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Seasonal Crafts: Make Your Own Gift Jars

Credit: Margo Letourneau
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Try making your own gift jars this year, because one of the nicest presents you can give is a gift of food from your own kitchen.

Spend a little time and dress up your pickles or preserves as a special gift at Christmastime.

  • There are many easy ways to cover those little metal tops. Start with a circle of colored paper or fabric that is two inches larger than the jar top.
  • Secure it with several turns of fine gold cord and knot the cord, leaving an inch or so hanging below the knot.
  • Secure the knot with sealing wax for a special touch. Or tie on a frilly fabric or paper doily, using a fancy ribbon and a small bouquet of dried or paper flowers.
  • Traditional checked gingham gives your gifts a country look; use pinking shears to cut the circles. Or glue lace onto fabric for another look.
  • For a delightful touch, draw and cut out appropriate stencils (a strawberry for strawberry jam), and apply them to muslin with fabric paint.

Make Your Own Gift Jars

Illustrated by Margo Letourneau

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Aside to using jars for jams

By Georgiana Caruso

Aside to using jars for jams and jellies, I'm intersed in using different size of jar (pasta, pickles, and salaz jars) for gifts. I want to know how to create different things with them.


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