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Party Recipes for Christmas

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When preparing party recipes for Christmas, keep the menu simple. With a little organization and a few hours spent cooking, you can offer a hospitable feast without becoming crazed.

Tips to Keep it Simple

  • Create a festive spread with room-temperature foods to avoid worrying about keeping things hot.
  • Cook several dishes that are splashy but easy to prepare in advance; mix in ready-to-eat food from the market so that you're providing lots of substance (but not "filler" food such as pretzels or chips).
  • Make the backbone of your party smoked fish, high-quality cold cuts, and wonderful breads, laid out with tasty condiments. Consider roasting a pork loin or two instead of the ubiquitous ham or turkey. if affordable, put out a bowl of boiled shrimp.
  • For vegetarians, provide festive vegetable choices, such as the Peppers and "Caviar" below.
  • As a palette cleanser, consider fresh, sliced fennel; if you're pressed for time, find Middle Eastern dips at your supermarket such as Baba Ghanoush.

The following recipes serve 12 to 15 people but can be made in multiples for larger parties. It’s easier to prepare them in batches, rather than trying to double or triple the recipes.

The important thing is to be relaxed and enjoy the company of your family and friends. After all, sharing a happy time is what the holiday season is all about.

Party Recipes for Christmas

Purchase several basics: Drinks, breads, cold cuts, crackers, smoked salmon, and smoked whitefish.

Make some recipes in advance:

Christmas Cookies

Honey Mustard

Michigan Beer Cake

Sicilian Bread Roll


These recipes should be made the same day:

Boiled Shrimp with Dipping Sauce

Florida Caviar

Roast Pork Loin

Smoked Fish Pâté

Sweet-and-Sour Peppers

Enjoy! See more Christmas party appetizer recipes.

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