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Poll: Traveling for Thanksgiving?

Tell us more below! And find your 7-day and long-range holiday weather forecasts.

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Travel on T-Day? No, thanks.

By Helene Clark

Just went out. Good grief, all the crazies out there. Staying in, where it's warm, safe with lotsa food. Have a nice turkey day. :)

Thanksgiving travel

By fml

We are driving from Kemnath to Schnaittenbach (Bavaria, Germany) for an American Thanksgiving with friends. It looks like we will have a white Thanksgiving, it snowed all night and it's still coming down.

Thanksgiving travel

By bobwelch@prodigy.net

This pair of grandparents stopped flying when the TSA proved they can't catch a terrorist until after he's on a plane and truthfully are glad to have an excuse not to travel for holidays.

Thanksgiving in India

By sparrow

Heading out at 5:00AM tomorrow for a 10 day vacation in India. Never been there before. Riding elephants the day after Thanksgiving. Doesn't that sound like fun.

holiday travel

By danfcon1

I dare not waste a rare Thursday off in the middle of the week with the anxiety of travel. Better to stay on the couch,watch the Westminister Dog show, and quaff the rarified air of roasting poultry.


By annbph

Until the TSA and the Government do something about the invasive improper and I believe unconstitutional searches, we won't be traveling -flying anywhere

Thanksgiving Travel

By Deedee2

No travel this year.We just got home from my
sons' wedding.Wish we could have stayed for the holiday.They are in Illinois/we are in Alabama. I gained a great daughter in the deal, tho. LOL We get along so well, it is spooky. Great fun.


By Jane Umstead.

Happily, we are home in the lovely Blue Ridge Mts. Family coming in from Toronto, San Francisco and NC. Blessings!!


By betsyjohnston76

Happily, we stay home and our children and grandchildren come to us.

No travel

By John Henry

Though we are not travelling more than 15 miles (from Franklin County, KY to Owen county, KY)to my-mother-in-law's, we are staying Wednesday and Thursday night. We'll also enjoy the annual Thanksgiving morning rabiit hunt with friends as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


By sandik

driving IL to Dallas Thurs, T-giving dinner Fri, back to IL Monday. Plan to miss worst of traffic both ways.


By Robert Jacoby

Yup. From Ohio to Virginia. 600+ miles. Returning the following Monday, rather than the heavy traffic day of Sunday.

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