricia03: Anything I have scheduled during a Mercury retrograde has been messed up.Vacations,financial deals,surgeries...I try to schedule things accordingly, but if I schedule without checking the dates, I have a mess.

what time zone to these days

By nantz

what time zone to these days represent?

The dates represent Eastern

By Catherine Boeckmann

The dates represent Eastern Time U.S.

Me and my boyfriend are

By Rochelle23

Me and my boyfriend are having issues and it started last Wednesday.. When asked if we are together or not...his reply is "he isn't getting into that".. So I am left confused as to are we together or not. He just seem so distance but hasn't't said the words we are broken up. Confused.. Help

Check back to see if there

By Deandoe

Check back to see if there could have been a misunderstanding last Wednesday. We are prone to make very wrong assumptions during Mercury Retrograde times, so double-check to see if that was a possibility for either of you. Be patient for now and dump him in early April if things don't get fine between you by then.

attraction varies over time.

By Anonymousss

attraction varies over time. the attraction cycle lengths for males and females are different, so you will move in and out of phase. know and respect these cycles and it will add to your understanding and respect for each other.

That means he's a jerk and

By Anonymous.

That means he's a jerk and doesn't deserve you. Time to move on and find someone who is not afraid to commit.

I applied for loss

By Ornella

I applied for loss modification and got to different letters in the last 2 weeks one that I got it and one that I was denied.I am s pices

Appreciate knowing that I

By Madeleine Cloutier

Appreciate knowing that I will have to take special care under mu sign which is Virgo.

I was born on September 24th,

By dmc7733

I was born on September 24th, 1977, but I wasn't DUE to be born until October 31st...Does this have any affect on my sign/behaviors/traits? I feel like there's so much more to me than I know... Please help. I also have a super crush on someone, and want to know if I should be patient with him or move on.

You were born at the time and

By Peace Jaway

You were born at the time and on the date appropriate to your life's path, as are we all. Your sun sign of Libra is mildly influenced by Virgan traits due to your birthday's proximity to the cusp between the two, and a prominent placement of a powerful sign can appear to overshadow Libra's airy presence, so Libra - which can come across like a gentle breeze or a gusty wind but will always be thinking, weighing, measuring, moving forward, and in your case carrying just a bit of Virgo dust - is a part of every aspect of you. However, a Leo Moon, for instance, may make you run more emotionally hot than the average Libran native, or an Aries Ascendant may give you a more explosive outward appearance. In any case, patience is not likely to be your strongest suit, and your desire to partner up makes it even harder when you've met someone who piques your interest. It'd be worth your while to, at least, have a full reading of your own natal chart done, and if you're still waiting to catch this person's eye, perhaps a synastry reading would be in order. Or, if you can't get enough of the pertinent information for him, at least an analysis of his and your respective Sun signs together in light of your complete reading and the energy of this time in your life. All the best to you. :)

when will I get a break in

By mous

when will I get a break in life? No matter what I don, I can't get my life back on track. Life is nothing but endless torture

You NEED to learn about the

By Deandoe

You NEED to learn about the Law of Attraction! Re-read your post and see the limiting and negative things you just said about yourself, and then start to understand the harm such negative things do to your future and start creating positive in your life. It's up to you, and you DO have the power to create whatever life you choose. Learn to stop yourself when you start a negative thought and replace it with a positive one and see how beautifully your life changes for you and everyone around you!

Upon reading your post once

By patricia diane

Upon reading your post once again works my nerve to put it straight out. i know many people who believe in what i believe to be sheer nonsense. tell that to people in places like hati, india, and other 3rd world countries. they don't believe in it either. it is however good to try and stay positive but that is not always possible. and that is reality. and i believe in reality.

Going through a similar

By Anonymous123

Going through a similar phase, but am sure life's trials are a way of God talking to us. Somewhere in it all is meaning and it is upto us to have the courage to live out the storm with Faith in His Love, and strnegth that He will be by us at all times.

Could be a couple different

By sherbear

Could be a couple different reasons why and when u may get a break. This life u may have chose to take a lot of challenges to progress your soul. (admiring) have your chart read for sure. Or u are going against the tide of your reason u are here and need to figure out your track. Law of attraction is another possibility. Check out Info on that to see if u could be creating this. Take life as a mystery to figure out and have faith in yourself.

I am not a great believer in

By Cherry Leath, Wicca, Druidess

I am not a great believer in blaming a planet for our sundry troubles. The present Solar eclipse is so much more powerful at this time Nov 13th 2012, whether seen or not the cosmic vibes accelerate our intuition, I am only on occassion affected by Mercury, but the wining people sure do test my patiences....

Thanks for the info. I will


Thanks for the info. I will share this to my friends.

im having difficulties in my

By ania

im having difficulties in my love life will it increase during this period?

When Mercury goes retrograde,

By Almanac Staff

When Mercury goes retrograde, it's usually not a time to make big decisions or engage in certain romantic activities. Wait until Mercury is direct again to make big decisions on love. See our page on When Mercury Is Retrograde:

that is a very broad question

By aniketkno

that is a very broad question ... but when Mars is retrograd... any surgeries during this time is really nice... if you have questions abt this... look at Mars retrograd...


My mother is suppose to have

By Patricia03

My mother is suppose to have shoulder surgery on March 16, 2012, is this a good time for her?

It's not a good idea to have

By Karen H

It's not a good idea to have surgery during Mercury retrograde, but it's okay if it's for a recurring problem. If you can't avoid it, then read the fine print and ask questions, double-check on things, etc.

During Mercury retrograde you

By felix

During Mercury retrograde you do not have all the usually this is not a good time for surgery.At the same could have some other transitsbor aspects that suggest it is a good time. But in general, I personally hold of a decision during a mercury retrograde period. hope this helps. Blessings to you either way.

I would not take the chance.

By Lyla

I would not take the chance. My husband was advised not to go through a cornea transplant because Merc. retro. 2011. He stopped breathing and was given a 50/50 chance of making it. He made it thank God. I would never take that chance again!

I would be interested to have

By Philo

I would be interested to have access to hospital statistics. My take is that if it was so obvious there was a link between Mercury retro and serious hospital accidents, it would be known by now.

ALOT of things are obvious

By Justme922

ALOT of things are obvious that aren't commonly made known, especially where conventional wisdom is concerned! But this isn't conventional wisdom and you won't find it on Fox News...

Patricia, I have to say, in

By Marisa O.

I have to say, in my own experience, I was going into sinus surgery during a day that fell on Mercury Retrograde. As the nurse was inserting the i/v into my arm, I was sitting straight up, and the arms on the side of the bed were not locked up. I ended up blacking out, falling out of the bed face first, and smacking my head and face into the tile. I ended up with a concussion, and the doctor was unable to perform the surgery, so it had to be rescheduled. My mom informed me that it was indeed MR, and failed to tell me beforehand. So, surgery for your mom? May not be such a good idea! (in my own experience).

I hope you sued the

By My mom died that way

I hope you sued the doctor/hospital. That's how my mother died and we won 1 million. Drs should know better than leave bed rails down.

That would be the nurses job,

By Carole Ann Mela

That would be the nurses job, not the doctor!

My mohther is scheduled for

By Patricia03

My mohther is scheduled for shoulder surgery on March 16, 2012, she is a Libra, 10/16/31 is this a good time for her to have this surgery?

I'm not sure about Merc

By JulieB

I'm not sure about Merc Retro, but *have* heard that you should not have surgery when the moon is in the sign that controls whatever body part is being operated, find what sign rules the shoulders and then what sign the moon is in on 3/16. Hope this helps.

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