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Planting by the Moon's Phase: Region 3

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Our 2015 "Planting by the Moon's Phase" gardening calendar is a longtime Old Farmer's Almanac tradition. According to this practice, cycles of the Moon affect plant growth.  

See dates for Region 3 (northern U.S. states, Canada). Don't know your region? Click here for map.

Note that these gardening regions are quite broad and based on an age-old formula; we also offer a different methodology that's more personalized with our "Best Planting Dates" calendar here.

How to Read the "Planting by the Moon" Gardening Calendar

  • The "Moon Favorable" column gives the best planting dates based on the year's Moon's phases (Eastern Time). See our Moon Phase Calendar for the exact days of the new and full Moons.)
  • Plant vegetables that bear crops above ground during the light, or waxing, of the Moon: from the day the Moon is new to the day it is full. Plant vegetables that bear crops below ground during the dark, or waning, of the Moon: from the day after it is full to the day before it is new again.
  • The "Planting Dates" column gives the safe periods for planting in areas that receive frost. See our U.S. Frost Dates Calculator and Canadian Frost Dates to find your first fall and last spring frost dates and the average length of the growing season in your area.
  • Aboveground crops marked *
  • (E) means early planting; (L) means late
  Planting Dates Moon Favorable
* Barley 5/15–6/21 5/18–6/2, 6/16–21
* Beans (E) 5/7–6/21 5/18–6/2, 6/16–21
(L) 6/15–7/15 6/167/1, 7/15
Beets (E) 5/1–15 5/4–15
(L) 7/15–8/15 8/1–13 
* Broccoli (E) 5/15–31 5/18–31
(L) 6/15–7/7 6/16–7/1
* Brussels sprouts 5/15–31 5/18–31
* Cabbage 5/15–31 5/18–31
Carrots (E) 5/15–31 5/15–17
(L) 6/15–7/21 6/15, 7/2–14
* Cauliflower (E) 5/15–31 5/18–31
(L) 6/15–7/21 6/16–7/1, 7/15–21
* Celery (E) 5/15–6/30 5/18–6/2, 6/16–30
(L) 7/15–8/15 7/15–31, 8/14–15
* Collards (E) 5/15–31 5/18–31
(L) 7/1–8/7 7/1, 7/15–31
* Corn, sweet (E) 5/10–6/15 5/18–6/2
(L) 6/15–30 6/16–30
* Cucumbers 5/7–6/20 5/18–6/2, 6/16–20
* Eggplants 6/1–30 6/1–2, 6/16–30
* Endive (E) 5/15–31 5/18–31
(L) 6/7–30 6/16–30
* Kale (E) 5/15–31 5/18–31
(L) 7/1–8/7 7/1, 7/15–31
Leeks 5/15–31 5/15–17
* Lettuce 5/15–6/30 5/18–6/2, 6/16–30
* Muskmelons 5/15–6/30 5/18–6/2, 6/16–30
* Okra 6/15–7/10 6/16–7/1
Onion sets 5/15–6/7 5/15–17, 6/3–7
* Parsley 5/15–31 5/18–31
Parsnips 4/1–30 4/5–17
* Peas (E) 4/15–5/7 4/18–5/3
(L) 7/15–31 7/15–31
* Peppers 5/15–6/30 5/18–6/2, 6/16–30
Potatoes 5/1–31 5/4–17
* Pumpkins 5/15–31 5/1831
Radishes (E) 4/15–30 4/15–17
(L) 8/15–31 8/30–31
* Spinach (E) 5/15–31 5/18–31
(L) 7/17–9/7 7/17–31, 8/14–29
* Squashes 5/15–6/15 5/18–6/2
Sweet potatoes 5/15–6/15 5/15–17, 6/3–15
* Swiss chard 5/1–31 5/1–3, 5/18–31
* Tomatos 5/15–31 5/18–31
Turnips (E) 4/7–30 4/7–217
(L) 7/1–8/15 7/2–14, 8/1–13
*Watermelons 5/15–6/30 5/18–6/2, 6/16–30
* Wheat, spring 4/7–30 4/18–30
* Wheat, winter 8/11–9/15 8/14–29, 9/13–15 


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I would like to plant simple

By Tina M Green

I would like to plant simple "Cherry Globe" radishes a second time in Zone 3...What would be the ideal dates according to the moon from Aug. 01 2015 on?...

Best days to plant radishes

By Almanac Staff

Best days to plant radishes according to the Moon is after the full Moon (July 31). So the best days in August are Aug. 1 to 14 (the date of the next new Moon).

I am feeling a bit

By dirtyfeet

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the moon planting advice! I am looking through the website and according to this page (2015 garden calendar for zone 3) has a wider range of dates but then the gardening by moon calendar page has even more specific constraints, like for 9th - 10th kill plant pests. Sticking by the moon phases is new to me and I think I might be a little uptight about it all! Haha! Meanwhile, my beautifully prepared garden stands empty and is calling my name! Any feedback would be very appreciated!

lol my container garden is

By Heidi Hetzel

lol my container garden is waiting for me to get it all together.. But the excitement no matter what our garden's outcome, is enough to keep our minds off things less pleasant. I am curious about moon planting. I'm a moonchild too so to me it sounds great to try but yes overwhelming but I like a good challenge. Good luck with your garden. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

Hi, To make it simple we

By Almanac Staff


To make it simple we suggest that you follow the dates on this page. Plant your above ground crops (tomatoes, peppers etc.) between May 18 and Jun 2, and plant any below ground crops (potatoes, onions etc.) between today and May 17.

Good luck!

Thank you for your great

By Margo Vannoy

Thank you for your great website an info .........i just found it bizarre that "big Agri" i.e. Bayer i.e. Montsanto is posting "documentaries" on the promotion of pesticide use on your page ...........? kind of puts me off ............. do you have no say in what ads are displayed on your page ?

I totally agree with this

By enna

I totally agree with this comment! any feedback or reply, admins?

What dates are favorable for

By windy

What dates are favorable for starting onion seeds indoors in northern Vermont?

Is this guide just acording

By joannbeatty

Is this guide just acording to the moon phase or is this also by the moon sign.i have an astrological calendar and can figure out best days acording to that as well as this. Thank you all so much. I would be lost without this site to guide me.

These dates are calculated

By Almanac Staff

These dates are calculated around the Moon's astronomical phase. For the very best days to plant you can combine your astrological dates with the dates on this page.

It looks like above ground

By Mark_K

It looks like above ground veggies are the 2nd half of the month and root crops the first half, though this is just a generalization.

Does this only apply to a plant's/bulb's/seed's final destination, out in the garden? (no concern of when you start seeds indoors)

This chart gives the Moon

By Almanac Staff

This chart gives the Moon favorable dates to plant in the garden. If you start seeds indoors use this chart for best days to transplant the seedlings.

Well I stumbled upon your

By Nanette Hochradel

Well I stumbled upon your website and I love it!!! My question though is not for transplanting but for sowing seeds themselves...I have seeds and would like to know if I can still plant them with any hope of success...I am in Zone 3 Toledo, Ohio. I will by seedlings to transplant if I must, but would rather start from organic seeds (non GMO/Monsanto sullied). Planting the usual tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, peppers, onions, carrots, lettuce etc. Hoping to see something grow! Thank you.

Hi Gardeners! This planting

By Nellie Drake

Hi Gardeners! This planting chart is great. I have put it into an excel file so that I can filter/sort by date. I'd be happy to share the file if anyone is interested and hasn't already done this themselves.

Kind regards,

p.s. Almanac Staff's last posted comment indicates that above ground plants should be planted in the "light of the moon"...does that mean literally planting at night? Or just during that phase of the moon? I once read a novel about a lady who planted at night with great success....always thought that this was fanciful fiction and not a true recommendation!

Good morning Nelli: I would

By Polly Gill

Good morning Nelli:
I would appreciate the excel file you have prepared for the planting dates. I love gardening and look for ways to help me be a better gardener.
This file sounds very helpful.
Thank you in advance, Nellie, and Happy Mother's Day.


Hi Nellie, Thanks for the

By Almanac Staff

Hi Nellie, Thanks for the kind words. We always smile at the "planting at night." Well, that's always optional! :-)  However, we tend to plant during the day; you may not see the Moon in the Sun-brightened sky, but it's there. If you do, however, want to go out in your nightclothes and a flashlight, it might be a good strategy for finding those slugs!

I have a bunch of Iris that

By Dianne L. Springer

I have a bunch of Iris that were given to me. When is the best time to replant them? I live in Sandusky, Ohio.
Thank you,
Dianne L. Springer

Hi Dianne, The best to time

By Almanac Staff

Hi Dianne, The best to time to replant iris is in July, August, or September when the plants are dormant in the heat of summer. Plant your iris at least 4 to 6 weeks before your first hard freeze or killing frost in Ohio.

I purchased some bareroot

By RachelK

I purchased some bareroot shade trees through the mail, and they arrived much sooner then I expected them to. I read that it is better to plant them in the early spring before they begin to bud out, but we have had a unusually harsh winter this year, and although it is currently late March here in Iowa, we still have some really cold days and nights. No other plants outside are even showing any signs of growth yet. I worry that if I plant them now, that I will be sending them to their doom. Will cold, and possible frost hurt them? I just got them in the mail today, but worry that if I hold off on the planting too long that it will also harm them ... Thank you in advance.

Wrap the roots with moist

By Almanac Staff

Wrap the roots with moist paper and then wrap shipping plastic around the roots. Store in a cool, dark place, like an unheated basement, garage or shed. 40ºF is ideal. This will help keep your trees dormant.

When is the best time to

By lmf_1122

When is the best time to transplant lilacs in the Denver, CO area? I have a tremendous opportunity to receive two lilacs, which are possibly 50 years old(?) Since lilacs are spring blooming, is it safe to transplant them now (March)? Thanks!

You can transplant the lilacs

By Almanac Staff

You can transplant the lilacs in the spring as soon as you can dig the soil or in the fall. Transplanting can affect the spring bloom this year or next year's bloom if you transplant in the fall.

See our lilac page at almanac.com/plant/lilacs

What is the best time to

By Hand

What is the best time to plant bare root raspberry plants? In Cleveland Ohio

The best time to plant your

By Almanac Staff

The best time to plant your raspberry plants in Ohio is early spring.  When you plant them, prune the canes to within six inches of the ground. Space new plants 3-4 feet apart in the row.

Best Days for transplanting

By Lois Mann

Best Days for transplanting on your website are still listed for 2013. When will 2014 dates be available? LOVE your website!

Thanks, Lois! The best days

By Almanac Staff

Thanks, Lois! The best days for transplanting are now posted for 2014, based on this year's Moon phases.  These dates match those listed in The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac book. We appreciate your post—and kind words! Happy New Year.

when is the best time to

By mei

when is the best time to transplant cucumbers and tomatoes in my area. I live in montreal Canada.

See our Best Days to

By Almanac Staff

See our Best Days to Transplant chart which includes when to transplant cucumbers and tomatoes in your area: http://www.almanac.com/content/best-planting-dates-transplants-region

When is the best time to

By sacbe

When is the best time to transplant my willow bushes and willow tree?

Transplant the willow after

By Almanac Staff

Transplant the willow after the weather has warmed in the spring and there is no danger of frost.

I have a spruce tree that as

By Wilma Bridgett

I have a spruce tree that as been growing in my flower garden. It is too close to the house so i need to transplant it to the yard, but need advice how to do that please. Thank you in advance

A spruce has a spread of 15

By Almanac Staff

A spruce has a spread of 15 to 20 feet so it should be further than this distance from your house when you transplant. September or early October is generally the best time to transplant a spruce. The day before you transplant the spruce tree, water it well. Dig your hole, add a whole bag of compost for nourishment, and and water the hole. Depending on the soil type, you might need to mix in peat moss. It's best to get your soil tested. Make sure you get all of the rootball by digging carefully around the tree with a straight edge shovel. We say dig a hole so big that you have a shovel's distance between the edge of the hole and the root ball. Roll burlap under the ball and create a "hammock" so that you can carry the ball. When you plant it in the hole, just add the burlap and all, and backfill. Don't plant it too low in the hole. At minimum, it should be planted at the same depth the tree was originally planted at. We like to plant a little higher as it settles. Here is a good site with instructions on planting evergreens: http://www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/plants/landscape/shrubs/hgic1055.html

What is the LATEST date for

By grandemere

What is the LATEST date for planting tomatoes, cukes, and peppers for Region 3; one of our friends is getting a late start! Thanks. :)

If you have big plants to

By Almanac Staff

If you have big plants to transplant you will be able to harvest some veggies before your first frost. One option would be to plant in containers that you can then move to get the most sun and warmth for the plants to grow. Good luck!

This is helpful thankyou

By lisajohnson

This is helpful thankyou

That transplant date for

By C. Derek Bower

That transplant date for cucumbers puts them in the ground a week before the last frost date. I think this is an error in the chart.

The planting dates for

By Almanac Staff

The planting dates for cucumbers in the above chart are 5/7–6/20.

Is there more specific dates

By bob27nli

Is there more specific dates for transplanting tomatoes than the range given? For example, the moon phases for my area is 5/9-5/25 with the favorable dates as 5/15-5/31. Aren't you supposed to plant during certain moon cycles (waning, waxing, etc.?). I've heard about different theories, Synodic, Biodynamic, and Sidereal cycles.

I live in East Northport Long Island and would like a more detailed idea for tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber transplants.
Also, I need to put in grass seeds too!

The Moon favorable dates are

By Almanac Staff

The Moon favorable dates are 5/9–25 in the chart. Above ground crops should be planted in the light of the Moon (from the day the Moon is new to the day its full).

I'm trying to figure out

By Josh87

I'm trying to figure out which region I'm in. The line for region 2&3 in Illinois is literally to close for me to tell. Is their any way for me to fine for certain? The dates listed are a month apart, which is a pretty big margin.

Josh87, I am in the same

By Buckeye86

Josh87, I am in the same position as you in northeastern Ohio. I will go with the more northern region just to be safe. It moves things later into the spring and it ends the growing season for most things earlier in the fall but I shouldn't get caught by a late (springtime) or early (fall) frost. Good luck!

Thank you for all of your

By Labiba

Thank you for all of your topics regarding "Gardening". They are of great help and guide for me. Thanks again.

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