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Seasonal Crafts: Homemade Note Cards

Credit: Margo Letourneau

Here's how to make homemade note cards using potatoes; you can also make journal or book covers, checkbook covers, and wrapping paper!

Potato Art

In these days of e-mail, faxes, and texting, communication may be instant, but not necessarily thoughtful. These potato-printed cards are easy and fun, and something that the children can do with you, too.

First, you'll need a few potatoes, white or colored note-card paper, and paint (poster paint, acrylic paint, or water-based inks).

  • Cut a large, clean potato in half. Put one half in a plastic bag while you work on the other half.
  • Dry the surface with a paper towel then use a paring knife to cut out a relief design, cutting down about 1/4 inch (try heart shapes for Valentines). Dry off any excess moisture.
  • Dip the potato in a shallow dish of the paint. Test the design on a piece of paper before printing on your cards.
  • Try using different designs and colors on the same card.
  • A potato stamp can be kept for several days wrapped in plastic and refrigerated.

potato notecards

Illustration by Margo Letourneau

Now it's time to write your letter!  Here are a few tips on how to write a proper thank you letter.

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By Ken JP Stuczynski

As a web developer who lives in cyberspace much of the time, this is refreshing, and has prompted me to dust off my old calligraphy set.

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