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Beauty of Spring


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April 2017 is the first full month of spring! We hope that your sky is bright and clear and your grass is growing green. In celebration, check out the month’s holidays, recipes, gardening tips, and folklore.

Oh, how fresh the wind is blowing!
See! The sky is bright an clear,
Oh, how green the grass is growing!
April! April! Are you here?

–Dora R. Goodale (1866–1953)


The Latin word aperio, meaning “to open or bud,” gives us the name April.

April 1 is All Fools’, or April Fools’, a day when jokers traditionally play harmless pranks and hoaxes on the unsuspecting.

In honor of the occasion, can you solve the following riddle?

What’s that in the Fire, and not in the Flame?
What’s that in the Master, and not in the Dame?
What’s that in the Courtier, and not in the Clown?
What’s that in the Country, and not in the Town?

(*Answer at bottom of page)

This year, Passover, a weeklong Jewish festival, begins at sundown on April 10. What is Passover?

Spring festivals around the world abound, from Earth Day to Arbor Day.

On the 24th, we celebrate the birthday of Robert B. Thomas, the founder of The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

See our monthly calendar page for more holidays and events.

Recipes for the Season

Springtime brings the first crops of the season. See a few recipes below:
Sauteed Fiddlehead Ferns
Spring Vegetable Salad
Sorrel Linguine With Spring Peas, Green Garlic, and Fresh Ricotta

Click for more Spring Recipes using seasonal ingredients from across North America!


Does the warmth of spring turn you thoughts to gardening? It does ours!
Monthly Gardening Jobs
Make a Container Gardening Planter
Plant Guides to Roses, Flowers, and Shrubs
Plant Guides to Vegetable, Herbs, Fruit
Starting Your Garden

Everyday Advice

Are you daunted by the thought of a top-to-bottom spring cleaning? Here are some tips to help.
Make Your Own Cleaners
Homemade Cleaners for Carpet, Floor, Glass, Drains
Fix House Problems

Birds & Fishing

Enjoy the signs of spring! 
Creating a Bird-Friendly Habitat
What Birds Have You Seen? (Blog)
Best Fishing Days for April


Sky Watch

The Full Pink Moon rises on April 11, 2017. See what’s special about the Full Moon for April.

Find more night sky highlights at our April Sky Watch.


April Folklore and Fun

When April blows his horn,
It’s good for hay and corn.


When on St. George’s Day (April 23), rye will hide a crow,
a good harvest may be expected

April’s birth flower is the daisy or sweet pea. See birth flower meanings.


*Answer to ridde: The letter “r”


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