Simple Punch Recipes and Tips

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Punch bowl

Enjoy our simple punch recipes and tips from easy fruit punch for kids’ birthday parties to more formal holiday punches to non-alcoholic options. Make your punch a smashing success!

Simple Punch Recipe Tips

  • Get out the punch bowl and put it to work, or use a large glass pitcher. (Glass punch cups are readily available at thrift shops.)
  • Freeze some of your punch in one or two ice cube trays, and use this instead of ice cubes to avoid diluting your drink.
  • For decorative ice, add a few sweetened, dried cranberries, cherries, mint leaves, pieces of orange, or bits of pineapple to each ice cube tray compartment. Pour in diluted apple juice or water, and freeze. Add to the punch just before serving.
  • To keep hot punch from cooling too much, don’t pour it all into the punch bowl but simmer about ¼ of it on the stovetop, and occasionally use it to top off the bowl.
  • Use your slow-cooker, set on low, to heat nonalcoholic drinks and keep them hot. Allow about 2 hours for the ingredients to get hot.
  • If you use whole spices, add them when you first heat up the ingredients, and strain them out before serving; or tie them up in a cheesecloth bundle and remove before serving.

Best Punch Recipes

Watermelon Punch

Spicy Rum Punch

Apple-Cranberry Punch (good for children)

Christmas Punch

Cranberry Punch

Tom and Jerry

Rhubarb Punch

Al Henry’s Fish House Punch

New Year’s Day Punch

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