Seasonal Advice for June: Recipes, Gardening, Folklore

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Summer Glory
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Perry Cass

For June 2015, everything’s coming up roses! June brings beautiful bouquets, delicious fruits and vegetables, and an urge to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy our seasonal advice … 

It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses.

N. P. Willis (1807-67)


June monthJune is named after the Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage and the well-being of women.

Friday, June 14 is Flag Day (U.S.). Be sure to raise the flag! See flag guidelines.

The summer solstice falls on June 21—heralding the start of summer! Enjoy our Summer Solstice page.

history of Father's Day.

Since ancient times, June is the time for weddings, feasts, and revelry, especially on Midsummer Day, June 24.

June is also a big month for fishing. Check out the best fishing days for the year.

Recipes for the Season

Summer brings juicy fruit ripened by the Sun and many garden treats to the table! Try:
Zucchini and Tomato Casserole
Strawberry Delight Cake
Stuffed Artichokes

See “What’s in Season: Summer Recipes” more seasonal recipes.


How are the tomatoes doing? See our Tomato Guide for pest control and plant care.

Got slugs, weeds, or other annoying insects? See our Pests and Problems library.

Mow grass when it’s 2 to 3 inches high. See our lawn care tips.

See our tips on how to keep bouquets fresh!

Home Hints

Wedding PlannerWedding season is upon us! Check your wedding weather and ideas for great wedding gifts.

Since the weather is warm, try saving some money this summer by using a clothesline to dry your clothes instead of the dryer.

Planning to paint the house? See how much paint you need and how to choose a paintbrush.


Let’s go fishing! Learn something new about trout and bass:
How to Catch and Cook Trout
Smallmouth Bass: What are They and How do you Catch One?

To help you catch this year’s prize fish, check out the Four Fundamentals of Successful Fishing.


Sky WatchLook up! Enjoy the night sky from your own backyard. See our June Sky Watch highlights.

This year, June’s Full Moon falls on the 2nd. Many Native Americans used Moons to follow the seasons and called this the Full Strawberry Moon. Check the Full Moon times for YOUR location.


Folklore for the Season

  • A dripping June brings all things in tune.
  • He who bathes in June will sing a merry tune.
  • If June be sunny, harvest comes early.


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